What Not To Wear

Season 5 Episode 4

What Not To Wear: Pageant Rewind

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 08, 2006 on TLC

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  • Eh, this definalty wasnt my favorite episode.

    During the entire thing, i was like ummm... wheres clinton? I NEED MY CLINTON! Basically i thought this episode was just a filler.

    I didnt really like the whole idea of the pagent rewind. It didnt follow the basic outline of the show. No one got made over, or jerked back into reality about how terrible theri clohtes were, and i missed that. To be honest, usually when i watch this show it has my full atention, but this time i only watched bits and peices. I Miss Nick, and Carmondy, becauce they did add little bits of humor at the end.

    It was boring that history repeated itself, though. So as you can probably tell, I didnt enjoy this episode at all, lets hope next time we will have Clinton, along with the old ways back.
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