What Not To Wear

Tuesday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Jan 18, 2003 In Season


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  • I LOVE SARAH! From Stripper to Powerful Woman!

    What a SHOW! Showing Sarah the difference between Classy & Cheap was AWESOME! She's a GREAT young woman and deserves to find her POWER. Stacy and Clinton are absolutely the SaintsI of Fashion. I get so disappointed when I see the clothing styles for our young girls as well as our boys. STRIPPER & CONVICT FASHION!!! It would be sooooooo HEALING to do a SERIES on 'Dressing for HIGHSCHOOL' to show our girls they have other options then looking like Pole Dancers. I know it may be a bit young for your show but expanding an audience is always good and they (WE) so need you. I have my own issues in this area so I learn from your show ... But, right now my heart is with our young girls and how they are being taught to focus only on their sexuality through TV & FILM. Please Help our Smart, Powerful & Beautiful young girls learn how to Dress with Respect for themselves starting from HIGHSCHOOL ON!

    Continue being on the forefront of fashion and style for the everyday person and be the START of CREATING a MOVEMENT of Classy/Fun Fashion for our young girls/women just like you did for SARAH! <3

    I have 3 lovely nieces ages 15, 16 and 20. All have very different body types from the other as well as different eye, hair and skin tones. (German, Italian, Hispanic mix. : )) All very distinct personalities. from Fashionista 15 yr. old, to Bookworm, 16 yr. old with a quirky, conservative style (she is studying to be a doctor) and the eldest, petite and GORGEOUS 20 yrs old studying Sound Engineering at 'The Art Institute' and graduating in June. They have a beautiful mom, my sister, as well. I work with Teens and know how challenging this time in their lives can be and the incredible stress they are under at times. The arts are very very important for our children and when they were removed from most of our public schools it was/is a terrible thing. The quality of my life was saved through a theater coach who somehow saw my talents and put me in a show. This changed my life forever. So to give back I created a program for Teens called: "Expressing Me. Empowering Youth, Empowering Dreams!" which creates a safe space for our youth to learn how to express their unique gifts and creativity. They learn how to listen to one and other, how to ask for the support that they need, that they are loved and that the gifts they were born with are worth being expressed. They are SEEN, ACKNOWLEDGED and SUPPORTED. by creating a Creative, Safe and Loving space for them to express their Unique gifts to the world. I work with many homeless and low income families so that all children have a chance to know their God given Beauty and Wisdom. : ) Just thought I'd put that out there so you know that my heart is completely in what i am writing to you about. I love you both. Laura De Leon
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