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Tuesday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Jan 18, 2003 In Season


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  • How ridiculous is this show?

    How ridiculous is this show? Basically people are ashamed of the way their friend or family member dresses so, they send tapes to Stacey London and Clinton Kelly asking them to improve their friend or family member's style. How would you like to be told that your fashion sucks? Maybe your friend or family member does dress terrible but, you shouldn't be telling them what they can or can't wear. Let them dress in their own damn style! Stacey has no room to talk on "fashion" or "style" because she's getting grey streaks in the front of her hair. In what world is that considered attractive?
  • bad host, fake response and expression, just know how to pick on people, some of them are really not that bad. Especially Stacy , bad make up , and response,'/ expression, horrible

    Awefulawefulaweful!! i don't think the host, especially stacy knows how to dress at all, in fact , her make up is aweful, he eyeshadow, also, her grey hair or if she consider that "hightlight" , and her expression, ..well, certain , some of the people really don'
    t dress that bad, do they understand street fashion? \maybe look at, style-arena.com or www.hel-look.com , they will think all of the people have bad taste? they are horrible. "Queen Eye fot the Straight" is a lot better, "" what not to wear" seem to want to do whtever the 5 guys do, but really not succeful at all, look at stacy, she can be a pretty woman, but she put her makeup like that, and how she acts.., huh...look at the pic she with the dog and the pick dress..how style she think she has,.. every expisode , whtever she wear, rally is not good at all. aweful aweful aweful so. of cos, on the other hand, i think clinton is decent, he dress well, i think sometime he say something bad , just becos' the show require it to entertain people. and i understand that. but most importantly , i think, they shouldn't just say random stuff , they are like disagree with everything just becos' there is nothing to pick with., also , althought there are rules in fashion. sometimes, rules ar enot ALways right. sometimes, it's about asethy.. look at "American next top model", etc, the judeges say real stuff, but not pick on the model . i never raelly go to critize any show, bu t this is about fashion, and the show or host was rally horribkle, so...

    if i have to criticise a little more, ..i don['t know if thye dont hvae money or what, the dressing room ,setting or lighting, seem chessy to me too.
  • Tired of long-legged beauties in the rough

    Anyone can make a long legged, woman with even features look great. What Not To Wear rocks when it makes less traditionally gorgeous women feel and act beautifully. The mom of 9 (who apparently has not heard of the 9 billion people already scrambling for room) was a total bore and a total waste.
  • insualting

    you're saying that we can't be one of a kind. you can't be an individual. you have to wear what you want to wear not what you are told to wear.
  • How can anyone watch this boring show?

    My grandmother just loves this show. I HATE this show with a pastion. It is so judgemental. I feel people can and should wear what they feel the most comfable in. But still should look nice. This show cares to much about the outside of people and we need to care about the inside of people. We as america think it is what we wear and not how we act and treat people. Also the two people that "host" the show need to shut up. They bug the crap out of me. And they to me don't dress all that great and have a bad fastion since. This is just my opinon.
  • This is the worst show on television, even worse than dog the bounty hunter, which is an amazing feat , to be sure.

    I have to say that I never jumped on the "reality " show bandwagon--I have my own life that keeps me busy so I don't have to live through anyones else's but apparently a large percentage of Americans have become voyeurs. I am under the weather today so I was looking for something to watch while recuperating and turned to TLC which often has good programming--YIKES!!!!!!!! I found myself watching in horror as this woman Stacy ( with a nose as big a Texas ) tear this girl's self esteem to shreds-- how is this entertaining????? What's next--gladiators and thumbs down we decide that they die???????? And WHO appointed this really annoying stacy the fashion police--I thought her outfit was tacky and gaudy. I can't imagine why anyone would subject themselves to that kind of abuse. I do not reccomend this show to any one with an IQ of more than 10--and Stacy--get your nose fixed.

    completely disgusted--LIsa
  • Maybe not "exciting" per se...

    What Not to Wear is a nice diversion when I have nothing else to do, but it really doesn't interest me as much as it did. It helps when I go shopping to know some of the stuff they tell you on the show, but I guess it got old. I'll watch it sometimes, and I usually end up being amused by it, but it's not my favorite. Of course, it is much better than some of the shows out there. It wouldn't be fun to be nominated for that show, so it's a good motivation to stay dressed properly. :) Overall, it's not a bad show, just not my favorite.
  • This show has gone downhill...the chick with the huge nose has gone way too far...

    I usually like to watch this show;I find the tips useful. The episode that is currently on featuring Courtney the short girl just blew my mind. I can't believe that the female host "patted" Courtney on the head. This chick has too much ego and needs to be kicked down a few notches. She is not helpful to the human population: she is actually hurting people. If the show is aiming for liberation they are dead wrong, way off, and made a huge and disasterous detour. The executives need to give the female host a good slap across her face, or better yet replace her with a more sophisticated woman who doesn't sink to such low levels as to "pat" a grown woman on the head. I am appaled and disgusted. She should take her own advise and be kinder and a little softer on the eyes. I am waiting for her conceit to cave in and get a nose job, then maybe I can be invited to the show to "pat" her huge honker! Sincerley, " I pity her"
  • Dress like everyone else!

    I mean, they put hints of there style. And some of them I liked before. They made them stand out a bit but usually later they go right back. Understandably. Don't sign people up for what not to wear. Its selfish, and embarrassing for the person who wants to be a individual. So if you don't like what someone wear, and you just can't overlook it, then you probs shouldn't be hangin out with them.
  • I hope this show gets cancelled.

    It hurts me so bad to see Stacey make fun of so many women. What has this world come to. That we let her in our home for entertainment. If the show stays on the air, please clean up your mouth and show respect to your guest. Start by not telling the women to shut up!
  • Insulting

    You show is fine but you should stop insulting people. This is to me not proper or professional. People have feels and you act like your gods. There is nothing wrong by the way some people dress or wear there hair. |I mean you should cut your hair yourself instead of giving people opions that they should cut they long hair.
  • Boring

    the show is ok but one episode a day is enough! Not 5 of them, way too much!
  • Can\'t understand why Stacy London has a say in what anyone is wearing. I think she is completely RUDE. I wonder why somebody doesn\'t help her with her own style. I think she dislikes whatever anyones wearing just to disagree. It hurts watching this u

    I\'ve watched What to wear several times and I just can\'t understand why Sarah is one of the host of this show. I think she should take a long hard look at her own awful style. She comes off condescending, bitchy and so full of herself. She really is not that attractive and neither is her \"style\". Clinton is far more entertaining and I think your show would benefit to nix her!!!
  • Handicapped

    Awhile back I suggested having a handicapped person, now I see that they are having someone in a wheel chair which is great but I would like to see someone with my handicap. I have had a spinal fusion due an auto accident, two of the rods in my back are now broken, with the osteoporosis I no longer can not stand up straight. I am petite and use to be 5'2" but am now 4'10", also not being able to be independant and very active, as before I have gained weight. and am fat. At 5'2" I never weighed over 108 now at 4'10" I am 127! Any Suggestions for my wardrobe?? I need help.
  • A little thing I noticed

    I really like this show but the only thing I've noticed that I don't like is that the hairstylist cuts the same bangs on every girl, if I was on this show I would not be happy with short bangs.
  • simona

    Her hair looked like Bozo Ted really messed up
  • I used to LOVE it. Now I watch it if it is only when I'm flipping channels.

    It was a really fun concept, but I'm not sure we can continue to see the same thing over and over. This is not a request for theme episodes, however. I HATED the college reunion episodes. Those women were boring and their story was lame. I'm just not sure this is a concept with legs. Fun while it lasted!
  • 2 fashion experts give an unsuspecting person a complete makeover.

    I have mixed feelings about TLC's What Not To Wear. I love watching the people go shopping and get a makeover but I think that it is kind of mean to just go around and say,:Hey, you, you are badly dressed, lets take you shopping and give you a makeover!" I think that it is a pretty good show.
  • Thrown out clothes.

    Please tell me you don't really throw all those clothes in the garbage! I hope they at least go to shelters and charities. Too many homeless and needy people who don't need fashionable items, just warm, clean and dry.
  • what not to wear

    An otherwise classy show is ruined by Stacy's language: "Who the hell are you?", "Holy Crap", "Shut the front door", etc.

    While you are trying to dress up these ladies, how about dressing up your comments?

  • I like this show, and yes, I am surprised at myself!

    According to my usual viewing tastes, this should be the furthest thing from my menu...but instead, its a semi-regular.
    Its a light-hearted attack on bad taste, and oh, there is some seriously bad taste out there! However, to me it never beats the viewer or the "contestant" over the head with that fact. Its almost, dare I say?...instructional??!!
    Having Stacey and Clinton around "Shopping" with you in this romp, is almost like having your most honest best friends shopping with you, and that's always the best way to spend the day.
    So, is it time to stop for a coffee yet? Make mine a cappuccino!
  • Very good show!

    What was the idiot watching when she/he made the comment about this show being awful? I've only begun watching this show this season, and all I can say is how helpful and passionate Clinton and Stacy are towards their fashion victims. Often times, they do make cracks, but it's always about the person's fashion sense, and NEVER about the person. There are many clueless people out there, myself included, when it comes to wearing clothes that truly flatter one's figure. Yes, it's arguable that there's maybe too much "cookie-cutter" and "conformist" views of fashion, but it doesn't take away from this show still being very educational (and entertaining).

    I love their sarcastic and very dry sense of humor. There's a huge difference between being sarcastic for entertainment purposes and being downright mean and cruel, which they're not. The original UK version of this show is actually even more brutal, as the Brits/Europeans are famous for being no holds barred. And that show is still showing and has been wildly successful! As for this US version, I haven't seen a show yet where the participant walked away not feeling better about herself. Besides, you get flown to NYC, given $5,000 for new clothes, AND are given a hair and facial makeover. If you were to get a haircut from Nick Arrojo, you'd be paying through the roof! What's not to like?
  • Interesting show...but do I look forward to watching episodes?...nah, just the occasional one.

    I love this show because of the whole "Transformation" process that people go through. Clinton and Stacey sort of bother me because they are quite over the top when it comes to their acting...or maybe that's just how they are. But they do have some great style ideas, so I can't fault them for that. I haven't seen any recent episodes which is why I say it doesn't really bother me if I miss one. But it also makes it nice because you don't have to see them all to understand the show...it's the same thing over and over again. But do I like the "What Not to Wear marathons"? No way, I can only watch one show every now and then.
  • It's okay....not crappy, like I thought it was going to be, but it's not the worst, either.

    At first, I thought that this would be a terrible show. I wouldn't want someone telling me what to wear and making fun of me because I don't wear what everyone else thinks is cool. But this show isn't just that. First impressions are made by your appearance, and if you look like a total wackadoodle, no one would really want to hire you (and things like that). Out of the episodes I've seen so far, Stacy and Clinton help people create a better look to give a better impression. It may seem stupid, but it actually does help people. When I first saw this show, I thought that Stacy and Clinton were mean, but they don't comment on anything besides a person's wardrobe. They're not mean, but they tell a person what they should be hearing instead of holding back like a lot of people do. That can sometimes come off as mean.

    Some of the people actually do need help, though. One of the people, Annie, was wearing FLIP FLOPS to work. That gives a bad impression. Another person, Katherine, had a wardrobe which I thought was cool, but she needed to be hired. I don't think many people want to hire someone who looks punkish. On the other hand, some don't really need the help. Those people are just taught how to shop for stuff that makes them look prettier. Overall, I think this show is okay, but not the best. It's good to watch when I'm bored, but I'm not in love with it.
  • Stacey and Clinton do a joob job. But once they get to hair it's over. Every cut he does is the same a bob.They need a hairdresser that can do more than one cut. Everyone looks the same but they all'LOVE IT'Come on now! Not everyone looks good in a bob.

    It's interesting watching Stacy and Clinton put together outfits. I can't say that I've ever went to the store in some of the outfits they pick out. Maybe in NY folks go to the grocery in heels and a dress but I don't think that's the norm. Maybe if I stopped on the way home from work but not as a rule. I know they have had a couple of larger ladies and since most of the country is size 14 and up maybe they should consider more shows with ladies of that size and above. Our company has a relaxed dress code,but the new hires tend to take it to the limit. Sloppy jeans, tshirts and clothing I don't consider work appropriate. Maybe you could go to a business and give all the employees pointers. Just to bad everyone ends up with the same haircut. Other shows have hair dressers that can actually work with different types of hair and lengths of hair. Not everyone looks good in a short bob. 99% of Nick's styles are above the shoulder bobs.
  • An awesome show about clothes.

    This show is awesome because they use all different people who have problems. They don't just pick certain people because they are like this or that. The peoples' wardrobe on the show changes so dramatically its amazing. The best part of the show I find is when its the second day and they are watching them with their little TV and actually allowed to help them if they are totally messing up and not changing their ways.
  • It is about to people change people style to a better one

    So i think they got it down pack i hope the show never get cancelled it is pretty amusing.Hey Clinton is cute.I am wondering who came up with that idea it was brilliant.I think you should be having more specials for certain kind of groups those happen to be thebest episode. When they went to paris and push up the budget that was pretty smart.
  • Where's the tailor?

    Love the show and the transformations but there are 2 issues that I haven't seen addressed.

    1 How to shop for high end clothes if you don't have $5,000

    2 How to buy clothes so they can be tailored to fit properly
  • quistion

    I really like the show but im trying to figure out how i can get a friend on this show. any ideas?
  • Good show, needs some updates.

    I like this show, but I think its getting old. I havent watched in a while cause im starting to feel like if ive seen one show ive seen them all. I really think the sometimes the guest should get a haircut first cause sometimes their hair is really bad and i know they have problems picking out clothes cause they just feel too ugly. A haircut would give them a quick pick me up so they may enjoy shopping and feel a little better about themselves. Still leave makeup till the end. The studio can also be redone to look new, not necessarily fab, cause i know they keep it simple not to overshadow the person.Overall great show, but i wont watch until there is something new.
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