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  • I love this show and if i knew how to nominate someone i would nomiate my mother.

    I like this show because it gives you more than three outfits like How Do I Look, which is also a good show but I like this show better and would love to nominate my mother for it beacuse she is a hard working, caring mother who deserves this oppurtunity. So I love this show, obviously, and i love it because It gives people advice on good clothes, and 5000 dollars to get a new wardrobe that they need so I think this is a great show. If i had to pick my favorite fashion type show this would be it!
  • it's good

    What not to wear is a really good show. What bugs me is people think that Stacey and Clinton are mean and rude. But for one thing they do know what they are talking about and two they do know how to make a good show. What I wish they would stop doing is those specials! You know like the baby on board and the pageant one! The regular shows are so good just stick to those! Also with the specials they play them over and overt again it’s so annoying! But other then that the show is great.
  • This show is ntot good at all.

    OK all I can see in this TV show are girls telling girls what you should wear and what you should not! Well I am sorry but this show is so bad. You think I'm saying that because I'm a boy well that is incorrect the reason why I don't like it is because your mom and dad should tell you what to wear not a TV show. I am very sorry for such a poor review on this show.
  • Lauren Conrad should have seen THIS coming...

    If you\'re someone like Lauren Conrad from \"The Hills\" and want to get a degree in fashion, then this is the show for you.

    I\'m starting to wonder if the show appeals to more women than men. I just finished seeing part of an episode where an adorable singer and songwriter was getting a big makeover. No offense, but that songwriter was as adorable as say, Avril Lavigne for example.

    This show is like \"The Hills\", but without the drama. It also has some elements from \"Made\" mixed into it, which is somewhat very good.

    Thumbs-up \"What Not to Wear\":
    Excellent premise
    $5,000(?) shopping spree for makeovers
    Great fun

    Thumbs-down \"What Not to Wear\":
    No Lauren Conrad
    Nothing else bad, really.

    MY SCORE: 10 (yet again, the Jun Kazama-less review streak continues! :)

    Verdict: If you can\\\\\\\'t stand goth (as some women are seen wearing before the makeover), this show is not for you. If you want to see some sexy fashions (what is wrong with me?), then look no further.
  • Duplicate shows and ugly white legs

    I watch the show each tiem it is on, however, I find it stressing to see the same show on Sat and Sunday that I saw on Friday. Each show show be new, I am sure there is not a limit to the number of people who would like to be on your show.

    Also, all the women you show have a good body do you every consider a person who is older or overweight?

    Also, I would like to comment on the ugly white/brown legs.

    The women will be dress to the gills and you look down and you see ugly legs, why don\\\\\\\'t they wear stockimgs? If they choos not stockings they should at least use self-tanning lotion as the ugly legs ruin the whole effect.
  • Stacy and Clinton, Nick and Carmindy are good at what they do. In an hour, we watch a clueless client transform into a King or Queen before our very eyes.

    I love this show!
    Stacy and Clinton keep me laughing while poking fun at the fashion faux pas of each episode's make-over client.
    Each new feature is required to give up every article of her old wardrobe in exchange for a $5,000 shopping spree. First, they learn what they have been doing wrong as they stand in the 360 degree mirror. Then, they are given rules and examples of what to look for when they hit the stores.
    After two days of shopping in high-end clothing stores, one alone and the second with Stacy and Clinton, we come to my favorite part of my favorite show...
    Mr. Nick Arrojo!
    What a fantastic hairdresser! This man works absolute magic.
    And finally, Carmindy does the finishing touches with a fabulous make-up lesson and application.
    By the time the client is ready to reveal the whole ensemble to friends and family, he or she has come a long way.
  • Make over of people with no scence of fasion.

    This show is pretty good, other then the fact that the hosts are not the nicest to people, the people who are getting the make over do learn valuble lessons on how to look there best and what not to wear! They throw out all the persons clothes and then they show them what kind of clothes that they should be wearing. Then they give them a boat load of money to spend buying cothes and then if they mess up the two people save them and help them pick out the right thing. Then after hair and makeup they show all there friends the new them!!!
  • This just never gets old!

    No matter how many times I see someone get a complete stacy and clinton makeover, I will never tire of it. they are so funny and entertaing to watch... not to mention they really know what they're talking about! I love it! And i'm actually learning a few things for future reference, too. SHUT UP! my grade: A-!
  • Not just another makeover show, it is great!

    It seems like What Not to Wear would be a traditional makeover show - \'victim\' gets ambushed, flown to new york, insulted but then rewarded with a shopping spree, made over etc.
    In reality, not only does this show give excellent tips to fashion savvy (or not-savvy) viewers, it changes the lives of the people who go on it. Not in a cheesy way, but every candidate of What Not to Wear discovers new self-confidence and pride, that seems above other makeover shows. What Not to Wear does not exploit this either, it is merely supported. Every time a candidate comes out it is awesome to see how they have changed!
    Stacey and Clinton can be harsh, but they know what they are talking about. They have hilarious personalities and even just them together makes the show worth watching. At times it can be a little long but overall it is entertaining and informative, and always great for fashion advice!
  • This is a great show for anyone who loves clothes or fashion.

    I thought the show looked kind of stupid at first, but after watching one episode, I began to love it. You get to watch Stacey and Clinton trash people about how they look. But in the end, it always works out. One of my favorites was the one where the lady gave up on shopping on the first day, so she went to the dollar store and spent $200 there. The newest episode, The Worst Dressed Family In America, was also very good. Overall, this show is really good and you should watch it. It is on everyday, and on TLC.
  • I'm learning what not to wear!

    The premise of this show is simple. Badly dressed people are nominated by friends or family for a makeover. Sometimes these are people who are just don't know how to fashion a wardrobe and other times those featured have somehow gotten stuck in a time warp fashion-wise. As Stacy and Clinton show up, they give their protegee' a $5000 Visa card to go shopping for a new wardrobe. The catch? They must let Stacy and Clinton go through their old wardrobes and throw out almost everything! After garnering tips from the fashion duo, the selectee goes to shop in New York alone and then with their assistance. After a stylish haircut and makeup session, they model their new clothes. The results are often stellar. I know I'm certainly learning a lot from the show!
  • Finnaly a show with fashion as good as mine! laugh out loud!

    This is one of my favorite shows!
    Stacy and Klinton are hillarious and it is always funny to see the outstandingly ridiculous fashions of the people that come!
    The best part about the show is the fact that they actually change lives and have a great time trying to help the fashion crimes, with their issues.
    The 360 mirror always points out peoples flaws even when they think their fashion is fine, and Stacy and Klinton get their share of arguing aswell as the contendor!
    Even when they have to put up a fight Stacy and Klinton can always change some ones point of veiw on up-to-date fashion!
    That is why I really enjoy this extrordinairy show!!!
  • Stacy and Clinton "ambush" unsuspecting fashion victims to offer them a $5,000 NYC shopping spree, if they can ransack their current wardrobe.

    This show is super fun to watch. They secretly film all the fashion mistakes their subject makes and then reveal the footage to them and their friends. They didn't used to do that, they used to just ambush and tell them what was going to happend and then show the footage to the individual in New York. The new way is much more fun. Stacy and Clinton make an excellent team. They're so sarcastic and fun, and they're fashion advice is right on the money. I get all my advice from their show and I've never gotten any complaints... I did not like the era with the Wayne guy. He had super long hair and didn't always look well put together like Clinton does. I wouldn't have taken fashion advice from him. Clilnton always looks clean and professional. Stacy and Clinton are an excellent team that know what they're talking about.
  • Changing the world one clothing at a time.

    What Not To Wear is a great show to watch on a lonesome evening when you have nothing to do.

    They jump on unsuspecting individuals nominated by their family members and friends, who have less than desirable clothing choice/fashion. Once accepting their terms "hand over their soul, mind and clothes" they get $5000 for their new closet full of clothes.

    Some people on the show prior to their makeover have some interesting choice in fashion. Sorry to ask, but where do they get their clothes? If they bought it, it must mean its being sold SOMEWHERE. Now that is a scary thought.

    Overall the host are informative and help these people with their self-esteem rather than those extreme makeovers. Something simple as to change what you wear and getting make up and hair done can do wonders rather than distorting people's negative views on themselves by changing their physical appearance permanently like The Swan and Extreme Makeover.
  • I love this show and I think Clinton and Stacey do a great job and the make up and hairdos are great, also

    I would love to see a few shows with some 50+ women who are stay at home grandmothers raising their grandchildren. I am a grandmother raising my grandaughter and I know she would love to see me made a little younger looking and wearing different cloths since everyone thinks I am her mom. I think these shows would be great especially since there is an epedimic of grandmas raising their grandchildren.
  • Stacy and Clinton improving people's lives one wardrobe at a time.

    What makes this show fascinating to me is the overall makeover of the "victims". They get a new and improved wardrobe, a new hair style, and a lesson in make up. It's interesting how you can change the way a person looks, for the better, by just giving them clothes that fit and match and new hair and make up. I find it entertaining watching people struggling in the stores and trying something completely out of their style. Some complain, while others look at it as a learning experience and a new start. In the end, they're more than happy with their new look.
  • What not to wear is the best. I learn so much just from watching the show. Hopefully I will be on the show one day.

    The best show on T.V. I learn so much about fashion and make-up. The show may be rude sometimes but it is for a reason. Most people do not get motivated unless there is some helpful critisism. I do so hope that I can be on the show one day.
  • the show on 2/24/06 9:00pm was one of the best. what an amazing and beautiful young woman, i applaud her for her dedication to her family and her country. i thank her for her service. she was lovely at the beginning, but a true beauty by the end. thanks

    love the show, i too would like to see an older woman be transformed in her style, makeup and hair. i appreciate that you don\'t always choose a really thin young woman. the transformations are terrific, and amazing, i have never seen a woman who didn\'t look so much better.
  • Stacy and Clinton are so good at what they do!

    This show is so great!! Stacy and Clinton are soooo good at what they do! I always look forward to the final reveal, and every time I am so shocked by how much better the people look. I think it's great that Stacy and Clinton make peole feel better about themselves. After doing the show I don't think anyone has said that they had wished that they hadn't done the show. People feel so much better about themselves, and that's why I love this show so much.
  • I think it's time to chose a 60+ woman - one who does not work (at least in an office) and who just wants to keep up with fashion trends that are suitable for her age.

    This is a great show and I like the hair and makeup tips. However, it's time to feature a "60 something" woman - who is retired - doesn't want to go around dressed in tight jeans and high heels but also doesn't want to look "frumpy"! We don't ALL work in offices!There are many women who simply want to look well-dressed when running errands. We do exist- I'm proof positive! It seems to me that too many of the "chosen ones" are young, with good figures, and many times, good incomes as well. How about the many women who work in warehouse positions, or as salesclerks - don't you think they want to present themselves favorably also? Hopefully, I'll get to see a makeover done on a woman my age before I'm so old that all I'll want to wear is a bathrobe and slippers!
  • Can\'t understand why Stacy London has a say in what anyone is wearing. I think she is completely RUDE. I wonder why somebody doesn\'t help her with her own style. I think she dislikes whatever anyones wearing just to disagree. It hurts watching this u

    I\'ve watched What to wear several times and I just can\'t understand why Sarah is one of the host of this show. I think she should take a long hard look at her own awful style. She comes off condescending, bitchy and so full of herself. She really is not that attractive and neither is her \"style\". Clinton is far more entertaining and I think your show would benefit to nix her!!!
  • This show has an easy premise: every week, family and friends nominate a friend to be send to New York City. During the week the nominee is there, they learn what not to wear from Stacy and Clinton.

    I love this show!! I especially like the end when you get to see the final results. I love Stacy and Clinton. I'm glad that Clinton took over for Wayne in the second season because I never really liked him. Contrary to some other reviews I've read, I think this show is getting better every season. I like the new look they took over last season, and I will definately keep watching. I think it would be cool for the American What Not To Wear to collaborate with the British What Not To Wear for a couple of episodes-it would be hilarious!! I love Trinny and Susannah from Britain-I've seen them on Oprah before, and they are very blunt and funny!
  • I used to LOVE it. Now I watch it if it is only when I'm flipping channels.

    It was a really fun concept, but I'm not sure we can continue to see the same thing over and over. This is not a request for theme episodes, however. I HATED the college reunion episodes. Those women were boring and their story was lame. I'm just not sure this is a concept with legs. Fun while it lasted!
  • Excellent show. Awesome hosts. Would love to see more shows, but with more pointers on wearing jeans.

    I think the show is fabulous! Both hosts are on the mark every time they dress someone, its amazing at how well they know their stuff. I don\'t mean it the way it truly sounds...what I mean is some people will just tell you - you look great in something - but in actualality its not for you. Those are people who are trying to make money for the wrong reasons! I have yet to see anyone on this show and say what were the hosts thinking...If there were more people like Stacey and Clinton we would all look good!!! Excellent and some!!!!
  • This show has gone downhill...the chick with the huge nose has gone way too far...

    I usually like to watch this show;I find the tips useful. The episode that is currently on featuring Courtney the short girl just blew my mind. I can't believe that the female host "patted" Courtney on the head. This chick has too much ego and needs to be kicked down a few notches. She is not helpful to the human population: she is actually hurting people. If the show is aiming for liberation they are dead wrong, way off, and made a huge and disasterous detour. The executives need to give the female host a good slap across her face, or better yet replace her with a more sophisticated woman who doesn't sink to such low levels as to "pat" a grown woman on the head. I am appaled and disgusted. She should take her own advise and be kinder and a little softer on the eyes. I am waiting for her conceit to cave in and get a nose job, then maybe I can be invited to the show to "pat" her huge honker! Sincerley, " I pity her"
  • This show is like watching a 3 ring circus!

    I know that I'll probably take a lot of flak for my opinion, but here it is anyway. I love watching this show, but not for the reasons most people do. I watch it for the sole purpose of making fun of Stacy and Clinton!
    Please, who in their right minds would take fashion advice from these people? Have you seen the way that Clinton dresses? He is way too fond of pink pasley prints, and in the opening credits, he wears a purple velvet jacket! I'm not a guy, but I've yet to see one wearing the stuff he wears. I know that if I had a date, and the guy showed up in a purple velvet jeacket, I'd slam the door in his face. And Stacy needs to let Nick and Carmindy have a crack at her! Get rid of that "Witch's Streak" and get some better makeup. You are too pasty white to be wearing that red lipstick!
  • A hilarious show about fashion.

    This show has the perfect combination of humor and fashion and the best hosts!!! Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are fashion experts who are desperately trying to educate every oversized sweatshirt wearer, mini skirt user or any baggy pant person on what they should be wearing. Let me tell you, there has not been one episode where I have disagreed with any of them. Using humor to get their points across is another thing that makes the show so unique and so enjoyable to watch!!! If you enjoy laughing, learning, and watching good TV, this show is bound to be a favorite!!!
  • SHUT UP! This show has been my friday night source for great fashion television.

    This show is fantabolous. Love the fashion tips, and shopping spree, but of course the breaking down of the "victim's" wardrobe. 360 mirror is hilarious and a real eye opener for all those fashion violaters out there. Excellent humor, information, and overall friendly television show for any viewer. You can learn something and enjoy viewing the wonderful clothing shopping guidelines, and overall finished makeover. LOVE IT!
  • People get a fashion make-over.

    I love this show! It is definely one of my favorite shows. Stacy and Clinton try to "make over America". I think Clinton is so funny. Stacy is meaner, but it's still a great show. I especially like the really stuborn nominees. It's fun to see them fight of something very stupid.
  • An awesome show about clothes.

    This show is awesome because they use all different people who have problems. They don't just pick certain people because they are like this or that. The peoples' wardrobe on the show changes so dramatically its amazing. The best part of the show I find is when its the second day and they are watching them with their little TV and actually allowed to help them if they are totally messing up and not changing their ways.
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