What Not To Wear - Season 3

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  • Will Russell
    Will Russell
    Episode 2
    Will is a 25-year-old from Alabama who needs to drop his hillbilly fashion tendencies for a sharper, more professional look, especially to be able to cut it in his new job. At 6' 3" and 180 pounds, Will is tall and lean; however, his clothes are certainly not. Stacy and Clinton have to convince Will that his extra-large polo shirts and oversized pants are not the way for the new guy at the office to look. Will also has a sock problem: all his socks are white and athletic — and he's wearing them with dark leather shoes! In an interesting first for the show, Nick and Carmindy think Will is already well groomed, so instead they introduce him to an etiquette instructor, who teaches him the subtleties of the proper business handshake, the confident walk and the memorable introduction.moreless
  • The Worst Dressed Couple in America
    After the success of their couples episode, TLC decided to hold an online contest, asking viewers to submit tapes and photos of couples they think could desperately use a makeover. Clinton and Stacy narrowed the field down to three deserving couples, then invited them all to New York to compete for the spending spree. Their choices were: Tammie & Kal Hudson, a pair of biker enthusiasts who looked like they stole their clothes from Daisy Duke and Spike from "Angel"; Ann & Chris Boyes, a team of store owners that claimed their unique punk rocker look actually brought in customers; and Ben Kronberg & Anna Newell, two NYC artists whose eccentric attire looked straight out of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." Stacy & Clinton decided to test each couple by looking at the secret footage of each couple, then having them critique each other's looks, conducting several "mirror tests," then finally sending each couple on a mini spending spree to buy outfits for a dinner party the team was hosting. After careful deliberation, the team came to their decisions: while Ben & Anna adapted to the new rules easily, that seemed like that was actually a liability, and that they really didn't need that much help to change their style; Ann & Chris went to the other extreme, and seemed determined to fight against every change to keep their look, so Stacy and Clinton chose Tammie & Kal, because not only did they want to change, but they seemed to need it the most after several personal setbacks.moreless
  • Tanya Dwyer
    Tanya Dwyer
    Episode 29
    Tanya, an aspiring professional photographer, loves wearing tight fitting clothing that's too young for her, and too much makeup that makes her look much older than her 25 years. Carmindy forces her to strip all the makeup off so she can see the beautiful face she's been covering up, while the rest of the team helps her look more professional for clients.moreless
  • Ed Madisevic
    Ed Madisevic
    Episode 21
    Ed is a former teacher now working as an insurance agent, but his look is anything but office professional. Ed's wife remarks that his wild colorful outfits cause people to think Ed is a Vegas lounge singer; his closet looks like he mugged Austin Powers and forgot the last 20 years. He also makes up original names for colors, preferring "bubblegum blush" over pink, and "toasted mango" instead of orange. The team may be at their wit's end with the wildest candidate yet.moreless
  • What Not to Wear/ While You Were Out: Double Cross
    TLC seized a unique opportunity when the same people applied for both shows. A homeowner applied to While You Were Out to remodel his master bedroom to surprise his wife; meanwhile, their friends applied to What Not to Wear, nominating her as a fashion victim. While wife Dina Sternberg is in New York being made over by Stacy, Clinton, Nick and Carmindy, her husband Joe is working with the WYWO staff to makeover the house. Will the series be able to keep both secrets, or will it work in WYWO's favor to know where their honoree is going to be all week?moreless
  • Kerryellen Kelly
    Kerryellen Kelly
    Episode 1
    Kerryellen, a computer programming expert, believes in wearing comfortable baggy clothing, arguing that since she spends most of her time crawling underneath desks fixing other employee's machines, she shouldn't wear nicer clothing that will get dirty while she's on her hands and knees. Kerryellen's friends and family think she has a self esteem issue and doesn't like to show off her body. Stacy and Clinton help her come out of her shell a little more and find outfits for work and off hours that are flattering and practical. On the grooming front, Kerryellen freaks out when Nick decides to tone down her blonde locks and dyes them a dark reddish brown, which she hates. In a show first, after the reveal to Stacy and Clinton, but before she goes home to her family, Kerryellen goes to Nick's salon and insists that he make her a blonde again.moreless
  • Michaela Krecks
    Michaela Krecks
    Episode 37
    Michaela, an aspiring character actress, tends to get roles of bikers and tough women, and her wardrobe reflects that, with her obsession with leopard prints and flame patterns on almost all her outfits. Stacy and Clinton try to help Michaela design outfits that will impress producers for all kinds of parts and prevent her from being typecast.moreless
  • Chris Love
    Chris Love
    Episode 8
    Chris, a 25-year-old aspiring actor, has adopted a style that punk-rock icons might be proud of: his rebellious fashion sense is stitched together with safety pins, holey clothes and pieces thrown together from a grab bag at the local Salvation Army. But his parents are desperate for him to "grow out" of his grungy fashion shell, and they've called on Stacy and Clinton to help. Stacy and Clinton need to develop a look for Chris that makes him presentable while retaining his individual style, and they need to persuade him to try it on. Chris' hair is receding, but with a good cut stylist Nick Arrojo is sure he can make it look thicker.moreless
  • Courtney Pitts
    Courtney Pitts
    Episode 40
    In another innovative idea for WNTW, women in the Boston area were invited to nominate themselves for the show, and were interviewed to plead why they deserved the makeover. Petite Courtney Pitts won out, explaining that her small frame made it difficut for her to find adult size clothing that fit, so even though she's 26, she often gets mistaken for 12. During her shopping spree, she's allowed to got to specialty stores that custom tailor her new clothes to fit just right.moreless
  • Melanie Artz
    Melanie Artz
    Episode 22
    Melanie, a 27-year-old marketing executive, loves bold rainbow colors and considers her look eclectic. Her co-workers are afraid to take her to meetings because her style is too casual and loud. Stacy and Clinton try to help her find appropriate work attire that will help her get promoted. Nick gives her a more managable style, while Carmindy shows her how to clean up her makeup and treat her skin for cold Boston weather. Melanie definately needs to rework her understanding of styles-- she enjoys wearing floor-length skirts, then says a knee-length skirt Stacy and Clinton recommend will make her look "like a grandma."moreless
  • Matt Harris
    Matt Harris
    Episode 5
    Matt, a rowdy, flamboyant radio talk show host, HATES pants, and insists that it's okay that he wears shorts all the time because he has a job where nobody sees him. Clinton & Stacy point out times when wearing pants are more appropriate, and coax him into getting a wardrobe that looks good when he's off the air and out with family and friends. Nick gives him a polished haircut, while Carmindy treats him to a spa facial.moreless
  • Belinda Tenothred
    Belinda Tenothred
    Episode 32
    Belinda's daughters nominated their mother for a makeover because Belinda, a succesful art teacher, spends all her time wearing either black baggy outfits or paint splattered clothes she wears to work in. The team helps her find outfits for work, fun, and art production. Nick helps her style her long hair she hasn't cut in over ten years, while Carmindy assists in creating a makeup palette for the artist.moreless
  • The Wedding Episode
    The Wedding Episode
    Episode 11
    It's a special wedding episode as the WNTW team helps a prospective bride dress her wedding party properly, from the bridesmaids, groomsmen, to the parents and the flower girl. Vesenia Hernandez is getting married at the end of the week, and she wants the WNTW team help her dress her groom, Scott, his mother, Beth, her mother, Gisela, and her best friend Chris, who's acting as the "man of honor." Stacy & Clinton give each member of the family, including Vesenia, a credit card for $1000 so they can each get an outfit for the wedding; Vesenia is ordered to get shoes for her gown and an outfit for the honeymoon.moreless
  • Kelly Denhart
    Kelly Denhart
    Episode 6
    Kelly, a stay at home mom, is stuck in the 1980s. In an interview, she claims to be inspired by Susan Lucci from "All My Children," but her appearance suggests Peg Bundy from "Married With Children," with a beehive hairdo hairsprayed in place and gold lame stirrup pants. Stacy and Clinton try to pull her out of her outdated rut, while Nick and Carmindy prove that changing her hair and makeup can make Kelly look much younger.moreless
  • Tish Merrill
    Tish Merrill
    Episode 9
    Drama is the word that best describes Tish, a 47-year-old blonde bombshell. Her clothes, however, are anything but dramatic. This North Carolina actress-turned-director is addicted to black clothing; in fact, she thinks that you have to wear black to be taken seriously. Stacy and Clinton have their work cut out for them, trying to convince Tish that the world is much better in Technicolor. While they're bringing a little va-va-voom to her wardrobe, Nick and Carmindy are bringing a little Hollywood glamour to our drama queen. Nick gives Tish a haircut that's sleek and slimming, while Carmindy shows her how to transform her day makeup into a sexy evening look. There will be comedy and tragedy as Tish learns What Not to Wear.moreless
  • Jennifer Freeman
    Jennifer Freeman
    Episode 7
    Jennifer, 25, is a new mother and a successful, full-time nurse. With a great husband and a loving family, why is Jennifer still dressing like she is 14? Perhaps it has something to do with her love of shopping in the juniors section; maybe it's her habit of wearing clothes that are so big she drowns in them, or outfits so small that her daughter could soon start wearing them. Whatever it is, Stacy and Clinton have to help this young lady's wardrobe catch up with the rest of her life, while Nick takes care of some overgrowth on the top of her head. With so much change in the works, the only question that still remains is whether this Southern belle is ready to part with her familiar ways and learn What Not To Wear.moreless
  • Charlie Hughes
    Charlie Hughes
    Episode 15
    Charlie is obsessed with purple clothes, and prefers to wear his casual, paint stained sweat clothes all the time. His argument for grunge wear is that his job as a boat restorer requires him to get dirty, so he wears clothing that's already worn and messy. Stacy and Clinton counter that Charlie should have some professional suits for meetings with clients and taking his family out to dinner. On the grooming front, Nick is appalled to hear Charlie confess that he washes his hair with soap! He tames the massive mop of unruly hair, while Carmindy gives advice on shaving properly and treating his sun damaged skin.moreless
  • Laurie Pratt
    Laurie Pratt
    Episode 25
    Laurie's from Plymouth, MA who works at a landscaping company. She wears baggy clothes and wears a hairstyle that she hasn't cut in 15 years. Laurie's lack of style isn't just a lack of interest, the last eight years, she's cared for her sick grandmother.
  • Maria Merchado
    Maria Merchado
    Episode 23
    Maria was taught by her mother that wearing black clothing was only for mourning, so she always wears bold, bright solid colors from head to toe. To that end, she has over 40 pairs of multi-colored matching shoes. Clinton and Stacy help Maria to understand that colors and patterns can be mixed and matched to create a bold style that isn't so loud. Maria complains to Nick that she has difficulty controling her frizzy afro style hair, so he gives her a shorter more manageable style hairdo.moreless
  • Nancy Herton
    Nancy Herton
    Episode 20
    Nancy, 44, is an Irish step dance instructor whose fashion sense is badly out of sync. With a vast wardrobe of T-shirts, sweatshirts and leggings, Nancy dresses for comfort — not for style. Lords of the fashion dance, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly will try to teach Nancy to jig to the beat of a new, chic drum. But will Nancy's record $4,000 clothing haul on her first day of shopping follow their rules? And watch Nick Arrojo get his moves on as he gives her a very short haircut, while Carmindy ditches Nancy's 1980s makeup for a more updated look. Let's hope Nancy's Irish eyes are smiling as she learns What Not to Wear.moreless
  • The $50,000 Dream Wardrobe Makeover
    New York music producer Lisa Smith Craig was offered the biggest surprise ambush offer in WNTW history! Instead of the usual $5000 to spend in NY boutiques, Clinton & Stacy gave her $50,000 and the opportunity to buy her new clothes in top boutiques in Paris, France. The real question is, how BAD do you have to dress for a series to offer you ten times their normal budget to dress better? Or are clothes in France ten times more expensive? Lisa proves she deserves the high priced change. A self proclaimed diva, Lisa sports a flaming red Kramer-style afro and dresses in a funky style her friends and co-workers consider more shabby than shabby chic. With the help of Clinton and Stacy (who look like they're dipping into the huge budget once in a while to make few purchases for themselves), Lisa can buy classy outfits that still reflect her unique style and flair.moreless
  • Eddie Wren
    Eddie Wren
    Episode 17
    Chicago, Ill., is home to short-order cook Eddie and his charity-case style poached from thrift stores. Despite ripped-up pajama pants, a plethora of polyester and natty bedroom slippers as footwear — Eddie is utterly convinced that his style rocks. It seems that Clinton and Stacy may have finally met their match. Tension builds as they attempt to make this misguided fashionista shift from thrift to success.moreless
  • Laura Mousetess
    Laura Mousetess
    Episode 18
    Laura is a 33-year-old accountant from Chicago. She's a hardworking mother of four who's also studying for her master's degree in the evening. But while she may be in charge of her company's finances, she's definitely not in charge of her style. She wears clothes that belong to both her 13-year-old daughter and her 56-year-old mother … and she thinks that comedy T-shirts are a good look at the office. For her, dressing like an adult means looking old. When Stacy and Clinton conduct their own style audit on Laura, can they persuade her that wearing stylish and age-appropriate fashions will help her both climb the corporate ladder and show off her true beauty?moreless
  • Mia Brant
    Mia Brant
    Episode 19
    As communications director for UNICEF, 40-something Mia has to be in the field making films about UNICEF's work, and on the red carpet welcoming celebrity UNICEF ambassadors to fund-raising events. But her colleagues say she wears the same oversized casual clothing wherever she is, and it doesn't fit with her high-profile position. Stacy and Clinton want to persuade this busy mother of three she can look the part without looking corporate or losing her sense of self. But can they get this charity worker to stop looking like a charity case?moreless
  • Amy Ernst
    Amy Ernst
    Episode 26
    Amy, a rising young attorney in Boston, prefers wearing baggy sports jerseys and sweats to suits, and has been mistaken for a messenger when asked to sign for documents. Clinton and Stacy work towards helping Amy create a professional look befitting her new career.
  • Alana Clinka
    Alana Clinka
    Episode 27
    Alana is a graphic design student whose outfits reflect that of a poor college student-- she likes baggy, comfortable worn clothes that she's even modified with scissors and safety pins to make them fit better. Stacy and Clinton point out that now that Alana is graduating soon, she's going to need a more professional wardrobe to be taken seriously for her work. After the makeover, the team is so pleased with Alana's new look that they help arrange a job interview for her.moreless
  • Sohni Sing
    Sohni Sing
    Episode 16
    Sohni has a funky '80's retro style that includes slicing up her shirts with scissors, which she calls "her best friends." (I still don't know how she smuggled them through airport security on the trip from Chicago-- maybe she took a bus?) Sohni aspires to attend law school, but her current wardrobe is more like a prostitute's than a prosecutor's. The team tries to lead her into selecting a more mature style of clothing that can still reflect her unique style for her leisure time, and respect her need for an "individual" look.moreless
  • Delia Espinoza
    Delia Espinoza
    Episode 14
    Twenty-six-year-old Delia, a recent M.B.A. graduate, favors quirky outfits more suited to a club kid than a professional executive. Stacy and Clinton have to convince this ex-Miami resident that there's more to looking young and fashionable than glitter and pink clothing. Hairstylist Nick Arrojo gives Delia's curly brown mane more volume. Makeup artist Carmindy steps in with a new routine to include colors that highlight her olive complexion. Watch this makeover transformation as Delia learns What Not to Wear!moreless
  • Ellyn Sollis
    Ellyn Sollis
    Episode 3
    New York music publicist Ellyn has lost over 120 pounds in two years, and now has a body she doesn't recognize. Ellyn struggles to dress her new shape in clothes that are appropriate but still feels more at home in comfortable, rather than flattering, styles. Clinton and Stacy need to persuade a doubtful Ellyn that she can wear cuts of clothing that will flatter her new figure and show it to its best advantage. Ellyn's hair is naturally red and curly, and hairstylist Nick Arrojo shows her how a different shape gives her face more definition, while makeup artist Carmindy has a special trick to bring out Ellyn's eyes.moreless
  • Melanie Lapatton
    Melanie Lapatton
    Episode 4
    Melanie, 44, is a former world champion ballroom dancer who now runs the Dance Times Square Studio in New York City. Vogue magazine has described this studio as "the most fashionable place to learn to dance in New York." While the venue may be fashionable, Melanie certainly isn't. She left fashion behind when she stopped competing, and now wears ill-fitting clothes — some too tight and some too baggy. And worst of all, she only wears one color — black! In this special episode of What Not to Wear, Melanie was surprised live on air! Clinton and Stacy will have one week to bring the sparkle and color back into her wardrobe, and to convince monochromatic Melanie that stepping off the competitive dance floor doesn't have to mean stepping off the fashion catwalk.moreless
  • What Not To Wear Greatest Moments
    Stacy and Clinton show clips of their favorite moments in the 2004 season. They also reveal outtakes and previously unseen footage of ambushes, shopping trips, and critiques.
  • What Not To Wear Out On The Town
    In honor of New Year's Eve, Stacy and Clinton host a party and give tips on what to wear to evening functions. They also review previous candidates to show inappropriate outfits, catch up with some past participants, and answer guest's questions about proper attire.
  • Jeanine Garrity
    Jeanine Garrity
    Episode 28
    Jeanine is a full time RN who also works part time as an Anna Nicole Smith impersonator. She says her wardrobe consists of work scrubs, Anna outfits, and her comfort wear, which is mostly baggy oversized sweatsuits. Stacy and Clinton try to help her find clothes that can fit in a more professional manner to wear anytime, while Carmindy tones down Jeanine's makeup to wear when she isn't "Anna."moreless
  • Ana Wyatt
    Ana Wyatt
    Episode 30
    Ana, a local music promoter, enjoys wearing exotic prints and large black baggy clothes. She has become self conscious about her style since losing 50 pounds, and doesn't know what fits anymore. The team tries to help her look more professional while maintaining her unique look.
  • Jenny Eames
    Jenny Eames
    Episode 31
    Jenny is a young mother studying to earn her Phd. She describes her style as \\\'caffeine addict,\\\' and prefers getting hand me down clothing from Goodwill to shopping. Her friends have dubbed her \\"Dr. Bohemian\\" and beg the design team to help Jenny find a professional appearance that will match her new career ambitions.moreless
  • Connie and Diana
    Connie and Diana
    Episode 41
    Maria Merchado enjoyed her What Not To Wear experience so much, she nominated her sisters! Maria thinks younger sister Connie is stuck in the 80's, while older sister Diana is too conservative and loves to wear too much black.
  • Naima Jones
    Naima Jones
    Episode 39
    29 year old Naima is about to graduate with a degree in political science, but her hip-hop wardrobe certainly doesn't convey an image of a future leader of the country. Can the team help her find a professional look that still allows Naima to reflect her funky personality?
  • Kristy Hennessey
    Kristy Hennessey
    Episode 33
    Kristy is a legal aide who likes to dress very conservatively and had a self conscious problem with showing her body. She wears certain outfits on certain days, and thinks she looks very professional. Clinton and Stacy try to help Kristy find more variety in her wardrobe and to realize she has a very flattering figure to show off.moreless
  • Mimi Miller
    Mimi Miller
    Episode 34
    Independent film producer Mimi believes in staying unnoticed behind the camera, so she tends to dress in black sweatsuits and comfortable outfits. Stacy and Clinton must convince her that she would make a more lucrative impression on potential backers if she looked more professional. Mimi attempts to adopt the "Hollywood producer" image while still retaining her own unique personality.moreless
  • Kristen Regan
    Kristen Regan
    Episode 35
    Aspiring photographer Kristen likes a Goth style to assert her individuality, but her friends claim the dark look may be costing her jobs. The WNTW team gets her to ditch the combat boot and black dresses for more professional clothes.
  • Raina Daley
    Raina Daley
    Episode 36
    Minnesota native Raina moved to California to join her boyfriend in LA, but she can't seem to give up wearing hooded sweatsuits all the time, even to work as a youth counselor. Raina argues that her short stature hinders her from finding pants that fit properly; if they fit around her waist, they tend to pool up around her feet. Stacy and Clinton help to get Raina some outfits for work and for fun to help her shed her shy self image. Calling Nikki Boyer!! Raina gets another surprise at the end of the episode when the team helps her boyfriend propose as well.moreless
  • Nancy Wells
    Nancy Wells
    Episode 42
    When WNTW toured local shopping malls, they offered attendants the chance to nominate themselves for a makeover. Nancy caught the cast's attention for her habit of wearing tight fitting clothing from the Junior department of the store, despite her approaching 40th birthday. They help her find outfits that still allow her to show off her wild personality without looking too young.moreless
  • Allison Millenakis
    Allison Millenakis
    Episode 43
    Allison is a receptionist for an insurance company, but her employers worry she may scare off customers with her extreme look. Dubbed by friends "Bride of Chewbacca," Allison has long frizzy dark hair, bright red lipstick applied like a crayon, and big saggy black shirts and sweaters.
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