What Not To Wear - Season 11

Tuesday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Jan 18, 2003 In Season


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  • Liz W.
    Episode 21
    Elizabeth may be a loving wife and mother but her matronly style of floral shirts and mom jeans is embarrassing her family. Can Stacy and Clinton help this quirky mom find a sophisticated style that she and her family can be proud of?
  • Nakiya T.
    Episode 20
    Former beauty queen, Nakiya has fallen victim to her frumpy wardrobe and is hiding herself in large, shapeless shirts and stretch pants. Can Stacy and Clinton help this pageant mom accept herself and discover a style for her new plus size body?
  • Katherine L.
    Episode 19
    Katherine has always dressed differently than everyone else so she wouldn't look like she was trying to be part of the crowd. Can Stacy and Clinton help transform Katherine's lazy, youthful style into a refined, professional look suited for a new career?
  • Andrea Y.
    Episode 18
    Andrea is a working mom who loves squeezing herself into extra tight clothing that shows off her ample cleavage. Can Stacy and Clinton teach this skintight wearing mother of five how to dress more appropriately for her age and her career?
  • Tina Yothers
    Episode 17
    Back in the 80s, Tina Yothers played the adorable Jennifer Keaton on the hit sitcom Family Ties. Now a wife and mom of two, Tina's wadrobe leaves very little to be desired. Can Stacy and Clinton bring this shulmpy dressed mom back into fashion spotlight?
  • Shannon Elizabeth
    Episode 16
    Actress Shannon Elizabeth came onto the scene in the film American Pie. Years later, Shannon still finds herself stuck in her young, sex kitten persona. Can Stacy and Clinton show Shannon how to dress like the accomplished, intelligent adult that she is?
  • Casey D.
    Episode 15
    Casey is a transsexual who has been living as a woman for the past nine years. Can Stacy and Clinton help this transgender woman find a style that reflects the confident, happy woman that she is on the inside?
  • Heather M.
    Episode 14
    Heather has worked at a youth retail chain since high school - eight years later, she's still working there. Can Stacy and Clinton help this young lady feel comfortable with the transition from a teen-centric wardrobe to a sophisticated woman with edge?
  • Kathy A.
    Episode 13
    Mom Kathy focuses most of her free time on her family and gives little attention to her drab appearance. Can Stacy and Clinton help this working mom get out of her sloppy PJ's and into a sophisticated wardrobe that she can strut her stuff in?
  • Simona D.
    Episode 12
    Simona has been an overachiever throughout her life and her academics have always come first. Can Stacy & Clinton help this smart scientist ditch her comfortable duds, in favor of a more appropriate and current style suitable for her bright future ahead?
  • Tiffany
    Episode 11
    Back in the 80s, pop-star Tiffany set trends with her hit songs and signature jean jackets. Longing for a change, Tiffany has nominated herself to find a new, modern style with the help of Stacy and Clinton - a first in What Not to Wear history!
  • Tristen
    Episode 10
    Tristen is from upstate New York, but considers herself a Jersey girl at heart. Will Stacy and Clinton get this Jersey shore wannabe out of her skimpy outfits, and into a wardrobe that will advance her career aspirations and attract a quality man?
  • Nicole
    Episode 9
    Nicole Eggert, who rose to fame in the late 80's as a Baywatch bombshell, is now a single mom struggling with her weight and taking little time for herself. Can Stacy and Clinton help Nicole find a mature and appropriate look that flatters her new body?
  • Rebecca T.
    Episode 8
    "Over the top Rebecca has already lost one job because of her ridiculous style, will Stacy and Clinton be able to convince her of the error of her ways?
  • Frances
    Episode 7
    Can Stacy and Clinton help this fairy tale loving, late bloomer gain the confidence she needs to tackle both the dating scene and the professional publishing world?
  • Deborah
    Episode 6
    After dressing in business suits for years, Deborah has taken the freedom of dressing however she wants a bit too far. Will Stacy & Clinton be able to help her reign in the ruffles to find a more appropriate version of her southern belle fantasy wardrobe?
  • Vanessa
    Episode 5
    Vanessa, who has a degree in Chemistry and plans to move to the US to look for a job, admits that she never thinks of herself as having any kind of fashion sense. She also knows her "Plain Jane" jeans and t-shirts may not cut it in her new adventure.
  • Dolly
    Episode 4
    Will Stacy and Clinton be able to raise this working mother's self-esteem high enough so that she can get out of her outdated clothes and into a practical yet fashionable wardrobe that's also ready for the dating scene?
  • Victoria
    Episode 3
    Will Stacy and Clinton be able to get this video gaming super nerd into an updated style that is appropriate for her age and give her the self confidence boost she needs to get back out into the dating scene?
  • Becky
    Episode 2
    What Not to Wear draws on the personality and talent of fashion experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly to convert participants from dowdy to dashing. Hair stylist Ted Gibson and makeup artist Carmindy add the finishing touches that complete the change.
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