What Not To Wear - Season 5

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Episode Guide

  • Natalie Goth
    Natalie Goth
    Episode 35
    Natalie, a 22 year old interior design intern, loves to wear dark clothes and gothic makeup. Although her boss knows she is very talented, which is why she hired Natalie, she is also afraid that with her unusual Goth look, Natalie will frighten away her clients. Clinton and Stacy try to convince Natalie to tone down her scary appearance to keep her job, but still exude how own individuality.moreless
  • Kim David
    Kim David
    Episode 34
    Kim is an aspiring actress who moved to California to jump start her career, but she's afraid to go on auditions because she doesn't think her current clothes give a good enough first impression to casting directors. The team helps her design outfits that are suitable for tryouts and going out with friends.moreless
  • Valerie
    Episode 33
    Valerie is a freelance television production assistant, spending most of her time editing footage, so she thinks that she can dress casually all the time. The team thinks that if Valerie cleaned up her look, she could have a better opportunity for promotion in the studio.
  • Desiree
    Episode 32
    Desiree is a hairdresser and part time auto mechanic, so she sees nothing wrong with dressing down in a tomboy style of greasy t-shirts and worn jeans. In fact, when Stacy and Clinton show up to ambush her in her boss's salon, she locks herself in the bathroom and almost refuses to participate. The teams tries to help her find a happy medium between the tough exterior she's taken so long to develop and her feminine side.moreless
  • Alicia
    Episode 31
    Alicia, a nursing student nominated by her boyfriend Robert, recently lost 30 pounds, but is unsure how to dress her new figure, so she mainly stays in the scrubs she wears for work. Stacy and Clinton help her find a new wardrobe for her off hours.
  • Wedding Special
    Wedding Special
    Episode 30
    Clinton and Stacy invite a group of brides to be to a wedding gown showroom to help them select the perfect dress for their upcoming wedding. Three brides, Cristina, Crystal and Meghan, get chosen from the group to get private consultation, and Cristina wins the prize of having a custom made dress designed to her specifications for the ceremony.moreless
  • Lisa Kovski
    Lisa Kovski
    Episode 29
    Lisa is a junior high school teacher who dresses more like the students she teaches, wearing mostly t shirts and jeans. She argues that because of a long commute from home, she just throws on what's available. Clinton and Stacy try to help her find a more grown up wardrobe that's still ready to wear.moreless
  • Erin
    Episode 28
    Erin is an assistant in a film archive studio, and when she isn't wearing a lab coat and gloves, she likes to dress in funky, bright colors and clashing patterns. She refuses to change, makes faces at Stacy and Clinton's choices of conservative colors, and gives Nick a challenge with her uncontrollable hair.moreless
  • Jennifer Cox
    Jennifer Cox
    Episode 27
    Jennifer is a New York dog groomer who owns her own business, but doesn't dress like the high end entrepreneur she wants to be. Her argument is that she doesn't want to get nice clothes covered in dog hair, but the WNTW team make her see that she will bring in more clientele with a more professional appearance.moreless
  • Bonnie C.
    Bonnie C.
    Episode 26
    Forty-two-year-old Bonnie gives up her sloppy attire for a fashion makeover.
  • Kim Schults
    Kim Schults
    Episode 25
    Kim is working part time as a swimming coach while training for a new career as a motivational "Life Coach." Unfortunately for Kim, the WNTW team disapproves of her endless t-shirts, shorts and flip flop collection and get to work on a more impressive wardrobe.
  • Leigh Whitlack
    Leigh Whitlack
    Episode 24
    Leigh is a high school teacher, recently divorced, who just lost 30 pounds, so she had to deal with finding new clothes that fit her new body and also let her step back into the dating pool.
  • Behind the Seams Special
    In a change of pace for the show, the series goes behind the scenes and profiles the how to procedures for filming an episode. Clips of shows featuring Jenny Clark, Carey McElroy, & Laurie Trombley are included with Q & A Segments featuring the hosts and stylists.
  • Renee O'Malley
    Renee O'Malley
    Episode 22
    Synopsis to follow
  • Molly P.
    Molly P.
    Episode 21
    Molly recently graduated fashion design school, but her strange style belies her education. The team try to help Molly understand that if she wants to be taken seriously as a designer, she has to look like one.
  • Pam Deluco
    Pam Deluco
    Episode 20
    Pam is a fiber artist who likes to create her own unique garments from yarn. Unfortunately, this makes her a little unapproachable, and that makes it difficult for her to market her art. The team tries to come up with a look that makes Pam look professional without getting rid of her quirky style.moreless
  • Lesle Harwood
    Lesle Harwood
    Episode 19
    Lesle has a unique distinction of being the longest survivor of congenital heart disease and has been chosen as a representative for the American Heart Association. Lesle needs a more sophisticated look for her speaking engagements, and especially needs a special outfit for the annual fundraiser where she is being honored. Can Stacy and Clinton help pull Lesle into the 21st century and away from her frumpy outfits reminiscent of the 80's?moreless
  • Shaeffer
    Episode 18
    Shaeffer is an aspiring law student, but her current wardrobe is much too young looking for a new lawyer. The team is recruited to help her find a more mature legal attire.
  • Kerri A.
    Kerri A.
    Episode 17
    Kerri works as a youth counselor, but her friends and family claim Kerri dresses more like the students she teaches rather than an adviser. Kerri loves to wear very casual clothing and isn't ashamed to admit she hates to wear a bra except at work. Can the WNTW team make her look more like the professional she is?moreless
  • Sarah Dupuis
    Sarah Dupuis
    Episode 16
    Sarah and her husband are attempting to launch a high end real estate business in Seattle, but her spouse is afraid that Sarah's overly casual attire of sweats and hooded jackets will drive clients away! He calls in the WNTW team to help make Sarah look more professional.
  • Rita Mitchell
    Rita Mitchell
    Episode 15
    Rita is a newlywed, but often gets mistaken for the husband instead of the wife due to her very short haircut and casual wardrobe of jeans and t-shirts. Clinton and Stacy hope to make Rita look more feminine.
  • Made in Manhattan
    Made in Manhattan
    Episode 14
    Sherily Toledo is a busy single parent who has basically given up a lot of things in life in order to support herself and her young son. Sherily's sister believes she deserves the best since she does so much for everybody else, and the WNTW team agrees. Not only do they surprise Sherily with the usual $5000 shopping spree, but they invite her to attend the New York premiere of the movie "Dreamgirls" with her favorite daytime drama actor, Jacob Young from All My Children, as her escort.moreless
  • Cristina Hernandez
    Cristina Hernandez
    Episode 13
    Cristina works as a crisis resolution counselor, lecturing in high schools about preventing fights and violence. Unfortunately, her style reflects a far less professional image since she likes to dress in tight skimpy outfits and admits she "loves her breasts" so she enjoys showing them off. The WNTW team attempt to tone down Cristina's look so that she is more tailored, but still can be her unique self.moreless
  • Laurie Trombley
    Laurie Trombley
    Episode 12
    Laurie is an office HR manager who loves to dress in funky theme outfits, like "Naughty Secretary" or "Victorian Schoolteacher," but her co-workers think she is giving the wrong impression of a person in charge of an office, especially someone who is supposed to hire other employees. Clinton and Stacy have their work cut out for them as Laurie continually breaks all the rules, including buying back a dress they made her throw out!moreless
  • Jenny Clark
    Jenny Clark
    Episode 11
    Jenny is an improvisational comedian who has a very eclectic style; her clothes vary from Victorian librarian type dresses that cover up everything to quirky tight fitting suits her friends describe as "space hooker." Stacy and Clinton try to help Jenny find a design style somewhere in between the two that still allows her to show off her funny personality.moreless
  • Carey McElroy
    Carey McElroy
    Episode 10
    Carey, a caregiver from Atlanta, gives up her oversized clothes for a whole new wardrobe.
  • Redo My Spouse
    Episode 9
    In a unique change from the show's usual format, Clinton travels to the home of Jennifer & Del Wimmer to help the couple makeover both their wardrobes and their personal conflicts that are causing problems in their marriage.
  • Worst Dressed Bachelorette : Shireen Malley
    Shireen was one of three women voted Austin's Worst Dressed Bachelorette by the WNTW staff. Shireen earned the honor due to her provocative style of wearing low cut tops and short shorts, and no shame in her "hoochy" gear. Clinton and Stacy try to help Shireen understand that she would most likely be more attractive to eligible men if she looked less trashy.moreless
  • Worst Dressed Bachelorette : Ginger Collins
    Ginger was chosen as one of Austin's Worst Dressed Bachelorettes, and was sent to New York for a makeover. Ginger recently lost weight, and is having difficulty finding a new style for her new figure. She continues to wear her old "fat" clothes and hand me downs from her family, making her look saggy and larger than she is. Stacy and Clinton try to assist Ginger in looking more feminine and pulled together.moreless
  • Worst Dressed Bachelorette : Christina Cagle
    Clinton and Stacy went to Austin, Texas to decide the "Worst Dressed Bachelorette." They narrowed their choices to Christina Cagle, who admits she scares men away with her odd tomboy look combined with wacky wigs; Shireen Malley, a single mom who overdoes her "hoochie" look; and Ginger Collins, who is self conscious about a recent weight loss and turned to her mother's wardrobe for variety. In a unique turn for the series, the cast couldn't decide on one person, so they invited all three ladies to come to New York for a shopping spree. Christina was up first, allowing the team to create a more feminine look for her that still reflects her hip personality.moreless
  • High School Reunion 86: Stacey Alziebler
    Stacey has lost touch with her best friends, Marissa and Cheryl, since moving to New York after graduating high school. She plans to attend the Saugus High School Class of 1986 reunion, and the WNTW team has offered to help her look terrific.
  • What Not To Wear: Pageant Rewind
    Stacy London creates another first for the show as she proposes a unique makeover idea: she finds three former beauty pageant contestants who competed with each other for the Miss South Carolina title in 1986, and invites them to be made over for a modern day pageant today. In addition, they will be expected to recreate the talent portion of their program. Will the ladies be as interested in pageants in their 40's as they were in their 20's?moreless
  • High School Reunion 86: Marissa Piershing
    Marissa is attending the Saugus High School reunion class of 1986, meeting her friends Stacey and Cheryl after a 20 year separation. Marissa hates shopping and is addicted to two things: online purchases (so she doesn't have to go in person to stores) and black running outfits with tennis shoes. Can the WNTW team help Marissa rediscover color and help her make a knockout impression at the reunion?moreless
  • High School Reunion 86: Cheryl Northrup
    For the second time, the WNTW team reunites best friends from high school and gives them the makeover treatment. Cheryl, from Saucus High School Class of 1986, is meeting Marissa and Stacy after 20 years apart.
  • What Not To Wear: Baby On Board
    In another unique theme show, Stacy and Clinton interviewed several expectant mothers and new mothers to choose new makeover candidates. After selecting Elizabeth, a mother in her first trimester; Laura, a mother in her third trimester; and Lisa, who just gave birth a few months ago, they helped the ladies find flattering clothes that work around their changing bodies.moreless