What Not To Wear - Season 10

Tuesday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Jan 18, 2003 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Vanessa
    Episode 34
    Vanessa, who has a degree in Chemistry and plans to move to the US to look for a job, admits that she never thinks of herself as having any kind of fashion sense. She also knows her "Plain Jane" jeans and t-shirts may not cut it in her new adventure.
  • Alexandra
    Episode 33
    Alexandra Vega strongly believes that women should always be comfortable first; even if that means sacrificing their style. Alexandra poses the additional challenge of having a skin condition that requires she be fully protected from the sun at all times.
  • Emi
    Episode 32
    Will Stacy and Clinton be able to help this modest museum manager discover her youthful, sexy side in order to get back out onto the dating scene?
  • Heather
    Episode 31
    Measuring in at 6'1," Heather always makes a big entrance when she walks into the room. Her flashy outfits can't help but get her noticed. A complete style transformation and an appointment with Stacy and Clinton may be just what this top diva needs.
  • Aleishe
    Episode 30
    Aleishe is a pastry chef who has always struggled with feeling beautiful. She now works in one of NYC's finest restaurants, but despite her accomplishments she still suffers from a low self esteem. Can Stacy and Clinton help her see her true beauty?
  • Angie
    Episode 29
    Angie came to the painful realization that she was spending too much time partying and it was beginning to affect her family life. She's thrilled with the change to her lifestyle, but her sad wardrobe looks like she's mourning the loss of her social life.
  • Maggie
    Episode 28
    Maggie is a smart, vibrant mom of two with an adoring husband whose "I give up" style is keeping her career at a standstill. Can Stacy and Clinton convince this mom that by making herself a priority, the whole family prospers?
  • Erin
    Episode 27
    Erin is a single, music magazine writer who uses a shlumpy style of sweats and sleepwear as a security blanket so she can hide from the world. Can Stacy and Clinton awaken Erin's confidence and make her feel like a secure, stylish and sexy woman?
  • Lizzie
    Episode 26
    Lizzie has aspirations for a career in bio fuels and is soon to be married. Unfortunately, after 12 years of schooling, her wardrobe of immature, baggy grad school duds plus her mom's shopping advice equals a fashion equation that's doomed for failure.
  • Sarah M.
    Sarah M.
    Episode 25
    Sarah is an aspiring lawyer who knows how to argue her case in court, but when it comes to defending her legal style, the judgment is guilty. Will her defensive attitude drive the WNTW team over the edge and cause Sarah to put an end to this makeover.
  • Sarah W.
    Sarah W.
    Episode 23
    Sarah is a 26-year-old athletic trainer with brains, beauty and a promising future. The only problem is Sarah doesn't see it. Can Sarah see her all-star potential? Or will her serious cynicism be too much even for Stacy and Clinton?
  • Linda
    Episode 21
    Linda is a single, 47-year-old who manages a prestigious San Diego theater. Linda needs to ditch the schlumpy stagehand look, but can Stacy and Clinton convince this team player that she'll still be respected if she looks like a leading lady?
  • Rebecca T.
    Episode 13
    "Over the top Rebecca has already lost one job because of her ridiculous style, will Stacy and Clinton be able to convince her of the error of her ways?
  • Minda
    Episode 8
    Can this vibrant wheelchair athlete, who has completed two half-Iron Man races, ditch the jock t-shirts and dull work clothes and apply the amazingly positive attitude she has in life to her not so positive wardrobe?
  • Leigh Anne
    Episode 7
    Leigh-Anne is a busy, working mother who dedicates more time to teaching her students and her children then to her frumpy wardrobe. Can Stacy and Clinton school this busy professor/mom to ditch her scrubby wardrobe and adopt a more sophisticated style?
  • Kathy
    Episode 6
    Though Kathy has kept a positive attitude through some really tough times, her wardrobe does nothing to reflect the sunny person she is. Will Stacy and Clinton be able to transform this single mother into a true beauty that is ready for the dating scene?
  • Hardest Makeovers In History
    In another recap clip show, Stacy and Clinton do a Top 10 Countdown of the most difficult contributors they have had to work with in the show's seven year history.
  • Serrita
    Episode 4
    Serrita works as a Naval officer by day, but it's the outfits she wears off duty that has her husband nominating her for the show. Serrita likes to wear sexy tight fitting outfits for her nighttime partying, which her husband feels is inappropriate.
  • Dressing Your Age
    Dressing Your Age
    Episode 3
    In a clip show recap special, Stacy and Clinton review their favorite candidates who were nominated because they either dress to young or too old rather than their actual age.
  • Wanda
    Episode 2
    Wanda is a therapist who prefers to dress drab and boring, and has an aversion to wearing anything she considers sexy. The WNTW crew try to bring her out of her shell.
  • Mindy Cohn
    Mindy Cohn
    Episode 1
    Once again the WNTW staff decides to ambush a former child actor from a 1980's sitcom. Actress Mindy Cohn, best known for portraying boarding school student Natalie Greene on "The Facts of Life," is now 44 and wearing clothes she admits are two sizes bigger because she has trouble finding plus size clothing that fits her and looks stylish. She also points out that since most of her acting work is voiceover recording, it doesn't matter what she wears since she isn't in front of the camera.moreless