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  • I have always liked this show

    I love to watch Stacy and Clinton transform people out of everyday slumps and styles that just don't fit the person. As a widow I have spent more then half my life being a mother and wife. I know I have no idea what to wear, I see clothing on the show that I think would look good on me until I look at myself in the mirror. Leave it to say I am still wearing clothing that I have had for over 8 years. Or black everything leggins and t-shirts. When I watch the show I wish there was a way to nominate yourself, since my two young adult daughters don't have time to notice me as more then Mom. I want to get on my life but how do I become attractive at the age of 54 years old. I wish Stacy and Clinton could go shopping with me in my local Wal Mart since I can't afford more then what they have to offer. And to the person who says Stacy has and attitude, maybe some of us need that to open our eyes.
  • what not to wear

    An otherwise classy show is ruined by Stacy's language: "Who the hell are you?", "Holy Crap", "Shut the front door", etc.

    While you are trying to dress up these ladies, how about dressing up your comments?

  • Handicapped

    Awhile back I suggested having a handicapped person, now I see that they are having someone in a wheel chair which is great but I would like to see someone with my handicap. I have had a spinal fusion due an auto accident, two of the rods in my back are now broken, with the osteoporosis I no longer can not stand up straight. I am petite and use to be 5'2" but am now 4'10", also not being able to be independant and very active, as before I have gained weight. and am fat. At 5'2" I never weighed over 108 now at 4'10" I am 127! Any Suggestions for my wardrobe?? I need help.
  • Sara the jock

    I can't believe how much this girl bugged me. She seemed like the typical judgemental, shallow mean girl.. Maybe it was her complete lack of self confidence. I don't know. I just had to vent.
  • My Mom only likes to wear black, she's lost weight but still hates her body. The problem is her stomach, she feels that even though she lost weight and exercises, she can't lose the stomach bulge, so she wears black, a lot! You have any suggestions?


    I like your show, but sometimes I don't think that you listen to yourself's when you talk to people. For example, there was one woman who even though she lost weight she didn't like her body and it seemed as if you didn't care about her feelings! I'm just glad that the outcome was good for that woman.

  • Stacy, Clinton, and Carmindy A+, Ted F

    Stacy and Clinton know their stuff! They are direct and honest with their clients and have terrific insight into what works for each one. I love that they don't let people hide behind their self-defined flaws. Instead, they celebrate what really works. I've learned a great deal about how to put outfits together and how to accesorize.

    Carmindy brings out each woman's beauty. I'd like to see more detail about how she achieves the final look; there are obviously steps that are never demonstrated that would be educational.

    Ted FAILS utterly - he only knows one hair cut: bangs that are too long and too heavy. Does everyone have to have their hair colored? Some of us actually like our natural color. Haven't the produces seen that everyone immediately pushes those bangs aside never to return? Ted, please work with the individual and customize the style!
  • This show is somewhat educational!

    I have to say that the show is much needed for those who have no fashion style. There seems to be alot of people that wear boring fashion, and need help from this shows cast. Wonderful job of helping, directing, careing, good humour, lots of fun. The cast has a flare for spotting the unflattering looks. If Nick would take a dive in the 'dare to care for the hair' he might make a better name for himself for the folks who would like to keep their mane! Oh, and (by the way) how do I nominate a person who simply dresses in brown or black?!
  • Good show, needs some updates.

    I like this show, but I think its getting old. I havent watched in a while cause im starting to feel like if ive seen one show ive seen them all. I really think the sometimes the guest should get a haircut first cause sometimes their hair is really bad and i know they have problems picking out clothes cause they just feel too ugly. A haircut would give them a quick pick me up so they may enjoy shopping and feel a little better about themselves. Still leave makeup till the end. The studio can also be redone to look new, not necessarily fab, cause i know they keep it simple not to overshadow the person.Overall great show, but i wont watch until there is something new.
  • Very helpful program for ALL of us who are poor dressers!

    I am addicted to What Not to Wear -- watch it all the time, reruns and the new programs too. I have learned so much from S&K as well as Carmindy. Nick/Ted's hairstyles are always so lovely. It would be great if Ted/Nick would go into a bit more detail about how they choose a hairstyle and whether to color or not. I'm 60 and my hair is mostly white now. I'm growing out a blonding I had done quite some time ago but I'm not sure if I should stay with my "platinum blonde" (a la white) or not. Y'all keep up the great work -- I'm looking forward to many more seasons of What Not to Wear!
  • espero ke perdonen ke les escriba en español pero aun el lenguaje ingles no me lo aprendo pero entiendo un pokito bueno mi comentario es para felicitarlos por su programa ke no me lo pierdo lo mejor para ustedes le deseo de todo corazon una fiel fanatica.

    los felicito son los mejores ya ke aprendo mucho de su programa y aunke no sea un buena en el ingles pero me encanta espero ke en algun momento agan un de los programas para latino digo no es mala la idea! porke tienen muchos fan se los digo porke cada vez ke va empezar su programa me reuno con mis hermanas y amigas para ver como kedo la persona o hacer criticas construtivas,y asi nos volvemos jueces de todo los cambios que realizan o como nos hubiera gustado ke quedara la persona pero son muy buenos gracias,xoxoxoxoxoxoxo para todos
  • What Not To Wear is consistently improving, becoming more relative to all viewers, and bringing a true awareness of the value of style in all of our lives.

    What Not To Wear is among my top favorite television shows to watch. Surrounded by fashion five days a week while working as a designer stylist in a JC Penney Salon I live and breath fashion! Coming home and turning on your show brings it all together in a fantastic way. Your show completes the need all people have for perfecting their personal style in our contemporary lives. I am amazed at how much your show continues to improve and moves closer to the heart and needs of all viewers. Stacy and Clinton become personable and their true caring and concern come through with a healthy dose of familial directness mixed with humor that puts most guests at ease. Who can't help but have a positive response to such sincere concern and consistent advice on improving their style. One blogger did request some help for us 55 years and older who have challenges that come along with aging. We don't want to be placed into a 'mature' look without some options to keep the fun and individuality in our style. I look forward to each new episode as they continue to hone in on the real needs of viewers while entertaining us and endearing us to the show, its hosts, and its guest. As I have salon clients in my chair I often remember tips I have learned from your show that I can pass along. Whether these tips are from Nick Arrojo with a hairstyle, or from Carmendy in the makeup realm, I enjoy the increased knowledge I have from your show's examples and the goodwill that comes from helping others look good too. Of course, when I am browsing the store and meeting prospective salon clients, I am often asked for clothing advice. Your show helps me greatly in this and I share your advice often referring to your show as I do so. Of course, I would love to be a guest on your show to better improve myself and my style to reflect even more, but nonetheless, who wouldn't?
    Thank you for producing such a fine example of television entertainment and education. Its a life saver and a life changer!
  • What Not To Wear is a much needed show for women and sometimes men to see how to put clothing pieces together to get the best look achievable. Great show for all to watch!

    I love this show! I've only started watching a few months ago and now I'm hooked. The show has such a fun way of learning how to put pieces together for classy styles. The people that come on look so great after the process. What prompted me to write this review was that I noticed the more I watch, the more I wondered why I don't see African Americans being made over. Is it because of the hair? Maybe I've missed the shows that had African Americans but, I've just never seen any and would like to know is there a reason. I would love to get some make up and hair tips myself. I have never been good with make up and it would be great to see how to do it properly. None-the-less, It's still an awesome show and I hope it stays on for years to come!
  • I like this show, and yes, I am surprised at myself!

    According to my usual viewing tastes, this should be the furthest thing from my menu...but instead, its a semi-regular.
    Its a light-hearted attack on bad taste, and oh, there is some seriously bad taste out there! However, to me it never beats the viewer or the "contestant" over the head with that fact. Its almost, dare I say?...instructional??!!
    Having Stacey and Clinton around "Shopping" with you in this romp, is almost like having your most honest best friends shopping with you, and that's always the best way to spend the day.
    So, is it time to stop for a coffee yet? Make mine a cappuccino!
  • feedback on meeting Clinton

    We had (Angela and Elena) the opportunity to meet Clinton in Scottsdale during Macy's promotion sale. We were so excited to meet him so we took the liberty to say "we are fans, love your show". He anwser was cold...I realize everyone tells him the same. However, we support the show and he needs to be nice not matter what..he left a bad taste in our mouth. We hope he continues to meet people and hopefully he does not continue to be as rude and cold as he was with us, otherwise.... NO SHOW...HELLO CLINTON? GET A CLUE! Angela/ Elena
  • It's okay....not crappy, like I thought it was going to be, but it's not the worst, either.

    At first, I thought that this would be a terrible show. I wouldn't want someone telling me what to wear and making fun of me because I don't wear what everyone else thinks is cool. But this show isn't just that. First impressions are made by your appearance, and if you look like a total wackadoodle, no one would really want to hire you (and things like that). Out of the episodes I've seen so far, Stacy and Clinton help people create a better look to give a better impression. It may seem stupid, but it actually does help people. When I first saw this show, I thought that Stacy and Clinton were mean, but they don't comment on anything besides a person's wardrobe. They're not mean, but they tell a person what they should be hearing instead of holding back like a lot of people do. That can sometimes come off as mean.

    Some of the people actually do need help, though. One of the people, Annie, was wearing FLIP FLOPS to work. That gives a bad impression. Another person, Katherine, had a wardrobe which I thought was cool, but she needed to be hired. I don't think many people want to hire someone who looks punkish. On the other hand, some don't really need the help. Those people are just taught how to shop for stuff that makes them look prettier. Overall, I think this show is okay, but not the best. It's good to watch when I'm bored, but I'm not in love with it.
  • Okay I am not a big reality show watcher but this show is "HOT" Tracy and Clinton make this work. I've told some girlfriends of mind about the show and the first Q&A was are you Gay well NO, but I do have a eye for fashion and this show is alot of fun.

    Being unemployed and flipping through the channels I came across Tracy and Clinton and watching them have fun made me have fun enjoying the show. It's fun watching them transform each person willingly or Not. I wish I could be apart of the show and see how they get the people really committed. I am a fan forevermore. Going to all those cities and reviewing people how hard can a JOB be? I haven't forgotten about Nick and Carmindy which I will have to say Carmindy and Tracy are the finest persons that could tell me what not to wear.
  • This is a touching tale of a little boho baby getting styled out by NYC designers and coming to grips with her own beauty and identity...not the causes she stands for, but the individual she presents to world.

    I love this show, and this episode is def. one of my all-time favorites. Jenny is a tough nut to crack, but when she comes out the other side all dolled up and re-made you can see her shining heart and personality come on through.

    Certainly a MAKEOVER! With lots of funny twists and turns. This gal has potential but her stubbornness will make you cringe at first. The wardrobe that gets hefted into the garbage can is a collection for the ages, and I do mean AGES (say from Grandma to Little Miss). Absolutely one for the hall of fame...don't miss it!
  • Great show that does not focus on the superficial side of looking good but on the psychological ramifications of dressing well

    When I saw commercials for this show, I thought "wow. why are they giving thousands of dollars to people for clothes when there are so many more problems in this world?!" But then I watched it. And I loved it. Not only do they help women with self-esteem and self-image issues, but the clothes that they "throw away" are sent to charity. So, that redeemed the show of its what I thought were superficial qualities. In addition to that, Stacy and Clinton are just amazing people. They are hillarious and sensitive to people's needs and feelings, and they know when a person needs a smack in the face (not literally of course) or a hug. At first (again I was judging without full knowledge) I thought they were mean, but then when I watched the show I realized that they never tease the contestant about anything except their clothes. They never attack their personality or interests or physical attributes. And whenever the contestant looks discontent, Stacy and Clinton always help her feel better. In addition to the good message this show sends, it also offers great advice for dressing nicely. And of course, the show always has me rolling on the floor laughing. This show is definitely one of my favorites.
  • I like the show overall. The last few episodes everyone has gets the same haircut. The bob! Does not look good on everyone. It was not always this way, there was much more unique looks based on the person's facial structure, type of hair & personality.

    I like the show overall. The last few episodes everyone has gets the same haircut. The bob! Does not look good on everyone. It was not always this way, there was much more unique looks based on the person's facial structure, type of hair & personality.
    I am surprised the show is taking this turn. I was surprised when I saw the hairdresser to the same style twice in a row, then shocked the third time around.
    My hairdresser said this is usually a producer decision

    So my question is: Whose fault is this? The producer Then fire them!!! The hairdresser, get a new one!!
  • How ridiculous is this show?

    How ridiculous is this show? Basically people are ashamed of the way their friend or family member dresses so, they send tapes to Stacey London and Clinton Kelly asking them to improve their friend or family member's style. How would you like to be told that your fashion sucks? Maybe your friend or family member does dress terrible but, you shouldn't be telling them what they can or can't wear. Let them dress in their own damn style! Stacey has no room to talk on "fashion" or "style" because she's getting grey streaks in the front of her hair. In what world is that considered attractive?
  • I love this show because it shows how bad some people's style is!

    Typically, the participant is nominated by their friends and relatives, although some episodes ask for self-nominations, such as the class reunion specials. If the subject is nominated by others, the show then secretly follows and videotapes the participant for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, Stacy and Clinton review the secret footage and prepare to surprise the participant. During the surprise visit, the participant is offered a Bank of America or Visa card in the amount of US $5,000 to buy a whole new wardrobe, but there is a catch: They must turn over their existing wardrobe to Stacy and Clinton and be prepared for honest criticism. If the participant accepts, they are brought to New York City for a week of evaluation, shopping, and hair and makeup styling. Cool show!
  • It's true, I love this show

    Alright, so maybe the fact that I love Clinton Kelly and Stacey London makes me a bit miased to start off with, but I do love this show. The worst fashion offenders (sometimes with attitudes that deserved to be trashed, too) are turned into chique fashionistas (or so it appears.) Clinton and Stacey, off the tip of a friend will show up in the town of the fashion offender and surronded by family and freinds tehy are offered the chance at rebuilding their wardrobe with help from Stacey and Clinton and the show gives them $5000 to do so. After receiving advice from Clinton and Stacey, the participant is off in NYC to do some shopping with Clinton and Stacey watching from the studio. On the second day, Clinton and Stacey shop with the participant and they help them spend the rest of their money. Nick is the hair stylist and at this point he takes over. When Nick is done it is Carmindy's turn to do make-up. At this point the participant will show of their new look to Stacey and Clinton. After this, the participant is headed back to their hometown to show off their new style.
  • Maybe not "exciting" per se...

    What Not to Wear is a nice diversion when I have nothing else to do, but it really doesn't interest me as much as it did. It helps when I go shopping to know some of the stuff they tell you on the show, but I guess it got old. I'll watch it sometimes, and I usually end up being amused by it, but it's not my favorite. Of course, it is much better than some of the shows out there. It wouldn't be fun to be nominated for that show, so it's a good motivation to stay dressed properly. :) Overall, it's not a bad show, just not my favorite.
  • I don't enjoy as much anymore.

    I don't understand what happened exactly, with the new season, but I don't enjoy it nearly as much as I used to. Maybe it's something as simple as the new studio, but whatever it is....I just don't enjoy it. Stacy and Clinton! Help!!! I still love Nick and Carmindy, but the rest just sucks! And I miss the days of the "getcha's" at the beginning of the show. Does anyone else feel that way? Is it just me? I mean Stacy and Clinton are great, but it's like the show has lost something this season. I used to try to never miss an episode...now it's all I can do to sit through 30 minutes of a show. I hope things improve.
  • Stacey and Clinton do a joob job. But once they get to hair it's over. Every cut he does is the same a bob.They need a hairdresser that can do more than one cut. Everyone looks the same but they all'LOVE IT'Come on now! Not everyone looks good in a bob.

    It's interesting watching Stacy and Clinton put together outfits. I can't say that I've ever went to the store in some of the outfits they pick out. Maybe in NY folks go to the grocery in heels and a dress but I don't think that's the norm. Maybe if I stopped on the way home from work but not as a rule. I know they have had a couple of larger ladies and since most of the country is size 14 and up maybe they should consider more shows with ladies of that size and above. Our company has a relaxed dress code,but the new hires tend to take it to the limit. Sloppy jeans, tshirts and clothing I don't consider work appropriate. Maybe you could go to a business and give all the employees pointers. Just to bad everyone ends up with the same haircut. Other shows have hair dressers that can actually work with different types of hair and lengths of hair. Not everyone looks good in a short bob. 99% of Nick's styles are above the shoulder bobs.
  • The world is obsessed with makeover shows, and What Not to Wear is no exception. Let's face it, most people could benefit from having style gurus go through their closet and then take them shopping. www.newyorkimageconsultant.com/what-not-to-wear.htm

    The whole world seems mesmerized by "reality" television, and makeover shows are the latest rage. From redecorating your home to having cosmetic surgery to look like someone famous, or even just "someone else", the world is obsessed with makeover shows, and What Not to Wear is no exception. Let's face it, most people could benefit from having style gurus go through their closet and then take them shopping. Who wouldn't love to know what colors and cuts to look for when they shop? takes it a step further, though, with advice on dating, nutrition, and appropriate appearance and behavior for various situations (like job interviews

    Read more at: http://www.newyorkimageconsultant.com/what-not-to-wear.htm
  • This show is a public service to the fashion challenged.

    Stacy and Clinton are the perfect hosts for this show. They must have backgrounds in fashion, because they do small miracles in every episode. Usually, they ambush an unsuspecting women, sometimes a man, whose not only in dire need of a makeover-but a shot of self esteem as well. A little rouching here, an umpire waist there and then makeup and hair, and voila, these people are completely transformed. The best part of the show, besides seeing the finished product, are the sarcastic, yet hilarious comments the hosts give about the fasion vics wardrobe. Some of the things people think are wearable is hilarious.
  • It would be great to have a question/answer web site to get advice from Stacy and Clinton regarding wardrobe!

    Stacy and Clinton have great suggestions that help lots of people. The tips are helpful to everyone, even if you are not a complete fashion victim. I would LOVE to be on that show (except I know that they would toss my Uggs and they are not cheap!) and even have my friends watching it.The only thing I would change is Nick's hair. He seems to want to cut everyones hair short, yet his is a little shaggy. He is handsome and would look so nice with short hair himself. Stacy always looks amazing, and Clinton dresses the way I would love for my Husband to. Carmandy has some informative makeup advice as well. I think that they should have a web page for questions regarding wardrobe.
  • Vicious, but in a fun way.

    As someone whose fashion sense is borderline nonexistent, I keenly appreciate both the attempts of others to achieve competency, and the tendency of the real world to squash this like a bug. The "serious" fashion scene makes my head spin; I get a kick out of any show that can bring the world of couture down to Earth. The cast of this show is hysterical. They sift through a given subject's wardrobe and relate the unvarnished truth about each and every item. They can be tough when they need to, but it's all taken in good spirits.

    Watch this show not just for its abundant laughs. Watch it to learn.
  • ha!

    i seriously do not know how people hate this show cuz i lik luv it!!!! stacy is my total fave and i justhave to ask but does anyone know if there gonna put this on seasonal dvds? if they do i would have every single season in my room clinton kelley-is he like gay no offence but seriously oh yeah and did anyone see the episode where they go over the best transformtions??? all right i would like never be on this show because i am the most fashionable 10 year old that you would ever meet!!! ok well im done
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