Whatever Happened to Robot Jones

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)


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    • Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?
      It's Robot Jones first day at school studying human behavior. He learns the basics, and falls in love with Shannon.
    • Gender / Math Challenge
      Gender / Math Challenge
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Gender: Robot Jones is puzzled on what gender he is. Math Challenge: Mr. McMcMc tries to prove he's the smartest in Polyneux than Robot Jones. Resulting in a Math challange.
    • Politics / Growth Spurts
      Politics / Growth Spurts
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Politics: Robot Jones runs for student council, with his campaign manager Socks. Growth Spurts: Robot Jones wants to play for the basketball team, but he's too short. So he makes some "adjustments" to his system and appearance.
    • The Yogman's Strike Back / Hookie 101
      The Yogman's Strike Back: After another failed attempt to get Robot's brain thanks to his friends, the Yogmans intend to hypnotize Cubey, Mitch, and Socks against Robot Jones. Hookie 101: Mitch, Cubey, Socks, and Robot Jones all play hookie, although Principal Madman knows there's something weird is going on.
    • House Party / School Newspaper
      House Party / School Newspaper
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      House Party: Robot Jones holds a house party while his parents are away and invites every kid in school too it, although his Grampz-unit it very tight with security. School Newspaper: Robot Jones is forced to work for the school newspaper by Principal Madman. Although when he's part of the crew, he puts embarrassing stories of Madman in the paper, so Madman goes and gets his revenge.moreless
    • Summer Camp / Rules of Dating
      Summer Camp / Rules of Dating
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Summer Camp: Robot goes on a trip to camp. He tries to impress Shannon by doing what a woodsman can do. Rules of Dating: Robot wants to go on a date with Shannon. However, he must consult to the robot rules of dating.
    • The Garage Band / Work
      The Garage Band / Work
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      The Garage Band: Robot is tired of his parents making him practice the piano and just wants to rock out. After seeing a really bad rock band play for an assembly and the girls go wild for them, Robot, Socks, Cubey, and Mitch get an idea to start a garage band. The band spends a lot of time on their cool rockstar moves and their image and Robot wonders why the band doesn't practice their music. But they say you don't need to practice when you have the coolness. How will things turn out when they get a gig at an all girls sleepover no one knows how to play? Work: One day at the Arcade Robot Jones finds himself broke, so gets a job with his father at the robot factory. But having a job is not easy for a young robot, Jones has to deal with falling asleep during school and not having time to hang with his friends, oh what is a little automation to do?moreless
    • Safety Patrol / Popularity
      Safety Patrol / Popularity
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      Safety Patrol: Robot Jones is put on the safety patrol, and goes overboard trying to enforce order and efficiency. Soon the whole school is in detention. Popularity: Robot Jones wants to attend a robotics expo, but it's on a school day. So Mom and Dad units won't let him go, as he is to spend that day on his mission: popularity. So he invents a fake Robot Jones to send to school while he attends the convention. When he returns to school, he finds that his duplicate has become extremely popular, despite the fact that it's made from a stereo, a cardboard box and toilet paper.moreless
    • Electric Boogaloo / The Lavender Fudge Experience
      Electric Boogaloo: Robot Jones is trying to learn everything about friendship, but the Yogman's trick him so they can steal his brain. The Lavender Fudge Experience: Robot Jones and Socks watch a TV show that shows a music video about a naked man and his worried dog.
    • Family Vacation / Hair
      Family Vacation / Hair
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Family Vacation: Socks encourages Robot Jones to go out on a vacation with him during spring break, but Robot Jones parents don't have a clue what to do. Hair: Robot Jones tries to get some hair on him in order to impress Shannon that he is more "Mature".
    • Jealousy / Scantron Love
      Jealousy / Scantron Love
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Robot Jones is mad at the new robot boy Finkman who is falling for Shannon. He experiences jealousy.

      Scantron Love:
      In order to get history test answers, Robot flirts with the Scantron, but he soon gets caught in a love triangle between the Scantron and Shannon.
    • Parents / Embarrassment
      Parents / Embarrassment
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Parents: It's Parent-Teacher night at Polyneux middle school, and Robot Jones has to bring his parents to school. Embarrassment: The big Harvest Dance is coming, and Robot just can't work up the nerve to ask his crush, Shannon, to the dance. What's worse, every time he gets near her, his exhaust system shorts out, resulting in seriously embarassing stinkage!moreless
    • Cube Wars / Sickness
      Cube Wars / Sickness
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Cube Wars: Cube-Mania hits the school. Everyone tries to figure out the rubic's cube, but Robot Jones figures it out in a matter of a few seconds. Then the Yogman Twins decided to cheat in the "Cube-off" and beat Robot Jones. Sickness: The Yogman twins load a virus on a floppy disk and insert it into Robot Jones' A:/ Drive. Then he gets infected and becomes greatly sick.moreless
    • P.U. to P.E. / Vacuum Friend
      P.U. to P.E. / Vacuum Friend
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      P.U. to P.E.: It's Robot Jones first day of P.E, in which, he has to take a shower, and he doesn't want to because he will rust. Vacuum Friend: Robot Jones feels that robots and humans can't be friends, so he ditches his friend Socks, and get a new friend. Although his new companion is just a vacuum.moreless