What Would You Do?

Nickelodeon (ended 1993)


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What Would You Do?

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Welcome to the What Would You Do? guide at tv.com. When Nickelodeon Studios opened its doors to the public June 7, 1990, the network was open to any new program concept. Ideas were tossed up to Nickelodeon president Geraldine Laybourne and tried, beginning with Outta Here!, a daily half-hour show that began in July 1990. Outta Here! was purged to make way for the show documented here. What Would You Do? was a Nickelodeon buried treasure from the early '90s. It was much like Slime Time Live would become, only it wasn't live, and was, frankly, a lot more interesting. One of the many game shows during this period, it was hosted by Mark Summers, of the pioneering kid's game show Double Dare fame. The reason the show is remembered is not for the Wall of Stuff or even the famous host, but for pies. The show had many pie-themed stunts, like the Pie Wash, Pie Pod, and Pie Coaster. On every episode, at least one contestant or audience member had gotten strapped in and had, by the show rules, up to four pies thrust in the face. And of course, the audience always wanted four pies per victim. Like many Nickelodeon shows, What Would You Do? reruns outnumbered the original run (90 episodes). If you were not a regular viewer, you were convinced you saw the same one to five shows every time you casually tuned in.moreless
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