What Not To Wear - Season 7

Tuesday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Jan 18, 2003 In Season


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  • Debbie Gleicher
    Debbie Gleicher
    Episode 18
    You know your wardrobe is bad when you get nominated for the show by Clinton Kelly himself! Debbie is a good friend of Clinton's who runs the Chelsea Pier Athletic Club, but even he's tired of her casual workout gear outfits. He and Stacy try to help Debbie come up with a more professional look to match her job title.moreless
  • A New Look for Love
    Episode 17
    In another recap special, just in time for Valentine's Day, Clinton and Stacy recall the single mothers they helped makeover in hopes of improving the ladies' love lives. Participants remembered are: Shireen Malley, Dottie Garrett, Sherily Toledo, Tomasita Gonzalez, and Kathy J.
  • Carla Leonard
    Carla Leonard
    Episode 16
    Carla is the 2009 Go Red spokesperson for the American Heart Association. She feels very lucky to have survived a recent heart attack, and now feels that she needs to update her look if she's going to be representing such an important organization.
  • Downsized Special
    Downsized Special
    Episode 15
    In this recap special, Clinton and Stacy recall candidates that they made over because the ladies had all lost significant amounts of weight, so their current wardrobes didn't fit anymore. Past applicants reviewed are : Danielle Solan, Kristen Kazlewski, Renee O'Malley, Alicia Robert, and lawyer Catherine K.
  • Jennifer Sherwood
    Jennifer Sherwood
    Episode 14
    Jennifer is the director of the Turtle Bay Music School in New York City, but she tends to dress more like her teenage students than an executive administrator. Friends knew they had to nominate her when one of the young students complimented her on her "sparkly jeans."
  • Moriah Rose Lit
    Moriah Rose Lit
    Episode 13
    Moriah works for a moving company, and for her professional wardrobe has borrowed her mother's old clothes; there's just one problem: her mother's clothes are two sizes bigger than Moriah, so they make her look bigger than she is. Stacy and Clinton try to find her stylish outfits in the right size.moreless
  • Yorina Belizaire
    Yorina Belizaire
    Episode 12
    Yorina is a nutritionist at a hospital, so she sees nothing wrong with wearing scrubs almost 24/7. Her friends nominated so that Clinton and Stacy could convince her to wear other outfits in her leisure time.
  • Cathy Ryan
    Cathy Ryan
    Episode 11
    Cathy just moved from Virginia to New york City to help her husband pursue his career, but she feels like a fish out of water with her casual look compared to all the native New Yorkers she sees around her. Cathy was actually chosen by the producers after she nominated herself at an audition in Times Square.moreless
  • Marianna Epright
    Marianna Epright
    Episode 10
    Marianna stands out at her job because of her love of colorful festive holiday sweaters. The WNTW staff tries to get to her wear clothing that is less seasonal and more neutral for the rest of the year.
  • Tami Levin
    Tami Levin
    Episode 9
    Tami is the director of Victim's Services for the Philadelphia police department, but her dress is far from one of her professional level. She sees nothing wrong with putting a white dress shirt over her workout clothes and going from the gym to the office. Stacy and Clinton try to help her find a more respectful style.moreless
  • 11/21/08
    In another year end compilation review, Stacy and Clinton recall the hardest to deal with participants who agreed to be on the show, and how they didn't want to adjust to the rules in their makeovers.
  • Lynn
    Episode 7
    Synopsis to follow after show airs.
  • Michelle
    Episode 6
    Michelle is addicted to shopping at thrift stores, and loves a bargain. Michelle's friends claim that if Stacy and Clinton gave her $5000, she'd find 5000 one dollar items. The team tries to help her find a few quality outfits and not worry about the prices.
  • From Hoochie to Hottie
    Clinton and Stacy decide to show clips of their favorite candidates who got nominated for the show because of their "inappropriate" type of dressing, showing off to much cleavage, too tight clothing, too much makeup, and tacky clothes. Noted candidates include Misty Mazey, Niya Battle, Naima Jones, Tracy Patterson, Irene Frolick, Jennifer Cambra, Michaela Krenks, Jeannie P, Mai Parker, Jennifer Nelson, Tamara Hill Garner, Karen Coynes, Nanci Wells, Sohni Sing, Tanya Dwyer, Tomasita Gonzalez, and Betty Candome. Then they visit a recent candidate, Joy Menefee, to see how she's been doing since the show.moreless
  • Mala
    Episode 4
    Mala is a lawyer in Chicago working towards becoming a delegate, campaigning for the Obama presidency. Mala either dresses very conservatively for court, or extremely casually during her off hours in t-shirts and sweats. The team works to help her find a medium ground to help her look her best.
  • Amanda Cohen
    Amanda Cohen
    Episode 3
    Amanda is an actress who works mainly as a face painter for children's parties, and thinks that her outrageous costumes are fine to wear even when she isn't working. Clinton and Stacy attempt to provide Amanda with a wardrobe that will make people take her more seriously while not hindering her unique personality.moreless
  • Then & Now
    Episode 2
    WNTW revisits five past contributors to see if they've kept up with the rules they learned in their makeover. The cast catches up with Sohni Sing, Beth Wade, Leigh Whitlack, Ginger Collins and Schaeffer Lapham to see how they have sopped for new clothes and if their makeovers helped in their social lives, such as job promotions and dating prospects.moreless
  • Cheyenne Brinson
    Cheyenne Brinson
    Episode 1
    Cheyenne is an accountant who works for Bridge to Success, a non profit organization that helps unemployed job seekers in the Chicago area get assistance with refining their wardrobe and interview skills to improve their chances of acquiring work. Unfortunately, Cheyenne's casual style of dull pantsuits has her bosses afraid she needs their help more than their clients. Clinton and Stacy try to help Cheyenne find her own professional look.moreless