What Not To Wear - Season 2

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  • Tiffany West
    Tiffany West
    Episode 49
    Twenty-eight-year-old Tiffany has gotten comfortable working from her Washington, D.C., home in workout gear. Her closet is filled with sweat pants, track pants, leggings and sneakers. Her friends and family say that even when she leaves the house, Tiffany looks like she is ready for the gym. Also, when she attempts to dress up, Tiffany wears dresses that are too tight, too short and too revealing. And yet another fashion foible to add to the list: Tiffany's one-track mind drives her to buy in bulk. She buys the same clothes in two different colors — and unfortunately, her choices have been way off target. Tiffany is hoping to change her job to one outside the protective walls of her home, and Stacy and Clinton plan to adjust her fashion agenda so that Tiffany is more client-friendly and professional. Stacy and Clinton want to show this IT expert that she can be comfortable AND stylish, and that she can find flattering clothes without being high-maintenance and without showing too muchmoreless
  • Aysha Malik
    Aysha Malik
    Episode 48
    Aysha, 25, has aspirations to work as a hair and makeup artist in the fashion industry, but her brother and friends think her own appearance lets her down. Aysha wears jeans, jeans, and more jeans � some with holes, some frayed and none that fit her correctly. Her brother tries to steer her to better fashion choices but she doesn't take his advice, so he's handed her over to What Not to Wear style experts Stacy and Clinton.

    They need to persuade Aysha that jeans and clumpy shoes do nothing for her, and if she wants to work in fashion she's going to have to look like she knows what she's doing. Aysha has a magnificent head of hair, but hairstylist Nick Arrojo needs to give it some shape and rid her of the experimental red highlights she did herself. Makeup artist Carmindy shows Aysha how a little shadow in the right place can make her eyes the focal point of her face.moreless
  • Melissa Notig
    Melissa Notig
    Episode 47
    Melissa, 25, recently joined the ranks of New York's finest, so at work she wears the proud uniform of an NYPD officer. However, friends and family say that Melissa chooses to dress just like her twin when she's not walking her beat — problem is, her twin is her brother. She hides herself in oversized men's clothes, and Melissa's mother believes that there's no reason for her to wear pants that can fit two people. No one has ever seen her wear a skirt — and everyone wants to blow the whistle on her mammoth wardrobe. Stacy and Clinton prepare to rescue Melissa from an endless lumpy sweater collection and to outfit her in clothes more appropriate for a woman. But they have a tough assignment ahead of them because Melissa is wedded to and very comfortable in her supersized "skater dude" look. Hairstylist Nick Arrojo and make-up artist Carmindy need to polish up Melissa without overwhelming her … though after peeling back all the heavy layers, Melissa may even surprise herself.moreless
  • Erinn Johnson Long
    Erinn Johnson Long
    Episode 46
    Erinn is a 16-year-old high school student about to enter her senior year. At school, she's an 'A' student — but when it comes to fashion she's scoring below average because of her mismatched socks and clashing colors. In a What Not to Wear Back to School special, Stacy and Clinton teach this teenager how to build a wardrobe that will take her through her senior year and into college. Erinn needs to dump the too-short shorts and skirts, and add a little bit more sophistication to reflect her hard work and accomplishments. As for her hair, Erinn prefers it out of the way as she pours over the books — so she always wears it tied back. But after a straightening treatment, hairstylist Nick Arrojo cuts it into a classy and yet easy-to-manage bob fit for a hip young scholar, and makeup artist Carmindy teaches Erinn how a little can go a long way — even in the every day setting of a high school classroom.moreless
  • Celita Schultz
    Celita Schultz
    Episode 45
    Celita is a world-class athlete. She's competed in the Olympic Games twice — first as a member, and then as captain, of the women's judo team. She's in training and hoping to make it a third time. Thirty-five-year-old Celita has been an athlete all her life; she also coaches women's soccer and basketball. But the years of training have given Celita a muscular build and broad shoulders, which make it hard for her to find clothes. That could be why Celita dresses like she's always on the track even when she's out for dinner. This Yale graduate is also working on a new career in the financial industry, but looking like a phys-ed instructor won't work on Wall Street. Stacy and Clinton need to find a way for Celita to dress in more feminine styles that flatter her shape, and they also need to persuade Celita to try them. For a woman who has never felt comfortable looking "girly," it's going to be a big step.moreless
  • Will Creedle & Nicole Stoner
    Thirty-year-old Will was nominated by his future wife, 28-year-old Nicole. The couple are getting married in June. Will works on the Internet side of an insurance company, and Nicole works in freelance marketing. Will has recently lost a lot of weight in preparation for his wedding, but at 6 foot 3 inches he's still a big man. Nicole nominated Will because he's wearing the same clothes he wore before he lost weight — only now he rolls the waistbands so his trousers don't fall down. And it's all about casual wear. He thinks soccer jerseys are far more fashionable than basketball or football as they are better cut and made of material that breathes! With the soccer jersey he wears swim trunks — not shorts or jeans — but swim trunks! Nicole thinks soccer jerseys should only be worn on the field, but when we stopped both of them while they were out shopping she had a soccer jersey on too! So with the wedding approaching, Stacy and Clinton need to show this duo that there is more to wedded bliss than his and hers soccer jerseys. They both need to smarten up their acts as they embark on the next chapter of their lives! We know Will thinks he knows how to dress — he can name designers, etc. We don't know what Nicole's thinking at all. But what we do know is that they are BOTH in for the surprise of their lives!moreless
  • Lisa Laford
    Lisa Laford
    Episode 43
    Thirty-six-year-old Lisa is a mother of two and a human rights lawyer. With her time dedicated to her family and her job, her appearance is the last thing on Lisa's mind. Her friends say she wears her 10-year-old daughter's clothes — sweat pants and T-shirts — and she has one look when she goes to work — white shirt and black pants. Stacy and Clinton want to show Lisa that dressing in grown-up clothes doesn't mean she'll spend more time getting dressed in the morning. But it does mean she will look put together and more professional. Lisa says her feet don't go into ladylike shoes with heels — and she never wears skirts or dresses. Stacy and Clinton need to put forward some powerful arguments to change this lawyer's mind. Lisa's hair is normally dragged off her bare face into a ponytail; Nick Arrojo must persuade Lisa that letting her natural curls take hold is easy to manage and looks good. Makeup artist Carmindy develops a fast face for busy Lisa to do every morning.moreless
  • Megan Slankard
    Megan Slankard
    Episode 42
    Megan is a talented musician who has a following in her hometown of San Francisco. The only thing letting her down is that she looks like she ought to be singing in coffee houses rather than packing concert halls. Her band members think if Megan could get a look that's more in tune with her music her career could well take off. Stacy and Clinton need to give this 20-year-old musician an image that will take her to the next level of her career. Hairstylist Nick Arrojo creates a style for Megan that will carry her through her stage show, but also look good for a meeting with music executives. Makeup artist Carmindy shows Megan how to deal with her high coloring and skin that's prone to breakouts.moreless
  • Diana Clifford
    Diana Clifford
    Episode 41
    Diana is a graphic designer for a national newspaper — a position she has worked hard to attain. However, according to her friends Diana isn't dressed for success; in fact they say she's dressed for attention. Diana is passionate about shopping and spends time in stores every day, but she's attracted to trends that don't necessarily flatter her and she hunts down the latest labels in discount stores. She's overloaded with glitzy hats and accessories, and for bad hair days she has a selection of wigs. Stacy and Clinton want to show Diana that she doesn't have to keep up with the trends to look good. If she builds a wardrobe of good basics, she can vary her look with fancy accessories. Hairstylist Nick Arrojo wants to create a style for Diana so that bad hair days are a thing of the past.moreless
  • Larissa Lyons
    Larissa Lyons
    Episode 40
    Larissa is a 25-year-old woman stuck in a rut. She has worked in the produce department of the same grocery store since the end of high school (over 6 years) and doesn't seem able to move on. Before September 11th, 2001, Larissa had her dream job working at a travel agency. However, after 9-11 the travel agency folded and Larissa went back to the grocery store full time. Her friend Kristin tells us that after she lost her job with the travel agency, she also lost her focus and drive to finish her education and join the adult work force. At the grocery Larissa is forced to wear a uniform (a green shirt and black pants), which stifles her style and encourages her to roll out of bed and head straight for work. It is common for Larissa to leave for work with her hair sticking up at all angles, wearing last night's make up (sometimes on one eye) and a dirty or stained uniform. She also works one day a week in an office where she tries to adapt her inappropriate (often sheer halter top club wear) wardrobe to her work situation. Larissa's friends and family agree that Larissa needs a push. She is a talkative, fun, lively and attractive young woman who seems to have lost her spark. She needs some incentive to take better care of herself and her wardrobe and to get back out in the job market. She needs to finish the few remaining credits to graduate, and most importantly, Larissa needs to pursue her dream of working in the travel and tourism industry. According to some of her friends and family members, this makeover may be just the push she needs!moreless
  • Mirella Streuck
    Mirella Streuck
    Episode 39
    Mirella, 30, has just landed her first position as a professor of psychology, after being a full-time student for 12 years. Her best friend is convinced that Mirella has been wearing the same clothes for the duration of her student career, and believes it's time Mirella changed her image. With her long, straight, mousy hair and her dated eyeglasses, this Ph.D. looks just like an old-fashioned librarian. Stacy and Clinton want Mirella to study with them for just one week so she can be re-educated in what to wear. But can a woman who has spent most of her life with her nose in a book develop a nose for fashion? With the help of hair stylist Nick Arrojo and makeup artist Carmindy, Mirella sees a completely different side to herself.moreless
  • Terry Mulrooney
    Terry Mulrooney
    Episode 38
    Terry is a self employed landscape architect who spends more time on his surfboard than at work, and his casual clothes reflect his carefree attitude. The team helps him come up with outfits that combine his casual lifestyle but can still be professional when he meets potential clients.
  • Shannon Keith
    Shannon Keith
    Episode 37
    Shannon, 28, works as a telephone salesperson, but she's about to leave her desk and come face to face with her customers. Her colleagues are worried that Shannon won't be making commission unless she looks more professional. Shannon thinks her collection of whimsical socks give her individuality. She's also been known to match her outfits to her socks, and that's not how Stacy and Clinton think she should be putting outfits together. They plan to trash her socks and get Shannon into clothes that will make a good first impression on her clients. Shannon has a question for make up artist Carmindy — how can she make her eyes look like they have lids? Hairstylist Nick Arrojo creates a style that compliments Shannon's broad features and looks sleek and professional.moreless
  • Kim Pane
    Kim Pane
    Episode 36
    Forty-something Chicago attorney Kim has a collection of turtle neck sweaters — 23 in all — she wears them with trousers and long cardigans or jackets which drown her petite frame. Her work colleagues say she's making herself look dowdy and staid when she is really outgoing and fun. Stacy and Clinton need to get Kim out of her unflattering pants and sweaters and show her how to emphasize her best features rather than cover everything up. Kim's also wedded to a stay-put lipstick in frosted pink which makeup artist Carmindy needs to persuade her against. And hairstylist Nick Arrojo wants to get some shape into Kim's long blonde hair, but she's afraid losing the length will make her look older.moreless
  • Kimberly Hall
    Kimberly Hall
    Episode 35
    Bubbly Kim, 33, is one of Chicago's most eligible bachelorettes, but when it comes to her dress sense, Kim's friends think she's selling herself short. Her big sweaters with bold horizontal stripes make her look far larger than she is, and her choice of clothes for a night out does not give potential suitors the right impression. Kim is shocked her friends don't think she's getting it right, and isn't sure Stacy London and Clinton Kelly can do better. They have to persuade Kim to try clothes that give her a different silhouette, so that her whole appearance is as attractive as her personality. As for her hair, stylist Nick Arrojo wants to give Kim a cut that will allow her natural curls to show, even though Kim has spent years trying to avoid being curly.moreless
  • Carlos Kline
    Carlos Kline
    Episode 34
    Carlos is a multi-martial arts expert who trains seven days a week. When he's not in the ring, he earns his living as a bouncer at some of Manhattan's most prestigious nightspots. He's recently dropped his weight from 285 pounds to 230 pounds — and it's all muscle. Not someone to mess with. His family and friends think Carlos may have let his guard down when it comes to style, but despite nominating him for a fashion intervention by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, they warn that Carlos thinks dressing up is not for him and if they push him too far he will dig his heels in and resist. Stacy and Clinton want to teach Carlos how to dress to his physique in clothes that fit and flatter — but can they train this competitor in the rules of fashion without it ending in conflict?moreless
  • Belinda Hill
    Belinda Hill
    Episode 32
    Belinda was voted "most photogenic" in high school, but 30 years on her husband and 3 daughters think she needs to rediscover her inner beauty queen. Belinda dresses as if she is always walking her dog, in overalls or tapered jeans and tennis shoes. She loves animal prints and wears t-shirts with lions and bees on them. The one thing she's kept since high school is her long blonde hair. In fact, she's never had it cut and it hangs way past her behind. The whole What Not To Wear team of Stacy, Clinton, Nick and Carmindy are united in their determination to get Belinda to cut her hair — but despite nominating her for the show, her husband and daughters have second thoughts. Will Belinda submit to Nick's scissors or go back to California with a new wardrobe but the same old hair?moreless
  • Michael Seacrest
    Michael Seacrest
    Episode 32
    L.A. music producer Michael's idea of fashion is anything with Michael Jordan's name on it. His wife and friends think it's time Michael developed his own style and dressed more like Michael Jordan, rather than by him. Can Stacy and Clinton persuade him to keep his Air Jordans as collector's items and wear clothes that will make him look like he belongs in the music business, rather than on the sports field? Hairstylist Nick and Arrojo and Carmindy need to teach Michael about grooming and to sharpen up the hair on his head and his face.moreless
  • Veronica & Valerie Reyes
    It's another first as the series tackles-- Twins! Valerie and Veronica may be identical twins, but they have very different design styles. Valerie prefers the sophistication of the 1940's and admires Grace Kelly, while Veronica likes a hip, funky look and even dresses up like 1960's anime characters. Their overly casual look at the office and short stature make them look more like 16 than 29. Stacy and Clinton help them find clothes that are suitable work attire that also reflects their own looks, while Nick gives them stylish hairdos that helps people tell them apart. Carmindy gives them simple makeup tips to recreate the 40's and 60's looks, respectively.moreless
  • Jeanne Spivey
    Jeanne Spivey
    Episode 30
    Jeanne's idea of fashion is to match, so if she's in blue from head to toe, she thinks she's right in vogue. Stacy and Clinton have to get this Californian safety manager to realize that matching is not a fashion statement. What she needs is to start wearing clothes that fit properly and that will flatter her curvy proportions. She also needs to discover colors that work with her pale complexion and green eyes. Hairstylist Nick Arrojo has to tame Jeanne's shapeless mass of hair, and get rid of the roots. Makeup artist Carmindy has to give Jeanne a look that she feels she can wear for work and to party in, and Jeanne wants help in hiding a tattoo she has round her ankle so that she can wear skirts to the office.moreless
  • Debbie Dierks
    Debbie Dierks
    Episode 29
    Special needs teacher Debbie from California's Newport Beach thought she'd solved her fashion problems by learning to sew. But her friends and co-workers think her choice of patterns and fabrics are not flattering her long and lean physique. However, Debbie has her own set of rules. Stacy and Clinton have to persuade her that their rules are the only ones she should be following. Debbie is also addicted to her bright red lipstick, so it's a challenge for makeup artist Carmindy to get her to emphasize her eyes rather than her mouth. As for her hair, it's naturally curly and highlighted blonde and as far as Debbie's concerned there's no way it's changing — hairstylist Nick Arrojo has different ideas.moreless
  • John Bernard
    John Bernard
    Episode 28
    Former dancer John has lost all interest in fashion. He rarely gets out of his cargo shorts which he wears to walk his dog, go to the store and meet his friends (who think it is time for John to change!) But Stacy and Clinton will have to put pressure on John to even try on different clothes, let alone wear them. John tries to control his long bushy hair with a bandanna. Hairstylist Nick Arrojo wants him to have a style that works with his curls, not against them, and Carmindy has to get John to tame his beard.moreless
  • Marie Harkin
    Marie Harkin
    Episode 27
    Marie, 48, is an attorney. She was nominated by her husband of over 25 years, Gary, who describes his wife as a complete "fashion wreck." Marie likes dark '70s aviator-style sunglasses and only wears black, black and more black. She describes her black obsession as "mix-and-match" — meaning she can wear any top with any bottom. The problem is she wears baggy, outdated suit pieces that are all unmatching shades of faded black. Marie also concedes that she has not changed the length of her hair since the eighth grade. Stacy and Clinton must introduce Marie to the world of color, and show her that accents of color can still be professional. As an attorney, she will need a suit for appearing in court, but also a more casual professional look for business meetings and errands around town. Can the style gurus brighten up Marie's "Paint it Black" habits?moreless
  • Kathy Zolsinski
    Kathy Zolsinski
    Episode 26
    Forty-something Kathy is a hairstylist and the manager of a New York salon — not just any salon but the one owned by What Not To Wear's very own stylist Nick Arrojo. But Kathy's lack of style is making her stand out for all the wrong reasons. She wears her trousers too narrow at the ankle, and too high in the waist. Most of her sweaters are shapeless, baggy and black. Stacy and Clinton have to persuade Kathy to choose clothes that will give her a modern, updated look and still be appropriate to her age. Kathy, however, hates shopping and has not been in a dressing room for more than 4 years. When it comes to her hair, Nick wants to get her away from being a bottle blonde and get her to have a style that's more fun. And make up artist Carmindy has to persuade Kathy that having dark circles under your eyes is not a reason to give up on eye make up.moreless
  • Crissa Loderwick
    Crissa Loderwick
    Episode 25
    30-year-old Crissa has a 4-month-old baby girl. Like a lot of new moms, she's carrying a few extra pounds she didn't have before she got pregnant. Baby Stella is dressed impeccably in the latest styles, but Crissa's still wearing the sweats and stretchy clothes that were her pregnancy staples — and she thinks she looks OK in them. Before the baby, Crissa was the trend setter in her family. But now her four sisters and her mom think she's given up. She wears no makeup and hides her hair in a baseball cap. Clinton Kelly and Stacy London have to persuade Crissa that now is the time to get back into proper clothes and that having a baby doesn't mean giving up on your own appearance. They want to teach Crissa how to dress her new body shape so she looks and feels as good as she did pre-baby, and to be able to adapt her style to accommodate changes in her appearance.moreless
  • Cynthia Venasca
    Cynthia Venasca
    Episode 24
    Cynthia from Atlanta is a wife, a mom of two young children and a successful ad sales rep. When it comes to fashion, she's hooked on bold floral patterns, mismatched fabrics and clumpy shoes or clogs — which she wears with socks! Her friends and co-workers have begged for help from Stacy and Clinton. At just five feet tall, Cynthia needs to learn how to wear clothes that don't drown her. And when it comes to her larger than average chest, they tell her to look for jackets that "lock and load." But can they get this 28 year old to prune the flowers from her wardrobe? And when it comes to hair and makeup, Cynthia's worried that looking good will take more time than she has to spare. Hairstylist Nick Arrojo has to repair Cynthia's home coloring and give her an easy way to manage style while make-up artist Carmindy teaches her how to fix her face in record time.moreless
  • What Not To Wear at Work
    Stacy and Clinton decide to come up with "10 Golden Rules of What Not To Wear At Work." To do that, they compiled clips from episodes featuring Gina Marciano, Oretha Winston, Alisha, David, Ken, Misti Mazey, Elizabeth Sutton, Anne, and Niya Battle and profiled specific do's and don'ts for proper workplace attire. They also showed before and after reveals, and even had some follow ups for several candidates to see if they were still following their new "rules."moreless
  • Irene Frolick
    Irene Frolick
    Episode 22
    Irene is a beautiful, intelligent 25 year old with a great body, and, what she considers, great style. However her friends and family describe her style as provocative and inappropriate for her job as a realtor. Her work colleagues have called on Stacy and Clinton to persuade Irene to leave her halter-tops and bustier for the nightclub and to wear more appropriate clothes to the office. They have to persuade her she can still look young and sexy without wearing everything low cut or ultra short. And Irene admits that in her whole life she's never had a hairstyle she really liked, despite going to a hairdresser whenever she feels depressed. Nick Arrojo must come up with a solution to Irene's search for the perfect cut.moreless
  • Michelle Leiblich
    Michelle Leiblich
    Episode 21
    Michele just turned 30, and is a successful executive in New York. But Michele is stuck in her '80s teeny-bopper Jersey mall look. As if the bright colored scrunchies and tie dye shirts worn at the office weren't enough, her best friend also complains about Michele's zinc pink lipstick — the same shade she's worn since high school. She loves to go to yoga and Pilates classes and is barely over 5 feet tall. She wears a size "0" which may account for why she never throws any of her clothes away. But according to her closest and dearest friends, that's no reason to still have poofy hair and Flashdance sweats. Michele's friends and colleagues feel that her appearance does not reflect the savvy, witty personality she possesses. According to her coworkers, Michele pushes "casual" to the limit at the office and in front of clients. Her mother stresses that she exercises keen judgment for others, but none for herself. A single girl in the city, Michele is also looking for love. With her dated mall chic look her friends are worried she is not attracting the right types. According to long-time friend Amanda, Michele has mentioned career ambitions to work in the fashion industry in the future. However, Amanda (who nominated Michele for the program) feels that she needs to throw away her hair clips and all the '80s trappings if she is considering a career move, despite Michele's belief that the '80s are "like totally" back in style.moreless
  • Laura Miranda
    Laura Miranda
    Episode 20
    Laura Miranda is just a week away from marrying her Navy sweetheart, and moving from her Bronx neighborhood to start a new life in Seattle. But her sister thinks her tight, black, ill-fitting clothes are not going to give her a good start in her new life. Stacy and Clinton want to get Laura to experiment with color and fit and wear clothes that are more structured. When Laura hears their ideas she's less than impressed. It takes a lot of persuading to get this straight-talking woman to see their point of view. And when it comes to a wedding outfit Laura's practical grey suit is headed for the trash, but what replaces it? A passionate reunion with her fiancé also means makeup artist Carmindy has to teach Laura tricks for emergency camouflage.moreless
  • Ken Keating
    Ken Keating
    Episode 19
    Ken is a biker fanatic, but even his biker friends think it's time for him to update his look. His old baggy jeans and worn out t-shirts and his signature doorags just make this thirty- six-year-old electrician look sloppy and unkempt.

    His wife and mother want him to clean up with a look they would be proud to be seen out in public with. But Ken has a fear of losing what he thinks is his signature style. So Stacy and Clinton have to convince Ken that smartening up doesn't mean losing his individuality.

    Ken's hair is in a braid halfway down his back — he hasn't had his hair cut for ten years. Will that all change when he comes face to face with hairstylist Nick Arrojo? Makeup artist Carmindy shows Ken some essential male grooming tips — including how to tame bushy eyebrows.moreless
  • Alisha Roman
    Alisha Roman
    Episode 18
    Alisha is studying to be an interior designer, but when it comes to designing her own exterior, this 25-year-old mom doesn't know where to begin. As the youngest child with four older brothers, she grew up wanting to dress just like them. And now that she's married, she wears her husband's jeans and oversized t-shirts. Stacy and Clinton want to get Alisha to see that the baggy shapeless men's clothing she wears doesn't disguise the parts of her she wants to hide — in fact, her style makes her look bigger. They need to show her how tailored and well-fitting women's clothes will do a whole lot more for her. Hairstylist Nick Arrojo tackles Alisha's long and lank hair to give her a style that will frame her face, while makeup artist Carmindy shows Alisha how to fill in her over-plucked eyebrows and wear just enough color to bring her face alive.moreless
  • Anne Wallace
    Anne Wallace
    Episode 17
    It's a What Not To Wear First! Anne had originally nominated her daughter to be candidate for the show, but after Stacy and Clinton watched Anne in the hidden video, they decided she needed the new clothes more! Anne is a freelance writer for music magazines, but her style is more June Cleaver than Joan Baez. The team gives Anne a more polished professional look that's age appropriate and more sophisticated for a Rolling Stone journalist.moreless
  • Elizabeth Sutton
    Elizabeth Sutton
    Episode 16
    High School teacher Elizabeth believes the way she dresses in the classroom will determine whether her students are well-behaved — but her students disagree. They are so distracted by her long flowing shapeless dresses and clunky jewelry they can't concentrate on their class work. They asked Stacy and Clinton to rescue this twenty-seven-year-old teacher from making herself look at least twenty years older than she is. Elizabeth thinks she's managing to be stylish and professional, but it takes all Stacy and Clinton's powers of persuasion to get her simply to try a skirt that lands on her knee. Makeup artist Carmindy shows Elizabeth how she emphasizes her eyes so they stand out even when she wears her glasses, and hair stylist Nick Arrojo finishes Elizabeth's look with a sleek and professional new do!moreless
  • Misti Mazey
    Misti Mazey
    Episode 15
    Misti decided to get into the punk goth look to stand apart from her identical twin sister, then kept up with it for the next 15 years. Her family nominated her because she's starting out on a job search, and they know she will get more prospects if she tones down her severe look. As a result of her appearance on the show, Misti falls in love with cashmere sweaters and expresses her individuality with multi-colored shoes instead of her hair.moreless
  • David Lee
    David Lee
    Episode 14
    Aspiring actor and community theater director David loves to wear outlandish costumes on and off stage, and his casual wear is usually tank top shirts and cutoff shorts. He says his odd style is what shows off his range and personality, but Clinton and Stacy set him straight by saying a more professional look at auditions will most likely get him more work and make a best first impression to directors.moreless
  • Donia Clark
    Donia Clark
    Episode 13
    Donia has a passion for punk, but when it comes to fashion, she flunks. She loves to let it all go on the dance floor, but with over-sized tees, polyester pants and hippy dippy hair, her look is a long way from the edgy, sexy, rock chick she really is. Donia's not doing herself any favors by getting most of her clothes from the trash! Donia's fantasy look is actually to be naked, so this could be Stacy and Clinton's biggest challenge yet! Can they steer her away from garbage garb and convince her that dressing up can be a dream?moreless
  • Ross Byron
    Ross Byron
    Episode 12
    Ross Byron is a 30-something guitarist in a rock band. What he doesn't seem to realize is that his slender, young rocker frame now has a 36-inch waist, and his former flowing blonde locks are now severely thinning and balding. Stacy and Clinton need to bring Ross into the 21st century by getting him out of his acid-wash jeans and gold chains and into a more mature, yet stylish look. As for his hair, Nick Arrojo must persuade Ross that less is more (Hair loss is better disguised with a shorter style!), and when he meets makeup artist Carmindy, Ross is in for a close shave.moreless
  • Niya Battle
    Niya Battle
    Episode 11
    Niya Battle shows too much flesh according to her Mom, her aunt and her friends, but with her hip-skimming jeans and her bare midriff tops, she thinks she looks just fine. Stacy London and Clinton Kelly need to persuade this 24-year-old mother of two that halter-neck dresses and high heels are not appropriate attire for her job in an insurance office or for shopping at the grocery store. Their challenge is to teach her to dress professionally, while retaining her youth and individuality. Hairstylist Nick Arrojo has to tackle Niya's extensions, which make her hair look long but shapeless, and makeup artist Carmindy has to convince Niya to dump the metallic lip gloss and develop a softer, more approachable look.moreless
  • Amanda Stallins
    Amanda Stallins
    Episode 10
    When Amanda Jane Stallins goes to PTA meetings the other parents think she's a pupil, not a Mom. At 24, she could pass for 12. Her favorite clothes are short-shorts, tank tops and a floaty, hippy dress (which she thinks is the best!). Amanda hasn't changed her hairstyle for 10 years, and she never wears makeup. She's about to go back to school, but before she does, Stacy and Clinton need to give her some lessons in grown-up style that will make her look more like the woman she is — not the child she was. They want to show her she can still look youthful, but sophisticated, in clothes that will be appropriate for the classroom or a meeting at her son's school. Makeup artist Carmindy wants to show Amanda how her pale complexion can be enhanced by just a little makeup, and hairstylist Nick Arrojo needs to create a simple style that will enhance Amanda's delicate frame and features.moreless
  • Eric Braunsdorf
    Eric Braunsdorf
    Episode 9
    Eric, a jewelry designer trying to expand his business, needs to give up his practice of getting oversized hand-me-downs from his friends. Dubbed "Huckleberry Jesus" by his peers due to his shoulder length hair, leather sandals, and baggy clothes, Eric needs a serious wake-up call. The team persuades him to try clothing that his actual size and projects a more mature image to suit a rising entrepreneur.moreless
  • Kimberly Banks
    Kimberly Banks
    Episode 8
    Kimberly Banks is trained as an attorney, but she's given it up to devote herself to her dream of being a professional singer. Her friends say she's got the voice to be a diva, but when it comes to style, Kim's stuck in the wrong key. Stacy and Clinton need to get Kim to tune-up her wardrobe by dumping the sack-like dresses, white tights and pants that just don't fit, and get her to make the most of her height and statuesque figure. When it comes to makeup, Kim owns just one red lipstick. Makeup artist Carmindy thinks Kim should focus attention on her eyes, and hairstylist Nick Arrojo plans to glam up Kim's hair with a hint of gold, but she's not sure his top-knots hit the right notes.moreless
  • Shifra Littman
    Shifra Littman
    Episode 7
    Chicago mom Shifra has four children, a husband, a job ... and she's also an accomplished flamenco dancer! It's no surprise that shopping for herself is low on her list of priorities. Her husband and friends think it's time for her to put the "holay" back into her wardrobe. Fashion experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly teach Shifra to dance to a different tune and give her a new look that won't be out of step with her lifestyle. Makeup artist Carmindy creates a look to enhance Shifra's pale complexion with the least amount of effort. An even bigger challenge awaits hairstylist Nick Arrojo: Shifra's waist-length hair has not been cut for years.moreless
  • Dave Hank
    Dave Hank
    Episode 6
    At nearly 30 years old, Dave is still wearing the clothes he bought when he was in college. They're worn out and out of date. He says he's not bothered about fashion, but his girlfriend and his bosses think it's time he dumped his frat-boy image and grew up. He goes to work in shoes with holes, out to restaurants in pants with holes, and his shirts are shapeless and baggy. Stacy London and Clinton Kelly need to persuade Dave that a few well chosen items that he can mix and match will see him through his work and leisure time. Carmindy gives Dave the tools for a glowing complexion, and hairstylist Nick Arrojo rescues Dave from a $5 dollar haircut that is more than a little uneven.moreless
  • Ellen Lindner
    Ellen Lindner
    Episode 5
    Ellen knows how to keep her body in shape — she recently lost over 50 pounds! Her family thinks it's time for her to workout her wardrobe. They say she wears stretchy spandex clothes whether she's working out or going out. She chooses clothes that are too young for her, and she pretty much sticks to just one color — black. Fashion experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly get fitness fanatic Ellen to transform her wardrobe so that it flatters her new body shape and works with her active lifestyle. Hairstylist Nick Arrojo and makeup artist Carmindy create a hair and beauty routine that will work with Ellen's exercise routine.moreless
  • Mary Fragapane
    Mary Fragapane
    Episode 4
    Mary knows about shape, color and form when it comes to her art, but when it comes to her clothes, she's dressing like a starving artist — tops shaped like tents and colored with paint spatters. As an up and coming artist, Mary needs to attend gallery openings and be the center of attention. Unfortunately, Mary's hair also needs some attention. Cutting her own bangs is the only thing that's happened to her style for years.moreless
  • Laura Miller
    Laura Miller
    Episode 3
    It never takes working mom Laura too much time to decide what to wear — she doesn't have much to choose from. Her wardrobe is full of T-shirts, sweat pants and waffle shirts that are all big and baggy. She thinks they make her look thinner, but her husband, her boss, her mother and her friends think Laura is hiding her natural beauty underneath the grubby, shapeless clothes. They want like to see her look more feminine.moreless
  • Oretha Winston
    Oretha Winston
    Episode 2
    Oretha is a church-going, rocker chick with a wardrobe crisis — her Sunday best is the worst according to her friends. Oretha's a big fan of 80s music; unfortunately, most of her casual clothes are from the same era! A recent job promotion means Oretha needs to promote the right image, but at only 5'2", Oretha finds shopping for clothes a problem. Her solution: Buy them big and baggy. And to get her hair just the way she likes it, she sleeps in curlers every night.moreless
  • Gina Marchioni
    Gina Marchioni
    Episode 1
    Gina owns her own hair salon, but she dresses more like a hooker from the '80's than a businesswoman. She prefers tight miniskirts, tube tops, spandex pants, and accessories like feather boas and fringe. She also has her hair dyed three different colors, which is not a way to impress customers with her coloring skills. Stacy and Clinton try to help Gina retain her need to look sexy and youthful while maintaining a professional image. Nick tones down her hairstyle, while Carmindy updates her makeup for the 21st century.moreless