What Not To Wear - Season 6

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  • Tonya
    Episode 40
    Tonya is a stay at home mom, but her husband is starting a new business, and he's afraid that Tonya's very casual dress style will give a bad impression to future clients he wants to impress. He also feels that Tonya needs a pick me up in her self esteem, so he nominated her for a makeover to help her feel better.moreless
  • Jackie
    Episode 39
    Jackie is a graduate student in education, working towards becoming a college professor. Unfortunately, her dress of t-shirts, shorts and sneakers gets her mistaken for her students more than looking like the teacher.
  • Glenda
    Episode 38
    Glenda works as a court stenographer, but her family feels that her wardrobe does not reflect her important job and might even be preventing her from getting promotions. Stacy and Clinton work to help her design a professional style.
  • Heather Button
    Heather Button
    Episode 37
    Heather is a textile designer for custom bedding, but her friends and family are beginning to think that she's wearing her designs for sheets as clothing. Heather likes to reflect her bubbly fun personality by wearing bright colors and floral patterns, but it comes across as loud and unflattering. Stacy and Clinton try to help Heather develop a professional style that will help her be taken seriously in her job, while still reflecting her individual preferences for creative looks.moreless
  • Tara Kirk
    Tara Kirk
    Episode 36
    Tara is an Olympic athlete in swimming, having competed in Athens in 2004 and is gearing up for the Beijing games in August. She gets frustrated that she has to have all her clothes tailored to accommodate her muscular figure, especially her broad shoulders. In order to help Tara to work around her training schedule, Stacy and Clinton come to her home town of Palo Alto, CA instead of taking her to New York, and oversee her San Fransisco shopping excursion.moreless
  • Kandiss
    Episode 35
    Kandiss works as an assistant in a law firm while trying to earn enough money to branch out into her real love, a career as a hairdresser, which she currently does part time. Her family and friends think that Kandiss's casual attire of t-shirts and short skirts does nothing for either job she's trying to hold down. Stacy and Clinton are called in to help her develop a professional look that will draw in clients.moreless
  • What Not to Wear- At Sea
    Stacy surprises a candidate who just thought she was taking a weekend cruise with her family, then found herself trapped on a floating makeover show! Robin was nominated by her cousins, Heather and Kim, because they think Robin's overly casual attire contradicts her bubbly personality and makes her look years older. Stacy brings along Nick and Carmindy on board the Norwegian Gem cruise ship, traveling from New York City to the Bahamas, to give the ladies some necessary pampering and update Robin's look.moreless
  • Jennifer Bartok
    Jennifer Bartok
    Episode 33
    Jennifer Bartok is a New York City fashion producer, but the way she dresses, you'd think she worked in construction! Stacy and Clinton help this 30-something-year-old discover how to dress herself as fabulously as she does her runway models, just in time for her red carpet walk!
  • JoAnne Schram
    JoAnne Schram
    Episode 32
    JoAnne is a law student putting herself through school by also working as a dental hygenist, so her wardrobe is usually scrubs for work or sweats for when she's in class. The WNTW team helps her develop a new look for a future attorney and a mature image for the courtroom.moreless
  • Sunny
    Episode 31
    Sunny is an aspiring actress who undermines her career by dressing in a fantasy world style, complete with glitter and fairy wings on her back! Stacy and Clinton try to snap her out of her Tinkerbell complex and create a work wardrobe befit for auditions and call backs.
  • Natalie Parsons
    Natalie Parsons
    Episode 30
    Natalie is a Los Angeles firefighter and paramedic, so she sees nothing wrong with dressing "like one of the guys" so she's always ready for work in an emergency. Stacy and Clinton help Natalie tune into her feminine side and develop a wardrobe for off duty hours.
  • Jessica Strauss
    Jessica Strauss
    Episode 29
    Jessica is a personal assistant to an author who specializes in books about women in the workplace dressing properly, so it's most ironic that her boss nominated her for the show since Jessica dresses so frumpy she's giving a poor image for her boss. Her makeover is so successful that she even gets a promotion afterwards.moreless
  • Roslyn & Kirstyn Cobb
    Roslyn and Kirstyn, a mother and daughter, discovered that they had each nominated one another for the show when Clinton and Stacy showed up for a double ambush and told them they both got selected. Roslyn, a new business owner, wears oversized suits that don't flatter her figure and possibly turn new clients away, while Kirstyn, a recent high school graduate, still clings on to her punk rock style that makes her look younger than she is, and her mother fears Kirstyn won't be taken seriously when she starts looking for work.moreless
  • Amber
    Episode 27
    Amber, a construction worker, has been living like a recluse with her young son since her husband died five years ago, falling off a building job site. Her friends and family would like Amber to find closure and move on, and think a new look might be just the thing to help her restart her life.moreless
  • Katherine K.
    Katherine K.
    Episode 26
    Katherine is a rising attorney who has just been appointed to her state's supreme court as a trial lawyer. Her friends nominated her because they think her outfits are TOO conservative, since she likes to wear black or grey suits that cover up everything and don't convey her bubbly personality.
  • Tara Pike-Nordstrom
    Tara Pike-Nordstrom
    Episode 25
    Tara runs an environmentally conscious recycling center in Las Vegas, so she doesn't mind wearing grungy clothes and getting dirty all the time. She almost turns down the makeover because she doesn't want to support clothing manufacturers that use artificial materials, but Clinton and Stacy take her to some specialty stores so she can get a new look while still retaining her ideals.moreless
  • Tara
    Episode 25
    Tara owns a recycling site in Las Vegas, and spends her days fighting for the environment. Stacy and Clinton show her how she can have a wardrobe to match her eco friendly message.
  • 4/11/08
    Donna and Robert got married, but then separated when they began having problems with fertility; they reconciled, had a lovely baby girl, and now want to renew their wedding vows. Their friends and family don't think that their casual outfits are appropriate for a wedding, so Clinton and Stacy crash the ceremony and take the couple out to get new outfits.moreless
  • Danielle Solan
    Danielle Solan
    Episode 23
    Danielle is a young music teacher who just lost 120 pounds, but she's unsure how to dress her new figure, so she still wears her old baggy "fat" clothes.
  • Joy Menefee
    Joy Menefee
    Episode 22
    Joy's boyfriend, Brandon, nominated her for the show because Joy likes to dress much more provocatively than he would like, since they've been denied admission to some clubs due just to Joy's outfits. The Team tries to help Joy find more conservative clothes that still allow her to show her unique style.moreless
  • Addie Broyles
    Addie Broyles
    Episode 21
    Addie is a new reporter at the Austin Statesman newspaper, and recently became engaged to the lead singer of a rising rock band. Addie's friends and family argue that her casual style does not give people the impression that she's either a musician's wife or a newsperson, so the team gives her a style makeover to define her new look.moreless
  • Kathy Garth
    Kathy Garth
    Episode 20
    Kathy helps her husband run a home building business in Austin, so she justifies her grubby clothes by claiming she doesn't want to ruin "nice" clothes at the job site. The WNTW team convince her she needs clothes for other occasions as well, such as family outings or meeting with new clients.moreless
  • Dottie Garrett
    Dottie Garrett
    Episode 19
    Dottie, a single parent, dresses frumpy for her job in construction, but then wears outfits considered "hoochie" when she goes out for dates at night. Stacy and Clinton attempt to help Dottie find a happy medium between a more professional work wardrobe and social outfits that attract the kind of men Dottie's interested in. In a WNTW first, the team ambushes Dottie while she's taking her son to the monster truck races for his birthday, and they run over her clothes with the truck!moreless
  • Katherine Rautenberg
    Katherine is a recent college graduate and a journalist interning for a Minneapolis newspaper. Unfortunately, her style is more stuck in the 90's than the 21st century. The team helps Katherine look more like an up and coming reporter in her 20's, and Katherine gets material for an article in her paper.moreless
  • Rosemary King
    Rosemary King
    Episode 17
    Rosemary, a military wife, nominated herself for a makeover because she wants to update her look before her husband returns from his Navy deployment.
  • Kathy W.
    Kathy W.
    Episode 16
    Kathy is a shy single mother who's finally ready to reenter the dating scene, but her reserved personality and boring clothing is not making her much of a date magnet. Clinton and Stacy attempt to bring Kathy out of her shell.
  • Melissa Jo "Mojo" Bizzell
    Melissa, a fitness instructor nicknamed Mojo, had a frightening scare with a heart attack at the age of 19. After having surgery to correct the problem, Melissa applied to the American Heart Association's Go Red Campaign to become a heart health spokesperson for her state. Friends and family nominated Mojo because she's usually wearing workout gear and needs some fancier clothes to attend AHA functions.moreless
  • Cheri Capris
    Cheri Capris
    Episode 14
    Cheri has a relaxed style, preferring to wear light shirts and capri pants as often as she can.
  • Kelly Jakkie
    Kelly Jakkie
    Episode 13
    Kelly produces children's television series, but her unusual style would look better in front of the camera instead of behind it.
  • Greatest Transformations Special
    Clinton and Stacy review their favorite candidates, and classify them into specific categories: Hoochie- Christina Hernandez and Gina Marchiano/ Rebels- Cal & Tammie Hudson and Erin (the film restorer)/ Moms on the Go- Lisa (from the Expectant Mothers Special) and Lauri Noel/ Stuck in a Time Warp- Laurie Pratt and Ed Madisevic/ Schlumpy- Amy Ernst and Ginger Collins/ Invisible- Dara Howes.moreless
  • Triplets Special- Amanda, Theresa & Angela
    WNTW has another first: they've offered to help a trio of fraternal sisters, nominated by their mother, to help them with their casual, boring wardrobes. The team helps the ladies come up with their own individual looks to help tell them apart much easier.
  • Viewer's FAQ
    Viewer's FAQ
    Episode 10
    Clinton and Stacy take the time to answer letters from viewers, and use clips from past episodes to illustrate answers to the most popular questions asked.
  • Annie
    Episode 9
    Annie is an intern for a management company, but needs a new wardrobe to help her look more presentable at job interviews in her search for a full time position.
  • Carrie Hoodies
    Carrie Hoodies
    Episode 8
    Carrie's dress is extremely casual in her relaxed workplace, and she loves to wear hooded sweatshirts and jackets.
  • Tamara Hill Garner
    Tamara Hill Garner
    Episode 7
    Tamara was lucky enough to be selected to be on the show by entering a contest in USA Weekend magazine.
  • Rebecca Chiccpa
    Rebecca Chiccpa
    Episode 6
    Rebecca is a an accountant in Chicago, and she likes blending into the woodwork in her dumpy clothes.
  • Jen & Julie Dreyer
    Jen & Julie Dreyer
    Episode 5
    Julie offered to help her sister Jen's boyfriend nominate Jen for the show, but when Clinton and Stacy got a look at the secret footage, they decided both sisters needed to be made over!
  • Michelle Gallagher
    Michelle Gallagher
    Episode 4
    Michelle is studying to get her Phd in philosophy, but is so self conscious about her body image that she lets her mother and sister pick out her clothes for her.
  • Jennifer Manpants
    Jennifer Manpants
    Episode 3
    Jennifer is an actress an improv comedian working in New York, but her wardrobe consists of oversized men's clothing and baggy pants that hide her great figure and might be preventing her from getting jobs.
  • Ashley
    Episode 2
    Ashley is a marketing manager who seems to have a split personality: she dresses very conservatively at work, but her evening outfits are described by her family and friends as "hoochie."
  • Wear Are They Now? Special
    Stacy and Clinton catch up with 8 past candidates and see if they kept up with their new looks or slipped back into their patterns of bad taste. Invited to the reunion are: Marcy Feinstone, Belinda Hill, Melanie LaPatton, Michaela Krenks, Cristina Hernandez, Susan Crandall, Jeannie "Gogoboots", and Nancy Herton, who shocks the team by announcing she lost 30 pounds since her appearance and now can't fit into the new clothes! Stacy and Clinton agree to give Nancy a "mini-makeover" of $1000 so she can buy a new outfit for an upcoming special event with her family. Nick and Carmindy surprise Michaela by offering to fix her hair and makeup, which she hated the first time out.moreless