What Not To Wear

Tuesday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Jan 18, 2003 In Season


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  • Embracing Gray?

    I have been watching your show for years. And yes I have learned lots of new fashion tips. Now that I am in my 50s and embracing my new CHANGE in life. I am in a season of my life of loving myself exactly who and what I am. Your show speaks about confidence and love thy self exactly who you are, why not show women with GRAY hair and makeup to show and reflect confidence and beautiful.

    I was dying my hair for years, but I believe there women out there that want and should love their grays!

    Grays are a part of life, like menapause, and retirement. It shows a new life, new beginnings, acceptance.

    I am often asked by women my age that I have GUST, because I am showing my gray and not dying. Why is that? Why do women my age need to confirm to society, when we should be embarking in a new life. At this time I just made 30 years in the federal government and proud serving my country. I am proud to mentor women, I am a member of Toastmaster International clubs, and I often mentor women, on how to embrace there positions, there lifes, as women, as mothers and based on my experience even pray with them when there is a death.

    I say this to say a women with Gray shows wisdom, charactor and much more, why covered it with dye and lots of war paint.

    I would very much like to show several shows, a series, women of different ages, loving themselves and well as showing the world that gray is not old, it is just another season and gray should be accepted like our inner light, should be shown to all and not hidden under a rock.

    Signed 50 and famoulous!