What Would You Do?

Wednesday 10:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jan 06, 2009 In Season


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  • i got a what would you do for you

    So what would you do if you've seen a student getting bullied by not just the students but my the teachers by backing the student up to the wall and yelling at the student in the face while the student being bullied is crying and looking to the people for help?
  • i got a what would u do for u

    ok what would u do if u seen some one gettin kicked out an his baby momma threw away all his cloths an so his friend aka me to goes to get his cloths out the trash then his mom started to slap me cause i was gettin the cloths out the trash they called the law ok so what would u do if u seen some one gettin cloths out the trash for his friend cause his baby momma threw them away an the cops got called an tryed to taske me to jail for helping some one get thier cloths out the trash what would you do? huh
  • what would you do?

    Love John and the show!I have a question?What would you do if you saw animals being abused in a rodeo.Abuse that is clearly against the law!What would you do?
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