What Would You Do?

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What Would You Do?

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What Would You Do? is a reality hidden-camera show broadcast on ABC as part of the "Primetime" series. Hosted by John Quinones, the show sets up everday scenarios to gauge the reaction of or test the character of witnesses and passerby's, which are caught using hidden cameras. Some of the situations set up by the show include: a woman who says she has been drinking asking strangers to blow into a breathalyzer to help start her car, an out-of-control soccer coach verbally abusing a child, and a man trying to lure a visibly drunken woman out of a restaurant and back to his house. Many people ignore the situation and mind their own business. Others survey the situation and step in when they feel things have gone too far. Some even step in immediately to make their voices heard. The main question is: when faced with an ethical dilemma, would you do the right thing?

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AIRED ON 8/2/2013

Season 2013 : Episode 20130802


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    • Atheists

      The only time I've seen your show mention atheists is when you make them all look like complete asshats. Any chance you could show a scenario where it's the Christian treating an atheist with disdain in a restaurant or whatever? Because that actually happens a lot more than the reverse.
    • racism

      you had done a show on Racism. black on whites. But have you ever done one of racism of black racism of other blacks? even as a white male, I was even shock that some black people don't like other black people cause there darker? you should do a show on that. here im sending you a video I also found on you tube as African americans don't like black people that just either got here, or what ever the case may be,

    • Regarding the, Race appropriate toys, episode......

      I just have to say that any child, any race, wants a barbie 80% of the time the way that child see's herself as grown up! I think if you really wanted true feed back on race, you should have also used an African American girl, in place of the White American girl, choosing a white barbie while shopping with the White American nanny!
    • i got a what would you do for you

      So what would you do if you've seen a student getting bullied by not just the students but my the teachers by backing the student up to the wall and yelling at the student in the face while the student being bullied is crying and looking to the people for help?
    • i got a what would u do for u

      ok what would u do if u seen some one gettin kicked out an his baby momma threw away all his cloths an so his friend aka me to goes to get his cloths out the trash then his mom started to slap me cause i was gettin the cloths out the trash they called the law ok so what would u do if u seen some one gettin cloths out the trash for his friend cause his baby momma threw them away an the cops got called an tryed to taske me to jail for helping some one get thier cloths out the trash what would you do? huhmoreless

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