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  • help needed for my mum

    It help a lot of people
  • How can I nominate someone from South America?

    Hola , quiero nominar al programa a mi tia, ya que se viste muy feo y quiero que ustedes la ayuden ... porfavor cuanto costara la nominacion para la transformacin completa? y como la puedo nominar? gracias ...
  • I love the show

    This show is great I love much how good their doing in every girl's life.
  • Embracing Gray?

    I have been watching your show for years. And yes I have learned lots of new fashion tips. Now that I am in my 50s and embracing my new CHANGE in life. I am in a season of my life of loving myself exactly who and what I am. Your show speaks about confidence and love thy self exactly who you are, why not show women with GRAY hair and makeup to show and reflect confidence and beautiful.

    I was dying my hair for years, but I believe there women out there that want and should love their grays!

    Grays are a part of life, like menapause, and retirement. It shows a new life, new beginnings, acceptance.

    I am often asked by women my age that I have GUST, because I am showing my gray and not dying. Why is that? Why do women my age need to confirm to society, when we should be embarking in a new life. At this time I just made 30 years in the federal government and proud serving my country. I am proud to mentor women, I am a member of Toastmaster International clubs, and I often mentor women, on how to embrace there positions, there lifes, as women, as mothers and based on my experience even pray with them when there is a death.

    I say this to say a women with Gray shows wisdom, charactor and much more, why covered it with dye and lots of war paint.

    I would very much like to show several shows, a series, women of different ages, loving themselves and well as showing the world that gray is not old, it is just another season and gray should be accepted like our inner light, should be shown to all and not hidden under a rock.

    Signed 50 and famoulous!
  • THANK YOU!!!

    I love love love this show.

    Although you can never "help me" as i live in Canada :(

    I just want to say what the two of you do...Stacy and Clinton, is so awesome,

    how you can change peoples lives doing what you love to do is such an inspiration.

    Please, keep up the good job of putting smiles on your transformation faces :)

    Have a great day !!
  • I LOVE SARAH! From Stripper to Powerful Woman!

    What a SHOW! Showing Sarah the difference between Classy & Cheap was AWESOME! She's a GREAT young woman and deserves to find her POWER. Stacy and Clinton are absolutely the SaintsI of Fashion. I get so disappointed when I see the clothing styles for our young girls as well as our boys. STRIPPER & CONVICT FASHION!!! It would be sooooooo HEALING to do a SERIES on 'Dressing for HIGHSCHOOL' to show our girls they have other options then looking like Pole Dancers. I know it may be a bit young for your show but expanding an audience is always good and they (WE) so need you. I have my own issues in this area so I learn from your show ... But, right now my heart is with our young girls and how they are being taught to focus only on their sexuality through TV & FILM. Please Help our Smart, Powerful & Beautiful young girls learn how to Dress with Respect for themselves starting from HIGHSCHOOL ON!

    Continue being on the forefront of fashion and style for the everyday person and be the START of CREATING a MOVEMENT of Classy/Fun Fashion for our young girls/women just like you did for SARAH! <3

    I have 3 lovely nieces ages 15, 16 and 20. All have very different body types from the other as well as different eye, hair and skin tones. (German, Italian, Hispanic mix. : )) All very distinct personalities. from Fashionista 15 yr. old, to Bookworm, 16 yr. old with a quirky, conservative style (she is studying to be a doctor) and the eldest, petite and GORGEOUS 20 yrs old studying Sound Engineering at 'The Art Institute' and graduating in June. They have a beautiful mom, my sister, as well. I work with Teens and know how challenging this time in their lives can be and the incredible stress they are under at times. The arts are very very important for our children and when they were removed from most of our public schools it was/is a terrible thing. The quality of my life was saved through a theater coach who somehow saw my talents and put me in a show. This changed my life forever. So to give back I created a program for Teens called: "Expressing Me. Empowering Youth, Empowering Dreams!" which creates a safe space for our youth to learn how to express their unique gifts and creativity. They learn how to listen to one and other, how to ask for the support that they need, that they are loved and that the gifts they were born with are worth being expressed. They are SEEN, ACKNOWLEDGED and SUPPORTED. by creating a Creative, Safe and Loving space for them to express their Unique gifts to the world. I work with many homeless and low income families so that all children have a chance to know their God given Beauty and Wisdom. : ) Just thought I'd put that out there so you know that my heart is completely in what i am writing to you about. I love you both. Laura De Leon
  • What Not To Wear is consistently improving, becoming more relative to all viewers, and bringing a true awareness of the value of style in all of our lives.

    What Not To Wear is among my top favorite television shows to watch. Surrounded by fashion five days a week while working as a designer stylist in a JC Penney Salon I live and breath fashion! Coming home and turning on your show brings it all together in a fantastic way. Your show completes the need all people have for perfecting their personal style in our contemporary lives. I am amazed at how much your show continues to improve and moves closer to the heart and needs of all viewers. Stacy and Clinton become personable and their true caring and concern come through with a healthy dose of familial directness mixed with humor that puts most guests at ease. Who can't help but have a positive response to such sincere concern and consistent advice on improving their style. One blogger did request some help for us 55 years and older who have challenges that come along with aging. We don't want to be placed into a 'mature' look without some options to keep the fun and individuality in our style. I look forward to each new episode as they continue to hone in on the real needs of viewers while entertaining us and endearing us to the show, its hosts, and its guest. As I have salon clients in my chair I often remember tips I have learned from your show that I can pass along. Whether these tips are from Nick Arrojo with a hairstyle, or from Carmendy in the makeup realm, I enjoy the increased knowledge I have from your show's examples and the goodwill that comes from helping others look good too. Of course, when I am browsing the store and meeting prospective salon clients, I am often asked for clothing advice. Your show helps me greatly in this and I share your advice often referring to your show as I do so. Of course, I would love to be a guest on your show to better improve myself and my style to reflect even more, but nonetheless, who wouldn't?
    Thank you for producing such a fine example of television entertainment and education. Its a life saver and a life changer!
  • This is a touching tale of a little boho baby getting styled out by NYC designers and coming to grips with her own beauty and identity...not the causes she stands for, but the individual she presents to world.

    I love this show, and this episode is def. one of my all-time favorites. Jenny is a tough nut to crack, but when she comes out the other side all dolled up and re-made you can see her shining heart and personality come on through.

    Certainly a MAKEOVER! With lots of funny twists and turns. This gal has potential but her stubbornness will make you cringe at first. The wardrobe that gets hefted into the garbage can is a collection for the ages, and I do mean AGES (say from Grandma to Little Miss). Absolutely one for the hall of fame...don't miss it!
  • It's true, I love this show

    Alright, so maybe the fact that I love Clinton Kelly and Stacey London makes me a bit miased to start off with, but I do love this show. The worst fashion offenders (sometimes with attitudes that deserved to be trashed, too) are turned into chique fashionistas (or so it appears.) Clinton and Stacey, off the tip of a friend will show up in the town of the fashion offender and surronded by family and freinds tehy are offered the chance at rebuilding their wardrobe with help from Stacey and Clinton and the show gives them $5000 to do so. After receiving advice from Clinton and Stacey, the participant is off in NYC to do some shopping with Clinton and Stacey watching from the studio. On the second day, Clinton and Stacey shop with the participant and they help them spend the rest of their money. Nick is the hair stylist and at this point he takes over. When Nick is done it is Carmindy's turn to do make-up. At this point the participant will show of their new look to Stacey and Clinton. After this, the participant is headed back to their hometown to show off their new style.
  • This show is awesome.

    It tells you what to wear,how to wear and when to wear it.At first I thought it was a show that told you what not to wear to school,etc. when I saw the title.lol but it turned out to be just one person taken per episode and turned inside out to get a whole different look.This show is great and Stacey and Clinton are hilarously fun and quick-witted to boot.A fashion-savvy super team. 10 points!
  • Great advice Stacy and Clinton!! Warning---cheesey-ness below...

    This show rocks!! Stacy and Clinton rock, too! they are so funny and smart when it comes to fashion!

    This show...really changes people's lives. I cant believe they (The people that go on the show) actually dress that way and that they actually learn WhAt NoT tO wEaR

    This show...has...a good...hair dresser and make-up artist. When Nick's hair is long I dont see how the people trust him with that ugly peice of crap for hair. But Carmendy always looks good. Another thing about Nick, why does he think short looks so good? Long hair looks good too.

    Stacy and Clinton should get married (xD)

    thats all I have to say!
  • The program is wonderfull,I want they to know my opinion and I'd be charmed with taking part,but that is impossible for the distance and the language.I'm a steticienne who always goes in tracksuit & think that i need some help & (for me)you're the best.

    I am a steticienne and I'm 25 and always go in tracksuit or jeans. My teacher try to make me see that I must dress more elegantly, but i don't know what clothes i must bought... my boyfriend chooses the clothes because for me, I still have everything badly. A dress was buying for myself and i think i do with Stacy and Clinton's rules and I believe that i'll do it right, but I feel so strange... In my family only my brother fixes up. It gives me anger because ... I bandage image, beauty, and do not reflect anything of it. They all in my family say that my look is good, but for my profession it is an inconveniete. I believe that if I was dressing better it would be more convincing in my work. Besides I want to put my own business and this way they are not going to take me seriously. I always say to my boyfriend what i would like to be in the place of the participants... He is satiate because I force him to see the program, i'm bad... :oD I know that is impossible because I am from Spain and the language and distance are serious problems, but at least I like to think that you are going to read my opinion. Thank you, You're great.
  • Stacy and Clinton---rock!

    I love What not to Wear. Stacy and Clinton know what they're talking about and are funny about it. The only con I have about it is Nick's hair (when its long and curly) why would I trust someone with ugly hair to do my hair? Hmmm

    ---to be honest--- I like it when they dress "nasty-ish" more then when they dress "frumpy-ish"...they seem to not understand and dont wanna follow it. My friend tries to do what Carmen-D (sp?) says. She tried to get me to do it too. But I aint buying it. :\

    Well---thats all I gotta say about that!
  • I just love this show, I am so sure it helps all

    this is my fix at noon everyday, I can only hope and dream I will be on this show one day, Stacy and Clinton are tops in my book they know what they are talking about...by the way Stacy that is my daughters name although hers is spelled with ie...Stacie (see i am pretty, named my daughter pretty)
  • Great work, help us in a world famous setting! We need you!

    Truth of the matter is we all can dress someone else better than we can ourselves, like we can always raise the neighbors' kids better! However, this show has remarkable ability to help the growth of the personality of the contestants as well as change their style. I work for Duke Clinical Research Institute with the world famous faculty. My staff of 38 assistants are wonderful women who support them. I am facing a critical juncture where I need to help them develop and implement a dress code which is foreign to our work culture, especially on other floors. Since we see heavyweight visitors regularly, I need to get these people out of overalls or clubbing clothes. I have tried to set a good example of good but not overly expensive clothes, but my age differentiates me from the younger women who think anything goes. I see some trying to change and we have discussions, but I wish we could have a seminar or a make-over for all the staff. Thanks for continuing to give me guidance in how to begin to phrase suggestions while continuing to grow this marvelous and talented group of women. Go Team 2007!!
  • Hi Stacey and Clinton, I'm writing because I really love your show but I am a plus size woman without the greatest shape. I do see that you do have some plus size women, but you need the real deal, like myself.

    I really love the show. I'd like to see more on plus size women without the flat bellies. I go crazy at times wondering about styles for my body. Everything in the plus size stores all the plus size women cannot wear. I only wear jeans and even then they make look bigger than ever. Please look into this matter. I am the first person to greet people at my job and all i wear is jeans. Can you imagine. I used to be small so it didn't bother me about how clothes looked, but now.......HELP
  • Lauren Conrad should have seen THIS coming...

    If you\'re someone like Lauren Conrad from \"The Hills\" and want to get a degree in fashion, then this is the show for you.

    I\'m starting to wonder if the show appeals to more women than men. I just finished seeing part of an episode where an adorable singer and songwriter was getting a big makeover. No offense, but that songwriter was as adorable as say, Avril Lavigne for example.

    This show is like \"The Hills\", but without the drama. It also has some elements from \"Made\" mixed into it, which is somewhat very good.

    Thumbs-up \"What Not to Wear\":
    Excellent premise
    $5,000(?) shopping spree for makeovers
    Great fun

    Thumbs-down \"What Not to Wear\":
    No Lauren Conrad
    Nothing else bad, really.

    MY SCORE: 10 (yet again, the Jun Kazama-less review streak continues! :)

    Verdict: If you can\\\\\\\'t stand goth (as some women are seen wearing before the makeover), this show is not for you. If you want to see some sexy fashions (what is wrong with me?), then look no further.
  • Stacy and Clinton, Nick and Carmindy are good at what they do. In an hour, we watch a clueless client transform into a King or Queen before our very eyes.

    I love this show!
    Stacy and Clinton keep me laughing while poking fun at the fashion faux pas of each episode's make-over client.
    Each new feature is required to give up every article of her old wardrobe in exchange for a $5,000 shopping spree. First, they learn what they have been doing wrong as they stand in the 360 degree mirror. Then, they are given rules and examples of what to look for when they hit the stores.
    After two days of shopping in high-end clothing stores, one alone and the second with Stacy and Clinton, we come to my favorite part of my favorite show...
    Mr. Nick Arrojo!
    What a fantastic hairdresser! This man works absolute magic.
    And finally, Carmindy does the finishing touches with a fabulous make-up lesson and application.
    By the time the client is ready to reveal the whole ensemble to friends and family, he or she has come a long way.
  • What not to wear is the best. I learn so much just from watching the show. Hopefully I will be on the show one day.

    The best show on T.V. I learn so much about fashion and make-up. The show may be rude sometimes but it is for a reason. Most people do not get motivated unless there is some helpful critisism. I do so hope that I can be on the show one day.
  • the show on 2/24/06 9:00pm was one of the best. what an amazing and beautiful young woman, i applaud her for her dedication to her family and her country. i thank her for her service. she was lovely at the beginning, but a true beauty by the end. thanks

    love the show, i too would like to see an older woman be transformed in her style, makeup and hair. i appreciate that you don\'t always choose a really thin young woman. the transformations are terrific, and amazing, i have never seen a woman who didn\'t look so much better.
  • Excellent show. Awesome hosts. Would love to see more shows, but with more pointers on wearing jeans.

    I think the show is fabulous! Both hosts are on the mark every time they dress someone, its amazing at how well they know their stuff. I don\'t mean it the way it truly sounds...what I mean is some people will just tell you - you look great in something - but in actualality its not for you. Those are people who are trying to make money for the wrong reasons! I have yet to see anyone on this show and say what were the hosts thinking...If there were more people like Stacey and Clinton we would all look good!!! Excellent and some!!!!
  • A hilarious show about fashion.

    This show has the perfect combination of humor and fashion and the best hosts!!! Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are fashion experts who are desperately trying to educate every oversized sweatshirt wearer, mini skirt user or any baggy pant person on what they should be wearing. Let me tell you, there has not been one episode where I have disagreed with any of them. Using humor to get their points across is another thing that makes the show so unique and so enjoyable to watch!!! If you enjoy laughing, learning, and watching good TV, this show is bound to be a favorite!!!
  • SHUT UP! This show has been my friday night source for great fashion television.

    This show is fantabolous. Love the fashion tips, and shopping spree, but of course the breaking down of the "victim's" wardrobe. 360 mirror is hilarious and a real eye opener for all those fashion violaters out there. Excellent humor, information, and overall friendly television show for any viewer. You can learn something and enjoy viewing the wonderful clothing shopping guidelines, and overall finished makeover. LOVE IT!
  • People get a fashion make-over.

    I love this show! It is definely one of my favorite shows. Stacy and Clinton try to "make over America". I think Clinton is so funny. Stacy is meaner, but it's still a great show. I especially like the really stuborn nominees. It's fun to see them fight of something very stupid.
  • Rave About What Not to Wear

    I absolutely LOVE What Not To Wear! If it wasn't for this show, the weekends when I have no plans would be completely unbearable. Stacy & Clinton are so funny and witty, and I can't get enough of them! I think that everyone should watch this show and take in all of the fashion knowledge this show has to offer. There are so many people out there that have no clue how to dress for their body and I think that this show could change all of that. I know by watching this show I have determined that this show has rubbed off on me enough that when I buy clothes I truly examine how the clothes look on me. I love this show and it is totally one of my faves!
  • Stacey and Clinton help wardrobe messes turn into stylish fashion plates.

    I have loved this show since I first saw it on BBC. The American version is 30 min longer, and also has a hairdresser and makeup artist. Stacey and Clinton take unsuspecting people that havce been submitted to the show by "friends" or family because they dress so badly. One of hte main reasons I love this show is because they really seem to care about the people they are dressing. Most come out of the experience feeling 100% better about themselves. They also provide great advice for shopping. I often hear their voices in my head when I'm in the dressing room! (scary but true). This show has really lasted in it's current format as well; it's not gotten stale for me and I'm still excited to turn it on Fridays to get my fix!!
  • Stacy and Clinton "ambush" unsuspecting fashion victims to offer them a $5,000 NYC shopping spree, if they can ransack their current wardrobe.

    This show is super fun to watch. They secretly film all the fashion mistakes their subject makes and then reveal the footage to them and their friends. They didn't used to do that, they used to just ambush and tell them what was going to happend and then show the footage to the individual in New York. The new way is much more fun. Stacy and Clinton make an excellent team. They're so sarcastic and fun, and they're fashion advice is right on the money. I get all my advice from their show and I've never gotten any complaints... I did not like the era with the Wayne guy. He had super long hair and didn't always look well put together like Clinton does. I wouldn't have taken fashion advice from him. Clilnton always looks clean and professional. Stacy and Clinton are an excellent team that know what they're talking about.
  • hi my name is ktrina wilson i saw your show and my wish is that you can do that to me, i hate the way i look and i feel like a retared person please if you can help me let me know.

    i like you show please help me im stuck in the 70s look i think, im over weight and i just dont know if this is right to were ? i live in wichita ks. 5047 jade 67216 i ware blue jeans and a tea shirt and i dont care if is the right color, please help me sing your biggest fan, katrina wilson, i class fi the show as a 200 rating
  • Stacy and Clinton are so good at what they do!

    This show is so great!! Stacy and Clinton are soooo good at what they do! I always look forward to the final reveal, and every time I am so shocked by how much better the people look. I think it's great that Stacy and Clinton make peole feel better about themselves. After doing the show I don't think anyone has said that they had wished that they hadn't done the show. People feel so much better about themselves, and that's why I love this show so much.
  • I miiss this show!!

    You can imagine how this show change my life!! I really miss the time when we could enjoy new episodes. Love you Stacey and Clinton
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