What Not To Wear - Season 4

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Episode Guide

  • Nancy G.
    Nancy G.
    Episode 42
    Nancy, a single mother who wears pajama bottoms to work, gets fashion tips and a much-needed new wardrobe from Stacy and Clinton.
  • Kristen Van Dyne
    Kristen Van Dyne
    Episode 41
    Kristen's sloppy clothes and long dreadlocks are exchanged for a stylish, modern look.
  • Michelle Scheinman
    Michelle Scheinman
    Episode 40
    Michelle, a Senior Vice-President, trades in her '80s clothes for a wardrobe appropriate for her executive position.
  • Lauri
    Episode 39
    Lauri is a Human Resources manager in Las Vegas, but her friends think she dresses worse than the people she's interviewing for new hiring. Lauri takes "Casual Friday" a little too seiously, choosing to wear it everyday, and is practically addicted to her hooded sweatshirt, despite living in the desert.
  • Katie Mazzia
    Katie Mazzia
    Episode 38
    Katie's friends would like her to find outfits that wouldn't be such an obvious expression of her unique style. When they go shopping, she actually identifies new clothes by saying, "That's a Katie shirt."
  • Jennifer Nelson
    Jennifer Nelson
    Episode 37
    Zookeeper Jennifer wears her work uniform even in her off hours, and her friends are tiring of seeing her walking around in shirts covered in animal droppings and "chick juice" from the aviary.
  • Diane Schroeder
    Diane Schroeder
    Episode 36
    Clinton and Stacy give Diane, a hair stylist, a sophisticated, more age-appropriate, wardrobe.
  • Worst Dressed Family in America
    WNTW held a contest online to find the worst dressed family, and chose teachers Chris & Cindy Jenkins and their five daughters: Eden, twins Chloe and Courtney, Hannah, and Desi.
  • Betty Candome
    Betty Candome
    Episode 34
    Betty is an office manager, but her friends think that she dresses more like a children's entertainer, with her glittery sweaters with cats on them and baggy pants. Nick has difficulty getting through Betty's mass of curly hair and helps her get control of it.
  • Camilla Binks
    Camilla Binks
    Episode 33
    Camilla, a professional woman from Salt Lake City, gets a much-needed update to her worn-out wardrobe.
  • Catherine Knudson
    Catherine Knudson
    Episode 32
    Catherine is an art student about to graduate, and her clothing reflects it. A devout Mormon, she wears concealing clothing in wild colors and many layers. The team tries to get her to compromise so she can find a look that shows off her figure but can still be conservative.
  • Jeannie P.
    Jeannie P.
    Episode 31
    Jeannie, a mother of five who runs a day-care, needs an age-appropriate, updated wardrobe. Like many mothers, she has a hard time thinking of herself first.
  • Vandy Chisholm
    Vandy Chisholm
    Episode 30
    Vandy is a coordinator for the Sundance Film Festival, but her casual look does not suggest someone of such a profiled position. She claims that she has to wear fur boots and layered clothes due to the weather, but the team tries to get her to show off her figure and become less self conscious.moreless
  • Courtney Caldwell
    Courtney Caldwell
    Episode 29
    Courtney is a business consultant fresh out of college, so the only work clothing she can afford are business suits handed down from her mother. Unfortunately, Courtney's mother is taller than she is, so the suits make her look like she's swimming in them. Stacy and Clnton help her start a wardrobe that includes work and casual clothes that look good on her smaller frame.moreless
  • Jennifer Cambra
    Episode 28
    Jennifer is a child care specialist who just received her master's degree in education. Unfortunately, she doesn't project a professional image because her zafdig figure makes it difficult to find clothing that fits properly. Often, she has to resort to cutting garments and pinning them back together so they'll fit, resulting in a massive misshapen halter top collection. Clinton and Stacy hope to help Jennifer find flattering clothing that fits properly.moreless
  • Elaine Romanelli
    Episode 27
    Elaine is an aspiring singer who performs in local clubs, but her friends say her demure wardrobe is holding back the vibrant personality they know she is. The WNTW team help Elaine get ready for the big time auditions.
  • What Not To Underwear
    It's another WNTW first as the team tackles a delicate subject- undergarments. After asking TLC viewers to submit tapes of themselves nominating someone worthy of assistance, the team chooses three c-workers who each have very unique problems with selecting underwear: Gina, who is very tall but flat chested, Erin, who is short and has the opposite problem with her large bosom, and Yachiyo, who recently had surgery for breat cancer and now must find special bras for her breasts that are two different measurements. The team attempts to help each woman regain their esteem and look more polished.moreless
  • Ellen Engle
    Episode 25
    Ellen is another candidate frome the mall tour nominate yourself promotion. Ellen has difficulty finding clothes that fit her petite frame, especially formal dresses she must wear for her job as an assistant planner for political galas. Clinton and Stacy assist Ellen in finding the right fit and colors that she looks best in.moreless
  • Lynn Nanny
    Episode 24
    Lynn is a nanny in the Washington DC area who was chosen from the candidates in the mall tour contest. She argues that she doesn't like to dress up because her job requires her to get messy with her charges, so it's easier to wear clothes she wouldn't care about dirtying. She also has trouble finding clothes that fit her over 6'0' frame. Ever the rebel, Lynn refuses to let Nick cut her long hair (even after he shows her a montage of other long haired candidates he browbeat into letting him lop off their locks) and says Carmindy's makeup routine makes look "not like myself."moreless
  • Dara Howes
    Episode 23
    Dara is a war veteran and sucessful psychologist, so when the WNTW team confronts her about her boring wardrobe, her defense is that she's used to wearing either scrubs or uniforms, and doesn't know how to dress herself like a professional doctor.
  • Tracey Patterson
    Episode 22
    Tracey is a bartender and waitress, and newly engaged, but in her effort to keep up with the younger waitresses at her restaurant, she tends to wear tight fitting clothing that bares her midriff and shows too much cleavage. Clinton and Stacy help Tracey find outfits that let her look her age and still can be sexy, while Nick tones down her wild blonde locks to a nicer brunette 'do she likes even more.moreless
  • Suzannah Martin
    Episode 21
    Suzannah is a highly successful real estate agent, but her habits of wearing frumpy outfits and carrying her paperwork in a sack briefcase that can be mistaken for garbage is not helping her reputation. Can the team assist her in looking more like what most clients expect agents to look like?moreless
  • Beth Wade
    Episode 20
    Beth has a new job as a tour guide for the Chicago Culture Center, but it's difficult to believe she got hired from her appearance of dark clothing and tattoos all over her arms and legs. The WNTW team helps Beth tone down her Goth look to have a more professional appearance for her new job.moreless
  • Michelle Barlak
    Episode 19
    Michelle is the newly appointed PR director of the NYC branch of the American Kennel Club, but since she is used to working as a junior dog handler, she is more accustomed to dressing conservatively to show off the dog than herself. Stacy and Clinton help Michelle realise she has a great figure to show off herself and dress more grown up for her new job.moreless
  • Robin, a 4' 6" teacher from Chicago was voted worst dressed teacher and given a $5000 dollar Visa card with her name on it, on one condition, she give her whole wardrobe over to Stacy and Clinton. Can she learn what not to wear?
  • Best of 2005 Season Special
    The show's annual review of the past season, recalling favorite candidates, special themes, and showing never before seen footage of bloopers and ambushes.
  • Tomasita Gonzalez
    Episode 16
    WNTW went to a local business school to ask students to nominate themselves for makeovers. Tomasita, a 21 year old single mother studying to become a law clerk, won the right due to her tight fitting jeans and overly casual tops that did not really convey the dress code of the school. Stacy and Clinton help her look age appropriate and ready for job interviews.moreless
  • Liz Kressel
    Episode 15
    Liz is the CEO of a brand new cable TV channel in New York, but her friends and co-workers worry that she isn't projecting the best image for their new station. Dubbed "Last Minute Liz," for her habit of throwing together an outfit in a few minutes, Liz has a casual style that doesn't really impress new clientale. Clinton and Stacy help boost Liz's look so she's much more professional for backer's meetings.moreless
  • Kristen Kazlewski
    Episode 14
    Kristen is a medical technician who spends more time in scrubs all day than in casual clothes, so she doesn't see a need for finding a full wardrobe. The team helps her find a balance between her work hours and time off.
  • Susan Crandall
    Episode 13
    Susan is a recent graduate and is entering her first year of student teaching, but her baby t-shirts and low rise jeans make her look more like one of the students than the instructor.
  • Marcy Feinstone
    Episode 12
    Marcy is a rising young marketing executive who spends more time dressing her beloved dog, Peanut, than finding acceptable work attire. Clinton and Stacy help Marcy retain her eclectic style while looking professional, and even give Peanut a makeover, too.
  • High School Reunion #4- Annabel Cook
    Annabel, a graduate of the class of 1985, is reuniting with her best friends from high school that she met while on the drill team. A designer of her own prom dresses while in school, Annabel's taste runs from the serious business suits she now wears as an executive, to the Southern belle type gowns she created for dances. Her favorite accessory, to Stacy's horror, is an old Animal Crackers box she turned into a purse.moreless
  • High School Reunion #3- Teresa Spira
    Teresa, a member of the drill team and class of 1985, is meeting with three of best friends from high school, and the WNTW team is helping makeover the whole group.
  • High School Reunion #2- Audrey Davidson
    Audrey, Class of 85, is reuniting with the other members of her high school drill team; she and her friends agreed to be on WNTW as part of a series on High school reunion makeovers.
  • High School Reunion #1- Karen Coynes
    In another contest announced on tlc.com, WNTW asked for a team of friends, either four women or three women and one man, who were having their 20 year high school or college reunion during the weekend of August 5, 2005 to be made over before the reunion. Karen was a member of her high school drill team, and is reuniting with her three friends for the showmoreless
  • Wannabe
    Episode 7
    Stacy, Clinton, Nick & Carmindy interview people who applied to the show, following a contest posted on tlc.com, claiming that they are better at being makeup artists, hair stylists, and fashion editors than the team is. 12 finalists were chosen and challenged with a three day competition to see if they can match up.moreless
  • Worst Dressed Woman on the Rise : Joanna
    WNTW decided to look for the "Worst Dressed Woman on the Rise" to find women going up the corporate ladder who needed to refine their professional look. After looking at footage of fellow nominees April and Jo Rae, Joanna was chosen for her overly casual habit of wearing t-shirts and skirts rather than business suits to the office.moreless
  • Worst Dressed Woman In Government : Mai Parker
    TLC went to Washington, DC to choose the "Worst Dressed Woman in Government." After looking at footage of fellow nominees Wanda Mizzell and Jennifer Ruth, Mai Parker was chosen for her overly conservative wardrobe that hid her best features.
  • Kristine Gill
    Kristine Gill
    Episode 4
    Firefighter Kristine prefers to dress up like "one of the guys" since she spends so much time around the firehouse. Stacy and Clinton try to help Kristine bring out her feminine side so she can dress up when she's out of uniform.
  • Where Are They Now?
    What Not To Wear decided to catch up with two previous participants and see if they were still keeping up with Clinton and Stacy's rules. Music producer Ellyn Solis and aspring musician Megan Slankard were invited back to the show to review what they've purchased since they were on the show last, then given a gift of $1000 as a thank you.moreless
  • Leona Lisa
    Leona Lisa
    Episode 2
    Leona is a rising graphic artist in Seattle, but her frumpy style disguises her amazing talents. Stacy and Clinton help Leona find a classic look while still expressing her creativity.
  • Christine
    Episode 1
    Christine, a renowed graphic artist in Seattle, dresses to reflect her casual lifestyle as an artist. In a WNTW first, the team decides to stay in Seattle to let Christine have her shopping trip, and even set up the 360 mirror in her living room to critique her wardrobe.