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Tuesday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Jan 18, 2003 In Season


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  • Dress like everyone else!

    I mean, they put hints of there style. And some of them I liked before. They made them stand out a bit but usually later they go right back. Understandably. Don't sign people up for what not to wear. Its selfish, and embarrassing for the person who wants to be a individual. So if you don't like what someone wear, and you just can't overlook it, then you probs shouldn't be hangin out with them.
  • I miiss this show!!

    You can imagine how this show change my life!! I really miss the time when we could enjoy new episodes. Love you Stacey and Clinton
  • Most MOTIVATING, UPLIFTING show, ever! I never get tired of this! LIFE-CHANGING!!!

    Has been one of my favorite TV programs for a very, very long time! What not to wear really is one the best television shows ever! You changed so many lives, I am absolutely positive that the show gave so many people a brand NEW start & lease on life! And, I positive the show helped MILLIONS who were at home and facing a similar crisis! I for one am very grateful that the show came to be in the first place! It really is so much more that just a make-over show. One of my GO-TO's when I want to feel GOOD, get MOTIVATED & get FRESH ideas! NEVER a disappointment. You all really have OUTDONE yourselves! Such a great show!!! Thank you all SO MUCH, for the hope, motivation and POSITIVE ATTITUDE you've given us all who were watching regarding making a change & knowing that WE ARE WORTH IT! Sincerely, Tina C. (Atlanta, GA, by way of Los Angeles area)
  • City of Semmes, Alabama NEEDS HELP!

  • I hope this show gets cancelled.

    It hurts me so bad to see Stacey make fun of so many women. What has this world come to. That we let her in our home for entertainment. If the show stays on the air, please clean up your mouth and show respect to your guest. Start by not telling the women to shut up!
  • help needed for my mum

    It help a lot of people
  • How can I nominate someone from South America?

    Hola , quiero nominar al programa a mi tia, ya que se viste muy feo y quiero que ustedes la ayuden ... porfavor cuanto costara la nominacion para la transformacin completa? y como la puedo nominar? gracias ...
  • Thrown out clothes.

    Please tell me you don't really throw all those clothes in the garbage! I hope they at least go to shelters and charities. Too many homeless and needy people who don't need fashionable items, just warm, clean and dry.
  • Where's the tailor?

    Love the show and the transformations but there are 2 issues that I haven't seen addressed.

    1 How to shop for high end clothes if you don't have $5,000

    2 How to buy clothes so they can be tailored to fit properly
  • No you can't get canceled !!!!

    I love this show i need Stacey and Clinton !!!! I learn so much have lots of respect for you guys how you help people find there beauty inside and out !!!! <3<3
  • I love the show

    This show is great I love much how good their doing in every girl's life.
  • Tired of long-legged beauties in the rough

    Anyone can make a long legged, woman with even features look great. What Not To Wear rocks when it makes less traditionally gorgeous women feel and act beautifully. The mom of 9 (who apparently has not heard of the 9 billion people already scrambling for room) was a total bore and a total waste.
  • Compliments are disgusting!

    "Oh, Holy crap!" "Shut up!" This has gotten old. Stacy needs some new phrases. They seem to help people, but these same old phrases make me not want to see the end.
  • A little thing I noticed

    I really like this show but the only thing I've noticed that I don't like is that the hairstylist cuts the same bangs on every girl, if I was on this show I would not be happy with short bangs.
  • New ideas for the fashionista

    I think you should start an online, what to to wear, like women like myself could send in my own video and you could make suggestions for my, height, weight age appropriateness,. I get so confused when I go shopping. I am 56 years old and I'm lost when it comes to what goes with what. I love you guys,
  • insualting

    you're saying that we can't be one of a kind. you can't be an individual. you have to wear what you want to wear not what you are told to wear.
  • question

    hi my memaw is like so 10 years ago and can you please help her fashion its imbarrising to be seen with her so can u please help

  • quistion

    I really like the show but im trying to figure out how i can get a friend on this show. any ideas?
  • Boring

    the show is ok but one episode a day is enough! Not 5 of them, way too much!
  • Insulting

    You show is fine but you should stop insulting people. This is to me not proper or professional. People have feels and you act like your gods. There is nothing wrong by the way some people dress or wear there hair. |I mean you should cut your hair yourself instead of giving people opions that they should cut they long hair.
  • guys need help to

    love the show and its is inspiring but why not some guys that need help with style?
  • Nicole Eggar

    I always need to write the disclaimer first, which is that I love this show and even after all these years, I learn something every time I watch it. Stacy and Clinton are almost always polite, funny and optimistic. On the show with Nicole Eggar, however, I couldn't help but notice that they were describing her as uncooperative, difficult and, as Stacy said, Nicole had "reduced me to a What I saw and what I heard were completely different. Ms. Eggar is stunningly beautiful, and seems very smart, centered in her life, in love with her kids and just appears to be someone where the world is better off for having her in it. I was very impressed with everything about her. Yet Stacy and Clinton seemed to be inventing this "coflict" with her which, to any observant person, just wasn't there. I found that to be disturbing and makes me wonder how many other times they've done that just to have a good show. They are better than that and it was a real disappointment. I also don't understand why they keep pushing these participants to find a man. Perhaps Ms. Eggar doesn't want a man! It's 2013, and there are a million options out there. Can't we simply dress to please ourselves and forget about "hooking" a guy?
  • simona

    Her hair looked like Bozo Ted really messed up
  • Embracing Gray?

    I have been watching your show for years. And yes I have learned lots of new fashion tips. Now that I am in my 50s and embracing my new CHANGE in life. I am in a season of my life of loving myself exactly who and what I am. Your show speaks about confidence and love thy self exactly who you are, why not show women with GRAY hair and makeup to show and reflect confidence and beautiful.

    I was dying my hair for years, but I believe there women out there that want and should love their grays!

    Grays are a part of life, like menapause, and retirement. It shows a new life, new beginnings, acceptance.

    I am often asked by women my age that I have GUST, because I am showing my gray and not dying. Why is that? Why do women my age need to confirm to society, when we should be embarking in a new life. At this time I just made 30 years in the federal government and proud serving my country. I am proud to mentor women, I am a member of Toastmaster International clubs, and I often mentor women, on how to embrace there positions, there lifes, as women, as mothers and based on my experience even pray with them when there is a death.

    I say this to say a women with Gray shows wisdom, charactor and much more, why covered it with dye and lots of war paint.

    I would very much like to show several shows, a series, women of different ages, loving themselves and well as showing the world that gray is not old, it is just another season and gray should be accepted like our inner light, should be shown to all and not hidden under a rock.

    Signed 50 and famoulous!
  • hair everywhere

    I absolutely love this show and have gotten many tips on what to wear to make me look much better. One question I have always had as had to do with hair length. I personally wear my hair short, simply because, as all the What Not to Wear stylists have said over the years, it is far more attractive on any one over why do Stacey and Carmendie still have long hair? And does their not cropping their locks in some way undermine the message when the stylist is practically demanding that the "contestants" cut their wondering
  • THANK YOU!!!

    I love love love this show.

    Although you can never "help me" as i live in Canada :(

    I just want to say what the two of you do...Stacy and Clinton, is so awesome,

    how you can change peoples lives doing what you love to do is such an inspiration.

    Please, keep up the good job of putting smiles on your transformation faces :)

    Have a great day !!
  • "Jennifer" 2008

    I am appalled at the comment made by Stacy London to Jennifer stating, "You wear that to get postage stamps, I thought this was an outfit to go get food stamps because you look like you're homeless," (paraphrase). Those who use food stamps to feed their families, ESPECIALLY in this current economy, should not be compared to homeless people. Additionally, why insult people who find themselves unfortunately homeless?? Honestly, I think it was a big goof on the producers' part to let that make air and it has completely turned me off to Ms. London. I have been very blessed in my life, much as she seems to be, and I do not condone those who makes jokes at the misfortune of others.
  • overweight people

    I absolutely love this show. I'd love to see someone who has a body that is not "equal". As in, short, no butt, big big belly, large breasts. I try to get hints on how to dress from the show!

  • I LOVE SARAH! From Stripper to Powerful Woman!

    What a SHOW! Showing Sarah the difference between Classy & Cheap was AWESOME! She's a GREAT young woman and deserves to find her POWER. Stacy and Clinton are absolutely the SaintsI of Fashion. I get so disappointed when I see the clothing styles for our young girls as well as our boys. STRIPPER & CONVICT FASHION!!! It would be sooooooo HEALING to do a SERIES on 'Dressing for HIGHSCHOOL' to show our girls they have other options then looking like Pole Dancers. I know it may be a bit young for your show but expanding an audience is always good and they (WE) so need you. I have my own issues in this area so I learn from your show ... But, right now my heart is with our young girls and how they are being taught to focus only on their sexuality through TV & FILM. Please Help our Smart, Powerful & Beautiful young girls learn how to Dress with Respect for themselves starting from HIGHSCHOOL ON!

    Continue being on the forefront of fashion and style for the everyday person and be the START of CREATING a MOVEMENT of Classy/Fun Fashion for our young girls/women just like you did for SARAH! <3

    I have 3 lovely nieces ages 15, 16 and 20. All have very different body types from the other as well as different eye, hair and skin tones. (German, Italian, Hispanic mix. : )) All very distinct personalities. from Fashionista 15 yr. old, to Bookworm, 16 yr. old with a quirky, conservative style (she is studying to be a doctor) and the eldest, petite and GORGEOUS 20 yrs old studying Sound Engineering at 'The Art Institute' and graduating in June. They have a beautiful mom, my sister, as well. I work with Teens and know how challenging this time in their lives can be and the incredible stress they are under at times. The arts are very very important for our children and when they were removed from most of our public schools it was/is a terrible thing. The quality of my life was saved through a theater coach who somehow saw my talents and put me in a show. This changed my life forever. So to give back I created a program for Teens called: "Expressing Me. Empowering Youth, Empowering Dreams!" which creates a safe space for our youth to learn how to express their unique gifts and creativity. They learn how to listen to one and other, how to ask for the support that they need, that they are loved and that the gifts they were born with are worth being expressed. They are SEEN, ACKNOWLEDGED and SUPPORTED. by creating a Creative, Safe and Loving space for them to express their Unique gifts to the world. I work with many homeless and low income families so that all children have a chance to know their God given Beauty and Wisdom. : ) Just thought I'd put that out there so you know that my heart is completely in what i am writing to you about. I love you both. Laura De Leon
  • All shows--a suggestion

    I would like to suggest you do a show for women 60+ who are still involved with life, interested in dressing well, curious about the old lady who keep s getting between them and their mirror, but who are interested in style and in dressing appropriately for an older demographic
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