What Not To Wear - Season 1

Tuesday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Jan 18, 2003 In Season


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  • Jen
    Episode 10
    There is no denying it, most men think college girl, Jen, is hot! But our experts agree, when is comes to fashion ... she just isn't wearing enough of it! Her friends and family tell us she dresses too tight, too bright, and most of all, too skimpy. They say her barely-there wear is sending out all the wrong signals. Wayne and Stacy head down to Miami and drag Jen off to fashion boot camp. Can our fashion duo add some sophistication to her sexy style? Will Jen agree to trash her short skirts and glitzy tube tops? What's wrong with being a man-magnet anyway?moreless
  • Holli
    Episode 9
    Working with Dolphins is great, but when you start to dress like one ... then you've got a problem. When former pageant queen Holli is not at work, she's either sporting dolphin motif T-shirts or dressed all in black with a dolphin necklace. This Key Largo girl dresses like a fish out of water and needs some serious fashion therapy. Can Wayne and Stacy transform her aquatic style, or will dolphin chic rule the day?moreless
  • Ann
    Episode 8
    At 42, Ann is living the American dream: a husband and two sons, a beautiful house, and a pillar of the community. But her wardrobe is a complete nightmare, a classic case of suburban schleppiness. Ann devotes her life to helping others, but her sense of style has earned her the dubious distinction of being the first What Not to Wear candidate independently nominated by three people. Her husband and two best friends have all begged her to stop wearing second-hand sweaters and corduroy cast-offs. Enter Wayne Scot Lukas and Stacy London, two stylists not known for any closet compassion. It's a week of tough love as country casual meets city chic. With hairstylist Nick Arrojo determined to give her short hair more femininity, and makeup artist Carmindy Bowyer turning up the glamour, might the woman nicknamed "Saint Ann" discover her seriously stylish side?moreless
  • Lili
    Episode 7
    Lili is a 25-year-old law student who looks about 15. Just 5 feet tall, this Washington, D.C., native has a "cutesy" look that isn't going to cut it in court. Her mother, aunt and sister are desperate to settle the case, so they've called in our ultimate style gurus: Wayne Scot Lukas and Stacy London. The evidence of Lili's crimes against fashion is pretty conclusive: overalls, short pants and clunky shoes. In just one short week, this attorney-in-training will have to grow from adolescent to assertive. Lili is put on a strict regime of sexy suits and slick style with hairdresser Nick Arrojo attempting to tame her "bushy" hair and makeup artist Carmindy Bowyer on a mission to conceal her under-eye shadows caused by too much studying! Will the What Not To Wear team transform this petite duckling into a sleek legal eagle before court reconvenes?moreless
  • Larry
    Episode 6
    Larry is a tall, dark and handsome bachelor living in Manhattan. As the successful owner of an upscale health spa and the author of a book on massage, Larry seems to have everything going for him — apart from his fashion sense, that is! Even those nearest and dearest to him can't take his 80s look and his obsession with buying in bulk (black T-shirts in packs of 10) any longer. And when it comes to color ... well, there isn't any! Larry's love affair with black is making his closest buddies depressed to be around him. Fashion stylists Wayne Scot Lukas and Stacy London must wean this creature of habit away from his pleated pants and plaid vests and transform him into model material with the help of hair stylist Nick Arrojo and makeup artist Carmindy Bowyer. Attention all you skeptical single women!moreless
  • Christine
    Episode 5
    Christine succeeded in losing 80 pounds, but her style sense has never caught up. Baggy sweatpants and T-shirts still hide her hard-won figure. Her friends confess that Christine's a self-described hippie who thinks fashion is a hobby in which she has no interest. Will fashion stylists Wayne Scot Lukas and Stacy London be able to persuade her otherwise? First they have to destroy all her hippie "threads." Meanwhile, Christine becomes the first participant to defy Nick Arrojo from cutting her hair!moreless
  • Kerry
    Episode 4
    Kerry is a 33-year-old opera singer on the edge of a flourishing career. She came to the city seven years ago and is now on the brink of success, meeting with world-class conductors and high-powered managers, and running around town auditioning for roles. When Kerry performs she sounds terrific, the trouble is she looks like she's just come off the farm. The raw ingredients for the What Not To Wear team? Balloon-like sweaters, ill-fitting pants, 99-cent panties, and "virgin" hair that has never been cut or colored. Her friends and husband know that Kerry has a killer voice and a personality to match, but are in agreement that she needs a serious fashion overhaul. Can fashion stylists Wayne Scot Lukas and Stacy London — with help from hair stylist Nick Arrojo and makeup artist Carmindy Bowyer — manage to help the opera diva hit the high note in fashion?moreless
  • Donna
    Episode 3
    Donna, 47, works as a sales rep for a printing company on Long Island, near New York City. She talks to clients on the phone ... good thing, given that she wears seasonal items and '70s leftovers. Sweaters with pumpkins, fall leaves and ice skaters, plus dickeys and culottes fill Donna's wardrobe — to her family's despair. After What Not to Wear host Jillian Hamilton conspires with Donna's family and friends, it's up to fashion stylists Wayne Scot Lukas and Stacy London to drag Donna away from kitsch. After culling the most horrific items and forcing her to face how bad these clothes look on her in a 360-degree mirror, Wayne and Stacy send Donna shopping with strict new rules and $5,000, before a complete hair and makeup overhaul. But Donna's been dressing like a Christmas tree for a long, long time. Can she learn simplicity and style — in one short week?moreless
  • Eileen
    Episode 2
    Eileen is only 29 but dresses like she's 50. Her clothes are dumpy, frumpy and totally lacking in appeal. Her best friend and three sisters think she needs a sexy new image and conspire with WNTW host Jillian Hamilton to give her a brand-new/updated look. Fashion stylists Wayne Scot Lukas and Stacy London take Eileen in hand and try to release the goddess underneath all the layers — including the Harry Potter glasses and bushy eyebrows. Hairstylist Nick Arrojo and makeup artist Carmindy Bowyer kick in to help Wayne and Stacy turn a Boston frump into a femme fatale.moreless
  • Morna
    Episode 1
    At age 24, Morna still dresses like a slouchy college student. She works for a major cosmetics company in Manhattan's classy Rockefeller Center — but in billowing skirts, worn-out sandals and an actual headband. After being filmed secretly for weeks while her friends have conspired with host Jillian Hamilton, Morna gets the shock of her life when fashion stylists Wayne Scot Lukas and Stacy London ambush her during lunch with her friends. Wayne and Stacy show her the secret footage before weeding out her closet's catastrophes. But Morna doesn't give in easily. The stylists have a fight on their hands. Then it's on for a hair and makeup overhaul with hair stylist Nick Arrojo and makeup artist Carmindy Bowyer. Will Rockefeller Center ever see the glamorous, elegant Morna that Wayne and Stacy envision?moreless