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  • Now HERE' something society really needs. [/sarcasm]

    Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. The same thing can be said about fashion. I'm not saying half these people they show DON'T need help with their wardrobes, but on the other hand, everyone has a right to wear whatever they want. If they want to dress like a hick/child/slut, you name it, well, you may not like it, but hey. Give them a break. It's their decision, not yours.

    That, anyway, is what I would like to say to Clinton and Stacy. But Clinton and Stacy don't care, because they're being paid big bucks to enforce their bigoted and sometimes questionable fashion sense on other people.

    The first thing they do is throw every single bit of clothing the victim owns out. EVERY SINGLE BIT. As if to say "hey, we know so much more about fashion than you that we're going to have a POWER TRIP over it!" The episodes are all the same: someone needs help with their dress. They come and throw everything away. Make them buy clothes they don't really want, but are being told they want by Clinton and Stacy. They also get a hair makeover, and in the end they come out better dressed and altogether much happier.

    Ugh. I just don't get it.
  • Stacey and Clinton help wardrobe messes turn into stylish fashion plates.

    I have loved this show since I first saw it on BBC. The American version is 30 min longer, and also has a hairdresser and makeup artist. Stacey and Clinton take unsuspecting people that havce been submitted to the show by "friends" or family because they dress so badly. One of hte main reasons I love this show is because they really seem to care about the people they are dressing. Most come out of the experience feeling 100% better about themselves. They also provide great advice for shopping. I often hear their voices in my head when I'm in the dressing room! (scary but true). This show has really lasted in it's current format as well; it's not gotten stale for me and I'm still excited to turn it on Fridays to get my fix!!
  • What not to wear aired on 20th September 2007

    Tonight i found this t.v show interesting to the point of not being able to take my eyes away from the set. I saw two people i could relate too regaining self confidence through what they were being told to wear, this really was an incredible step for the two guys as i could see how much they changed in such a short time. It was great to see the help they recieved as it was defdinately deserved and im sure anyone who saw this will agree. If thats all it takes to help people get out and meet new friends/other halfs then i recommend everyone watch this show! Such a small thing to make such a big difference to people who desperately deserve it. All i can say is that if i met either one of these guys out i would have to double take, this proving that they are not as un noticeable as they thought.
  • I am amazed at how clueless people are on how they look - I am not a fashion maven but geez - even I look good compared to some folks they find.

    I've actually learned a lot by watching this show. I've taken some tips to heart and I for one would love to see some outtakes. I've also learned a lot about human nature. The costumes we wear to conceal who and what we are - it's interesting that sometimes what we 'think' we are 'saying' is not what other people are 'hearing'.

    I would be afraid though that too many 'victims'are starting to be oppositional just to be oppositional and that will ruin the fun. I wish that someone would give me $5,000 to fill my closet - oh wait there isn't any room.

    Nick - Nick your hair is looking a little tacky on tv lately - what's up with that.

    Carmody - I would love to know where you get some of the products you use.
  • Carmindy looks old?

    Not even. If you could see her with her makeup off, she's absolutely naturally beautiful. Personally, I don't agree with hearing... a lot, that she looks like Kim Cattrell, or Christina A., she looks like herself. She's been doing makeup all her life, and continues to refine her craft. If she seems cold, she's just straight forward and honest, she doesn't "need" everyone to like her, she's just doing her job, and amazingly I might add. She got the job the day she interviewed, and has built herself from a makeup artist to a household name with only maybe two minutes air time, NOW that's an accomplishment, not to mention putting out a book. She's a go getter, and even though we grew up together and were friends until a few years back and don't talk anymore :(, I'm still inspired my her. She's also incredibly gifted at way more than just makeup, I still have jewelry she made for me fifteen years ago, not to mention she's hysterically funny.

    If you think she looks old, you must be very very young... millionaire.. my ass. IF you can't say something nice, just don't say it. Especially when you clearly don't know WHAT it is you are talking about.
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  • I watch the show on occasion. I like it but the type of clothing is for jet setters in high paying jobs.

    I would like to see something a little more low key in other states than the NY area. How about Texas? San Antonio? Help a unemployed person land a killer job with a new look episode? hint hint...I do like the content of the show though. It's nice to see people go through a change in their persona after they receive the makeover. Not all is lost in the process. There have definitely been some characters on the show. I'm all for some things coming back in style as I probably own a few things that were in style in the 80s and 90s myself.
  • Very good show!

    What was the idiot watching when she/he made the comment about this show being awful? I've only begun watching this show this season, and all I can say is how helpful and passionate Clinton and Stacy are towards their fashion victims. Often times, they do make cracks, but it's always about the person's fashion sense, and NEVER about the person. There are many clueless people out there, myself included, when it comes to wearing clothes that truly flatter one's figure. Yes, it's arguable that there's maybe too much "cookie-cutter" and "conformist" views of fashion, but it doesn't take away from this show still being very educational (and entertaining).

    I love their sarcastic and very dry sense of humor. There's a huge difference between being sarcastic for entertainment purposes and being downright mean and cruel, which they're not. The original UK version of this show is actually even more brutal, as the Brits/Europeans are famous for being no holds barred. And that show is still showing and has been wildly successful! As for this US version, I haven't seen a show yet where the participant walked away not feeling better about herself. Besides, you get flown to NYC, given $5,000 for new clothes, AND are given a hair and facial makeover. If you were to get a haircut from Nick Arrojo, you'd be paying through the roof! What's not to like?
  • An entertaining show with an interesting premise.

    "What Not to Wear" is a reality show on TLC that documents two hosts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, as they improve the wardrobes of some badly dressed people. I enjoy watching this show because of its interesting format; it goes from showing the candidate and how horribly they dress, then giving them tips on how to dress, then the candidate goes shopping. The show always ends with the candidate getting her makeup and hair done. All in all, this transformation is quite interesting to watch, and the hosts are rather affable. One thing I dislike about the show, however (and I'm probably alone in this opinion) is that, when the candidates get their hair cut, the hair dresser always cuts it extremely short; it sometimes looks very harsh. Another downside to this show is that it can sometimes lag and get boring in places, and sometimes the hosts make unfunny remarks. Other than that, it is an entertaining show, with good hosts, and an interesting premise.
  • bad host, fake response and expression, just know how to pick on people, some of them are really not that bad. Especially Stacy , bad make up , and response,'/ expression, horrible

    Awefulawefulaweful!! i don't think the host, especially stacy knows how to dress at all, in fact , her make up is aweful, he eyeshadow, also, her grey hair or if she consider that "hightlight" , and her expression, ..well, certain , some of the people really don'
    t dress that bad, do they understand street fashion? \maybe look at, style-arena.com or www.hel-look.com , they will think all of the people have bad taste? they are horrible. "Queen Eye fot the Straight" is a lot better, "" what not to wear" seem to want to do whtever the 5 guys do, but really not succeful at all, look at stacy, she can be a pretty woman, but she put her makeup like that, and how she acts.., huh...look at the pic she with the dog and the pick dress..how style she think she has,.. every expisode , whtever she wear, rally is not good at all. aweful aweful aweful so. of cos, on the other hand, i think clinton is decent, he dress well, i think sometime he say something bad , just becos' the show require it to entertain people. and i understand that. but most importantly , i think, they shouldn't just say random stuff , they are like disagree with everything just becos' there is nothing to pick with., also , althought there are rules in fashion. sometimes, rules ar enot ALways right. sometimes, it's about asethy.. look at "American next top model", etc, the judeges say real stuff, but not pick on the model . i never raelly go to critize any show, bu t this is about fashion, and the show or host was rally horribkle, so...

    if i have to criticise a little more, ..i don['t know if thye dont hvae money or what, the dressing room ,setting or lighting, seem chessy to me too.
  • How can anyone watch this boring show?

    My grandmother just loves this show. I HATE this show with a pastion. It is so judgemental. I feel people can and should wear what they feel the most comfable in. But still should look nice. This show cares to much about the outside of people and we need to care about the inside of people. We as america think it is what we wear and not how we act and treat people. Also the two people that "host" the show need to shut up. They bug the crap out of me. And they to me don't dress all that great and have a bad fastion since. This is just my opinon.
  • This show is awesome.

    It tells you what to wear,how to wear and when to wear it.At first I thought it was a show that told you what not to wear to school,etc. when I saw the title.lol but it turned out to be just one person taken per episode and turned inside out to get a whole different look.This show is great and Stacey and Clinton are hilarously fun and quick-witted to boot.A fashion-savvy super team. 10 points!
  • Great advice Stacy and Clinton!! Warning---cheesey-ness below...

    This show rocks!! Stacy and Clinton rock, too! they are so funny and smart when it comes to fashion!

    This show...really changes people's lives. I cant believe they (The people that go on the show) actually dress that way and that they actually learn WhAt NoT tO wEaR

    This show...has...a good...hair dresser and make-up artist. When Nick's hair is long I dont see how the people trust him with that ugly peice of crap for hair. But Carmendy always looks good. Another thing about Nick, why does he think short looks so good? Long hair looks good too.

    Stacy and Clinton should get married (xD)

    thats all I have to say!
  • 2 fashion experts give an unsuspecting person a complete makeover.

    I have mixed feelings about TLC's What Not To Wear. I love watching the people go shopping and get a makeover but I think that it is kind of mean to just go around and say,:Hey, you, you are badly dressed, lets take you shopping and give you a makeover!" I think that it is a pretty good show.
  • The program is wonderfull,I want they to know my opinion and I'd be charmed with taking part,but that is impossible for the distance and the language.I'm a steticienne who always goes in tracksuit & think that i need some help & (for me)you're the best.

    I am a steticienne and I'm 25 and always go in tracksuit or jeans. My teacher try to make me see that I must dress more elegantly, but i don't know what clothes i must bought... my boyfriend chooses the clothes because for me, I still have everything badly. A dress was buying for myself and i think i do with Stacy and Clinton's rules and I believe that i'll do it right, but I feel so strange... In my family only my brother fixes up. It gives me anger because ... I bandage image, beauty, and do not reflect anything of it. They all in my family say that my look is good, but for my profession it is an inconveniete. I believe that if I was dressing better it would be more convincing in my work. Besides I want to put my own business and this way they are not going to take me seriously. I always say to my boyfriend what i would like to be in the place of the participants... He is satiate because I force him to see the program, i'm bad... :oD I know that is impossible because I am from Spain and the language and distance are serious problems, but at least I like to think that you are going to read my opinion. Thank you, You're great.
  • Stacy and Clinton---rock!

    I love What not to Wear. Stacy and Clinton know what they're talking about and are funny about it. The only con I have about it is Nick's hair (when its long and curly) why would I trust someone with ugly hair to do my hair? Hmmm

    ---to be honest--- I like it when they dress "nasty-ish" more then when they dress "frumpy-ish"...they seem to not understand and dont wanna follow it. My friend tries to do what Carmen-D (sp?) says. She tried to get me to do it too. But I aint buying it. :\

    Well---thats all I gotta say about that!
  • I think Stacy and Clinton give a lot of great tips!

    I wish there were people in my locale to assist me with my personal shopping. What women wouldn't love to have a $5000.00 shopping spree for herself? Stacy and Clinton have such wonderul humor in dealing with each of the participants. I can't imagine anyone else hosting the show.
  • This is an okay show to watch once in a while when nothing else is on TV, but i would never consider watching this everyday.

    This is just about the only reality TV show i'll watch ever so often. It has some good things to it, but some things do not please me in the least.

    1) I really like the fashion line they have on the show...most of the time. Its influential.
    2) The ending results are pretty good.

    1) I don't like how rude Stacy and Clinton (I think thats their names?) they can be at points. It just seems mean.
    2) I don't like the idea of how the friends or family surprise them with going on the show. The person going on the show would definatly be humilated at first, probably thinking "Do they think i'm ugly and thats why i'm on the show?" and having it show on TV. Mind you, i disagree with most reality things, so its rare for me to say that something is okay.
  • This is the worst show on television, even worse than dog the bounty hunter, which is an amazing feat , to be sure.

    I have to say that I never jumped on the "reality " show bandwagon--I have my own life that keeps me busy so I don't have to live through anyones else's but apparently a large percentage of Americans have become voyeurs. I am under the weather today so I was looking for something to watch while recuperating and turned to TLC which often has good programming--YIKES!!!!!!!! I found myself watching in horror as this woman Stacy ( with a nose as big a Texas ) tear this girl's self esteem to shreds-- how is this entertaining????? What's next--gladiators and thumbs down we decide that they die???????? And WHO appointed this really annoying stacy the fashion police--I thought her outfit was tacky and gaudy. I can't imagine why anyone would subject themselves to that kind of abuse. I do not reccomend this show to any one with an IQ of more than 10--and Stacy--get your nose fixed.

    completely disgusted--LIsa
  • Two fashion experts help people who don't dress they way they should. Whether it's too sloppy, too immature for their age or just too raunchy, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly can help.

    On the surface, someone might look at this show and think it's about fashion. Well technically, it is, especially, for us viewers at home; but for the contestants, family and friends, it can be more than just how bad the person's wardrobe is. In the beginning, most people resent Stacy and Clinton, and hate to see their clothes get thrown in the trash can like a piece of rubbish (even if it may be). Yet, at the end of the episode, the contestant is not only looking a lot better, but they leave feeling more confident than ever did.
    After the fashion advice with some laughs along the way, and maybe even some tears, people leave the “What Not to Wear” studio ready to take on the world. Viewers can watch this show and be sure to also get fashion tips and a few laughs.
  • I just love this show, I am so sure it helps all

    this is my fix at noon everyday, I can only hope and dream I will be on this show one day, Stacy and Clinton are tops in my book they know what they are talking about...by the way Stacy that is my daughters name although hers is spelled with ie...Stacie (see i am pretty, named my daughter pretty)
  • What Not To Wear is about two people who get look for people who can't dress them selves and need help with it.

    When one of your frinds or family members send in a video on all your clothes and how bad you dress. Then if Stacy and Clinton see that you really dress bad they choose you go to were you live and give you a credit card with 5,000 dollers but there are some catches. First you have to listen to all the tips and use them and all the bad things they say about you. For one week they help you buy new clothes because they threw all of your clothes out. Then they help you with your hair for it to make you look better. Then they help you do your makeup better. Finally you show all your family and friends how much you've change in a week at a party. I love this show it's really funny and good for people to know how to dress without going on the show.
  • I love Stacey and Clinton!

    This has to one of my all time favorite reality shows. I love watching any kind of makeover shows even the house, or room makeovers. But this has to be the best one so far because of Stacey and Clinton. I think their two of the best in personal makeovers because they know what their talking about. Their very informative with out at least trying to be cruel. The two of them work so well together to help out the people in need. Then with the help of Carmindy and Nick the show is unstoppable. Even tho it only shows them helping one person it can help thousands. There's been a wide range of people on the show: short, tall, different races,etc. This gives help to everyone watching. They show and tell the different types of styles for certain body types. Then others can at least get some idea of what kinds of clothes they should be buying. Then with Carmindy and makeup she helps others by showing them how to do certain things with make-up, and what colors go best with certain skin tones. All the advice that these people give is helpful to many others. I love watching this show just to see what great new ideas they come up with. I would love to be on this show, just for the experience. I hope they keep it up, and give me and others more advice so we can learn from them.
  • Great work, help us in a world famous setting! We need you!

    Truth of the matter is we all can dress someone else better than we can ourselves, like we can always raise the neighbors' kids better! However, this show has remarkable ability to help the growth of the personality of the contestants as well as change their style. I work for Duke Clinical Research Institute with the world famous faculty. My staff of 38 assistants are wonderful women who support them. I am facing a critical juncture where I need to help them develop and implement a dress code which is foreign to our work culture, especially on other floors. Since we see heavyweight visitors regularly, I need to get these people out of overalls or clubbing clothes. I have tried to set a good example of good but not overly expensive clothes, but my age differentiates me from the younger women who think anything goes. I see some trying to change and we have discussions, but I wish we could have a seminar or a make-over for all the staff. Thanks for continuing to give me guidance in how to begin to phrase suggestions while continuing to grow this marvelous and talented group of women. Go Team 2007!!
  • Hi Stacey and Clinton, I'm writing because I really love your show but I am a plus size woman without the greatest shape. I do see that you do have some plus size women, but you need the real deal, like myself.

    I really love the show. I'd like to see more on plus size women without the flat bellies. I go crazy at times wondering about styles for my body. Everything in the plus size stores all the plus size women cannot wear. I only wear jeans and even then they make look bigger than ever. Please look into this matter. I am the first person to greet people at my job and all i wear is jeans. Can you imagine. I used to be small so it didn't bother me about how clothes looked, but now.......HELP
  • hi my name is ktrina wilson i saw your show and my wish is that you can do that to me, i hate the way i look and i feel like a retared person please if you can help me let me know.

    i like you show please help me im stuck in the 70s look i think, im over weight and i just dont know if this is right to were ? i live in wichita ks. 5047 jade 67216 i ware blue jeans and a tea shirt and i dont care if is the right color, please help me sing your biggest fan, katrina wilson, i class fi the show as a 200 rating
  • Fashion stylists, Stacey and Clinton, helping people who need fashion style intervention!

    I love going to the mall, esp. to buy clothes! This show really helps me to see what kind of clothes fit best for different types of bodies. It is really great when my friends ask me for advice because I can tell what they should wear to look their best! The nominees who are nominated for this show is funny..! some dress really ridiculous! I am amazed by how much clothes change people's confidence and their lifestyle. This show really shows to the viewers that wearing the right clothes does matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show is horrible and I will never watch it again!

    Today, was the very first time I watched this show. This will also be the very last time I waste my time. I was digusted over how poorly the guest was treated. Maybe she is not the most best dressed person in the world, but did she really deserve to be called a whore on national television?...where her two small children were probably watching. You are suposed to be a good show that helps people with out good fashion sense to gain a sense of confidence and sophistication. Yet, it\\\\\\\'s like the blind leading the blind. Your self proclaimed high class sophistication is laughable due to your callous nature and blatent vulgarity. Seriously...what woman with class gets on television and treats people that way? In the future, I will be going out of my way to tell my friends and family how LOW CLASS this show really is.
  • Interesting show...but do I look forward to watching episodes?...nah, just the occasional one.

    I love this show because of the whole "Transformation" process that people go through. Clinton and Stacey sort of bother me because they are quite over the top when it comes to their acting...or maybe that's just how they are. But they do have some great style ideas, so I can't fault them for that. I haven't seen any recent episodes which is why I say it doesn't really bother me if I miss one. But it also makes it nice because you don't have to see them all to understand the show...it's the same thing over and over again. But do I like the "What Not to Wear marathons"? No way, I can only watch one show every now and then.
  • This is about two people Stacy and Clinton who give out of style people makeovers!

    I think this show is great most of the time. The styles are great I mean this show would be something you follow if you are looking for what clothes you want to buy. These people have good style! Though the thing I love about this show is that Stacy and Clinton actually tell the truth about if the things the person they are giving a makeover to doesn't choose good clothes th, they tell them. They don't just pretend it's good they actually give a real makeover. So thats what I like about this show it's a real reality show it's not fake like some I've seen not saying which.
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