Whatever Happened to Robot Jones

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)


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Robot Jones is about a Robot that collects information on daily life of an average middle school student. He has to face the normal stuff every student in middle school does... exams, friends, bullies, and... crushes. This show actually takes place in the 80's. If you liked the 80's you will love this Cartoon, no doubt at all. Characters: Robot Jones: The main character, required to make friends, gather information on humans Mom and Dad Unit: Robot Jones's parents, they give him missions Socks: Robot Jones best friend, who he hangs out with alot, and loves to rock 'n roll Mitch: Another one of Robot's friends, likes to listen to music a lot and play video games Cubey: A total video game freak (Notice his Pacman shirt), loves to do nothing but play video games at the local arcade Shannon: The girl that Robot Jones is in love with, although he can never get her attention... Lenny and Denny Yogman: Your regular school bullies, except there siblings. They often get jealous of Robot Jones and try to cause trouble. Principal Madman: The principal of the middle school, who's also a hitler look-alike. He loves to throw his authority. Mr. McMcMc: Robot Jones math teacher, who isn't as smart as Robot Jones, (because he's a robot!) and he gets jealous of him. Mr. Workout: Robot Jones PE Teacher, a real hard guy while in PE. Theme Song: (A bunch of electric guitar music) Kids: Whatever happened to... Robot Jones: ROBOT JONES Robot Jones is canceled, there will not be a 3rd season.

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  • A show that started out good, but really bottomed out near the end. And the main trigger of it was changing something that SHOULD NEVER have been changed.

    This show actually started pretty well.

    It had an interesting plot, with a robot trying to fit in with a group of teenagers in a school, and had to learn the ways about humans while dealing with adversity.

    The cast of characters was decent as well.

    Robot Jones was an interesting main character since he seemed to always go against the grain of what was considered normal or popular.

    Even his voice was interesting to listen to for a robot. It actually sounded veryauthentic, even a bit funny too.

    Timothy and Charles were decent supporting cast members of the show, but could have been better.

    Lenny and Denny were ok I guess for villains, but they seemed very strange. I mean, didn't they think picking on a robot could have dire consequences, like the machine actually retalitating and attacking them?

    Eh, go figure...

    But by far, my favorite antagonist was Principal Madman.

    This guy was just so funny as a principal. I mean, his last name is Madman for crying out loud. Who wouldn't love a name like that?

    He was like a better version of Mr. Bone from Doug.

    And of course, last, but certainly not least, Shannon, who ends up being the girl Robot Jones has a crush on.

    Uh, what...?

    Seriously, of all the girls to go with, they with one who's ugly with a retainer?

    I know he's a robot and all, but why in the world did they pick such an ugly girl for Robot Jones to love?

    I mean, couldn't they have picked a girl who's at least cute, but had something in common that made Robot Jones' crush seem more logical?

    Say, like someone who's a bookworm or even a bit of a computer nerd.

    That would have been logical.

    Anyway, this show could have been really good, but for some bizarre reason, the studio decided to change Robot Jones' voice to something that wasn't even enjoyable anymore.

    After that, the show just lost alot of its appeal.

    I mean, it wasn't the same, and since the show was cancelled not much later, it's not hard to see why.

    Robot Jones was a pretty good show until they decided to mess with the main formula.

    Should have left things alone, producers.

  • what the heck is wrong with you people

    this show its its...just total crap

    the animation is bad

    the music sound and voices are horrible

    its a bit watchable

    but the plots and characters are pathetic

    no offense but you people are mad

    i cannot believe that people liked it

    i was glad they took it off air around 6 weeks after its release

  • Robot Jones reminds me of myself a lot to be honest.

    I find this show to explain me since I have a hard time at school dealing with other kids just as in this show. One of CN's best work they ever made! Robot Jones takes place around the 1980's with the clothes design and background music not to mention the Yogman Twins Energy Dome Devo hats. Robot Jones has to collect data on other students at junior high and perform a data log entry after almost each episode. I love how Robot loves Shannon because she has more metal gear than any other human, I feel like they would be a good couple. xD I miss this show and CN has went downhill ever since 2004. Hopefully we should wish the good old Cartoonetwork will ever come back.

    Final Grade: A+moreless
  • Come ON!

    Whatever Happened to Robot Jones... it was one of the only shows that was only shown when I was REALLY little, but I can remember exactly what it was like today. It was one of my favorite shows then! And if it was still airing, it would still be one of my favorites. It's classy, original, cute, and I LOVED the old-style animation! Did you know that it's the exact kind of animation used in "Schoolhouse Rock"?

    That's ONE reason why I think they should show it again. Another reason is because it is amusing. It was one of the funniest shows, in my opinion, and it definitely helped to have Josh's voice in it, because he's a good actor/voice actor.

    All in all, this was one of a FEW good cartoons from Cartoon Network.moreless

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