What Should You Do?

Friday 12:00 AM on Lifetime Premiered Apr 01, 2003 Between Seasons


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  • Season 2
    • Episode 45
    • Episode 44
    • Episode 44
    • Episode 43
    • Episode 42
    • Episode 41
    • Episode 40
      Episode 40
      Episode 23
      A spectator at a boat race is shocked when a boat lands on top of her. A family falls victim to a crazed gunman while checking into a hotel late at night. A motorcyclist is hit by a car and flies 15 feet through the air. A man attacks a woman in her home and she uses charm to try and survive. A teenager has a severe allergic reaction--which is mistaken for an asthma attack. A woman's car plunges out of control into a river with her and a young baby inside. In a Did You Know? segment, viewers learn travel survival tips.moreless
    • Episode 39
      Episode 39
      Episode 22
      A man is buried under 35 feet of snow after an avalanche. He then escapes two more avalanches! A school bus veers out of control after the driver suffers a heart attack and another bus driver must take action. A crazed killer drives into a restaurant and begins executing everyone inside. A blue marlin stabs a woman as her friend attempts to catch it. Finally, a baby is snatched from her mother in broad daylight in a store parking lot. Also, in a special Did You Know? segment, tips are given to save a tooth that falls out, to treat a water burn, and to prevent child poisoning in your home.moreless
    • Episode 38
      Episode 38
      Episode 21
      A woman is stranded in the wilderness for days after an accident. Another woman is attacked by two mountain lions on a hike. Then, a woman discovers a hidden camera in her workplace's bathroom. A man is pinned under two stories of debris after his apartment building collapses in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. Finally, a husband and wife tail a thief who they see running away from the scene of the crime.moreless
    • Episode 37
      Episode 37
      Episode 20
      A woman is the target of a sniper in a rural area. A former talk show host finds a burning car with a man inside. A rattlesnake suddenly appears on a woman's dashboard while she's driving on a long bridge. A woman is electrocuted when she touches the door handle of her motorhome, unaware that a power line had fallen on top of it. Finally, a freshman in high school is subject to a brutal hazing. In a special Did You Know? segment, viewers are informed that 85% of parents don't use baby car seats safely and that dog car seats are a safe way for dogs to travel.moreless
    • Episode 36
      Episode 36
      Episode 19
      A man is buried alive when an avalanche swallows him and his snowmobile. Then, an armed man takes a college classroom hostage. After that, two women find a burning truck with a man inside. A woman finds a 250 pound bear in her garage. In a Did You Know? segment, viewers learn how to give snout-to-mouth respiration and CPR to dogs, how to save your own life if you're choking, and how to use a surprisingly complicated fire extinguisher. Then, a battery explodes and a man gets acid on his face and in his eyes. Finally, two armed bank robbers show up on a family's porch.moreless
    • Episode 35
      Episode 35
      Episode 18
      A couple is trapped in the middle of an ocean for weeks. A woman notices a house is on fire and tries to save the people inside. A diabetic has an insulin attack while driving. A high schooler tries to save the life of a choking student on a school bus. Two women are kidnapped and held hostage by an armed convict. In a "Did You Know?" segment we learn about some old wive's tales that could actually reduce victims' chances of surviving such as cutting and sucking on a snakebite wound and rubbing together frostbitten hands.moreless
    • Episode 34
      Episode 34
      Episode 17
      A woman and her young son are trapped in the midst of a flash flood. Next, a woman is carjacked at gunpoint in broad daylight. Then, a rabid fox attacks a group of preschoolers. After that, a pair of golfers is struck by lightning. In a shocking story unlike any other in the show's history, a woman makes an impulsive decision to get her stolen identity back. In a heartbreaking and shocking yet inspiring segment, a man breaks into a house and attacks two young girls.moreless
    • Episode 33
      Episode 33
      Episode 16
      A man breaks through the door of a house and kidnaps the owner. Another man cuts his hand off with a saw. While on an errand with her infant nephew, a woman is shocked when he suddenly stops breathing. A small gas station in a small Idaho town is robbed and the three people inside of it are held hostage. After a snowmobile accident, a couple is left stranded in the middle of nowhere. A child gets buried in a pile of sand at a construction site.moreless
    • Episode 32
      Episode 32
      Episode 15
      Three college cheerleaders are carjacked by a crazed gunman and taken to a wooded area. A woman is attacked by her horse after she falls off of it. After a tornado suddenly hits the building she's working in, another woman must fight for her life. A handywoman pierces her heart after a nail gun does double duty and makes a terrible mistake that could end her life.moreless
    • Episode 31
      Episode 31
      Episode 14
      A man hiking with his brother in a remote area falls off a cliff and his brother must leave him and hike for help. A young man falls asleep at the wheel and drives off the road. A mother and her son are attacked by two vicious dogs. A woman is carjacked in broad daylight. After a terrible sailboating accident, another woman is stranded for weeks in the middle of an ocean. Can she survive? A man attempts to kidnap a 10-year-old girl at her school! A diabetic has an insulin attack while driving and loses control of her car.moreless
    • Episode 30
      Episode 30
      Episode 13
      After falling asleep in her car, a woman is stranded in an isolated canyon for days. Next, a business traveler is in the wrong place at the wrong time when she walks into a hotel that is being robbed. After that, a snowmobile accident leaves a man buried alive. A brave fifth grader takes control of a car after the driver loses consciousness. A woman is attacked by not one but two mountain lions.moreless
    • Episode 29
    • Episode 28
    • Episode 27
      Episode 27
      Episode 10
      Five people are held hostage by a hostile former co-worker. A family with a 9-month old baby is stranded into a winter wasteland for 9 days. A woman is electrocuted when a live power line falls on her RV. An elevator breaks and is sent flying down 40 stories at high speed with a woman in it and she lives to tell the tale. A young boy falls off a tree and his two older brothers and parents save his life.moreless
    • Episode 26
    • Episode 25
    • Episode 24
    • Episode 23
    • Episode 22
      Episode 22
      Episode 5
      A woman is attacked in the elevator of her luxury apartment building. A wildfire rages out of control into a couple's secluded home. A woman must give birth at home all by herself. A woman discovers a hidden camera in her apartment. A family returns from a night of fun to find two armed men with ski masks in their garage.moreless
    • Episode 21
      Episode 21
      Episode 4
      A teenaged surfer is attacked by a shark. A woman is attacked at an ATM machine and forced to drive at gunpoint. A woman with the flu gets up in the middle of the night, gets a glass of water, drops it, and falls right on top of it. A woman gets lost while cross-country skiing with only a puppy. Finally, a woman is sexually attacked by a clerk in an ice cream store. In a Did You Know? segment, viewers are told how to make a child DNA kit, clean a kitchen sponge, and how to get rid of dust mites.moreless
    • Episode 20
      Episode 20
      Episode 3
      Two women are trapped in a burning nightclub. A group of rafters gets stuck in a dangerous whirlpool. A pregnant woman falls off a balcony and is punctured by a microphone stand. A woman is shocked when an employee pulls out a gun at a business meeting. Finally, a woman is in a horrible carriage accident right after her wedding. In a Did You Know? segment, viewers learn how to treat jellyfish wounds, stinky skunk attacks, and bedbugs!moreless
    • Episode 19
      Episode 19
      Episode 2
      A bus gets taken hostage.
    • Episode 18
      Episode 18
      Episode 1
      A woman is attacked in her car by a man with a knife. A woman's car brakes don't work and her whole car malfunctions, leaving her sailing down a freeway at full speed without any control. A woman gets trapped in a terrible blizzard and her car is buried in a pile of snow. A woman at a gas station suddenly has her hair lit on fire. A flash flood traps a woman on top of her car in the middle of a "river". In a Did You Know? segment, viewers get fun driving tips.moreless
  • Season 1
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