What Would You Do?

Nickelodeon (ended 1993)


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  • I was on this show

    I was on this show when I was 9 (1992). Been trying to find the show I was on but easier said then done. I know there are two vhs's around but too lazy to find them. I was on the first series, pie pod and crown n glory.
  • fun and funny show

    I remember my family and I laughing so hard at the family challenge episode where a family had to play twister (messy style) barefoot. I laughed when they had to squish wet dog food, pizza, whip cream, ice placed on the twister board especially when the wet dog food oozed up between the toes. The pie slide was the best messy challenge on the show other then some of the stunts. I tried to get my son and husband and myself to be on the show but we never got around to visit the studio. lol lol lol lol lol
  • I have memories of watching this show as I grew up, and they are all good.

    This show was the best game show in my opinion of it's time- atleast on Nickelodean. While Double Dare was a good show, What Would You Do grew on me much more. I absolutely loved it. Whenever it came on the TV I would run in and sit down. Of course it has been awhile since this show was aired, but if you have digital cable and get the channel Nick GAS, they still show this. I watched an episode or two at my friends house recently and it still held it's magic. It wasn't as good as when you were a little kid; but really are things ever REALLY as good as they are remembered? This is a good show to watch if you have nothing else to do.
  • Hosted by Marc Summers

    What whould you do was another classic nick show, Marc Summers and everything that happen on the show involved the audenice, The show would sometimes end up outside and they would go around Universial Studios asking people to do crazy things. The shows main theme was pie, they had the pie coaster and a couple of others that I cant remember but someone was always getting hit with a pie.
  • This is one of the worst shows I've ever seen!!!

    This is really a bad show. I'm glad this got cancelled, but I would have cancelled it after the first episode. This show is unoriginal, and comes up with weird topics for audience participation. Half of the things they do are just to fill in the time. I strongly recommend you do not watch this show. You aren't missing anything.
  • What Would You Do? is another Nick classic.

    What Would You Do? was a show on Nickelodeon back in the early 90's when Nick was in its prime. I always really enjoyed watching it. They would go out on the streets and give people challenges. The show was audience participation. They did fun games and of course there were a lot of pies in the face. They gave people tokens where they could go over and stick them in locks at the end of the show. Some people would find t-shirts, some would find hats, and others would find themselves getting pied in the face. They also had the pie wash and my favorite the pie coaster. It was a great show to watch as a kid and I miss it.