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  • A show that started out good, but really bottomed out near the end. And the main trigger of it was changing something that SHOULD NEVER have been changed.


    This show actually started pretty well.

    It had an interesting plot, with a robot trying to fit in with a group of teenagers in a school, and had to learn the ways about humans while dealing with adversity.

    The cast of characters was decent as well.

    Robot Jones was an interesting main character since he seemed to always go against the grain of what was considered normal or popular.

    Even his voice was interesting to listen to for a robot. It actually sounded veryauthentic, even a bit funny too.

    Timothy and Charles were decent supporting cast members of the show, but could have been better.

    Lenny and Denny were ok I guess for villains, but they seemed very strange. I mean, didn't they think picking on a robot could have dire consequences, like the machine actually retalitating and attacking them?

    Eh, go figure...

    But by far, my favorite antagonist was Principal Madman.

    This guy was just so funny as a principal. I mean, his last name is Madman for crying out loud. Who wouldn't love a name like that?

    He was like a better version of Mr. Bone from Doug.

    And of course, last, but certainly not least, Shannon, who ends up being the girl Robot Jones has a crush on.

    Uh, what...?

    Seriously, of all the girls to go with, they with one who's ugly with a retainer?

    I know he's a robot and all, but why in the world did they pick such an ugly girl for Robot Jones to love?

    I mean, couldn't they have picked a girl who's at least cute, but had something in common that made Robot Jones' crush seem more logical?

    Say, like someone who's a bookworm or even a bit of a computer nerd.

    That would have been logical.

    Anyway, this show could have been really good, but for some bizarre reason, the studio decided to change Robot Jones' voice to something that wasn't even enjoyable anymore.

    After that, the show just lost alot of its appeal.

    I mean, it wasn't the same, and since the show was cancelled not much later, it's not hard to see why.

    Robot Jones was a pretty good show until they decided to mess with the main formula.

    Should have left things alone, producers.

  • what the heck is wrong with you people

    this show its its...just total crap

    the animation is bad

    the music sound and voices are horrible

    its a bit watchable

    but the plots and characters are pathetic

    no offense but you people are mad

    i cannot believe that people liked it

    i was glad they took it off air around 6 weeks after its release

  • Robot Jones reminds me of myself a lot to be honest.

    I find this show to explain me since I have a hard time at school dealing with other kids just as in this show. One of CN's best work they ever made! Robot Jones takes place around the 1980's with the clothes design and background music not to mention the Yogman Twins Energy Dome Devo hats. Robot Jones has to collect data on other students at junior high and perform a data log entry after almost each episode. I love how Robot loves Shannon because she has more metal gear than any other human, I feel like they would be a good couple. xD I miss this show and CN has went downhill ever since 2004. Hopefully we should wish the good old Cartoonetwork will ever come back.
    Final Grade: A+
  • Come ON!

    Whatever Happened to Robot Jones... it was one of the only shows that was only shown when I was REALLY little, but I can remember exactly what it was like today. It was one of my favorite shows then! And if it was still airing, it would still be one of my favorites. It's classy, original, cute, and I LOVED the old-style animation! Did you know that it's the exact kind of animation used in "Schoolhouse Rock"?

    That's ONE reason why I think they should show it again. Another reason is because it is amusing. It was one of the funniest shows, in my opinion, and it definitely helped to have Josh's voice in it, because he's a good actor/voice actor.

    All in all, this was one of a FEW good cartoons from Cartoon Network.
  • I loved this show! Bring it Back!

    This show was about a robot who was trying to fit in with the people at his school,trying to not get in trouble,and to get the girl of his dreams,Shannon. The show's animation was like the 80's a bit ugly but great for the show. I mostly felt sad if robot gets in trouble or gets builled,he didn't have too many great endings,but this show is one of my favorites and a great original.This is probably the most shortest series I ever seen,he only had like 13 episodes.This was an awesome show!Come on Cartoonetwork use your heads and bring back this great show!
  • Not alot of people got to see it but I personally loved it.

    There were not very many epiosdes and this showed late at night so not alot of people watched or even know that it ever was a show it used to be on late about 10:30 sometimes on the cartoon cartoons show on fridays it is a very good show and it's hard to find any episodes anymore I think it should have had more episodes but because of it's lack of viewers because it was on so late they cut it off the cartoon network schudle this shoe is amazing and should have never been cut to sum this review up a very good show with lots of funny bits.
  • Really origanl

    Robot Jones was an origanl cartoon that was great. At first, the voice for Jones was horrible, but they redubbed the voice to make him sound like a real kid. That was very perfect to do. It made the series better. I think it was cancelled before it was it's time. It would have been a great kid show too. The charecters were original as well. Robot jones is one of those old shows that you wouldnt mind to watch reapets of. Im sure most of you guys will agree with me. Cartoonetwork should bring back good shows like Robot Jones and remove dumb shows like squirrl boy (which by the way is a rip off of my gym partner's a monkey).
  • Robot Jones, you'll always be in my heart!

    I love Whatever Happened to Robot Jones. I loved it ever since I was in second grade. I watched almost all of the episodes. I watched it until they cancelled it and replaced it with "Out of Jimmy's Head" (which is the show that sucks). It ran from 2002 to 2003. Now I'm being to miss Robot Jones. He'll always be in my heart! *crys like SpongeBob* I wish he could come back to Cartoon Network and at least show reruns. As a matter of fact, they should cancel "Out of Jimmy's Head (no one watches that show!)" and replace with Whatever Happened to Robot Jones.
  • It was a pretty good show! I wasn't that into it when it was first on, but the more I watch it the better it gets.^^

    This show took me a while before I started to like it, but I finally noticed that this was a good show! YAY! This show was much different than all of the other Cartoon Cartoons.I thought it felt like they were poking fun at all the shows that have "special episodes" about "teenage problems" like zits and dating...blah blah, blah, and it showed all of that through the point of view of a robot.It was pretty unique! I still say that they should release it on DVD...but I have to mention that in every review I give of a Cartoon Cartoon.^^ This show was good and if you didn't like it when you first watched it try to watch it again later and watch a couple episodes...You might be like me because I used to think it was ...boring(sorry to all fans of the show!)
  • Robot jones is a robot studying human behaviour.He goes to an average school and tries to fit in.

    I'm not fanatical about this show but i still think it was descent show.This is one of the shows that didn't have much of a chance against the others because they were just stupid.Robot Jones taught something to you in every episode and that's what made it one of a kind.Like much of the original shows on cartoon network it was cancelled for no particular reason and was forgotten about.I still think this show was special and it was a terrible mistake to cancel it but that's the way of things.Robot jones was a great show and they should bring it back.
  • One of the many shows that I watched on Cartoon Network daily.

    This was a great show that I watched, and Is greatly underappreciated! Whenever i Used to watch this show, My friends used to make fun of it while I enjoyed it! It was a great show, but because of it's low ratings, it got cancelled by Cartoon Network. Curse you, CN!
  • This was a classic show that everyone loved. Whatever Happened to It?

    I loved this show when it came out. Alot of people did. It was funny, had a good plot, and was humures. Some how it didnt make it.

    I dont know how it was canceled or why in the world was it canceled. There was alot of funny episodes, like the shower one and the rubix cube one(the best!)

    They stopped airing the show for a long time. but then, they decided it should be on the cartoon cartoon show. It wasa well deserving show. And as much as i would love to see new epidoses, it aint goona happen.

    So now you no, Whatever happened to Robot Jones!
  • Wonderful Adult Cartoon Lost of Children of the 21st Century!!!!!

    This show brought back so many memories for me. I loved the fact that in 2002, someone had the creative balls to do a "throwback" cartoon. With the wonderful animation (I hate that people complain about the animation...what do you want anime!!!), the voices, the background activities...it's just a perfect show that I think was lost of children of the 21st century. I think this show was better suited for an adult audience who could appreciate its angle.

    I hate today's cartoons. I hate that hand-drawn animation has become practically non-existent, and the violence in cartoons is just ridiculous. All of these part groups are fighting adult shows like Desperate Housewives, but their children are allowed to watch Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon where the main theme is FIGHTING!!!

    I hope the creator of Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? finds another outlet for his cartoon, because even today I'm still thinking really...What ever did happen to that Robot Jones cartoon?
  • I Loved This series it was the best show on cartoon network. So different from the others. In this case different is better. It was way ahead of it's time and highly missed.

    I used to watch "Whatever Happened to...Robot Jones when it premeired in 2002 on Cartoon Network. It was different than any other cartoon i have ever see. It was set in the 80's and had a "School House Rock" feel to it. I loved every episode and thought the whole idea was awesome. A robot going to school with humans to learn about us. Then he would make data log entry's of what he learned. Each sketch and drawing isn't perfect but, that's what makes it great. I really miss Robot Jones. I feel cartoon network didn't give it a shot. "Ed,Edd and Eddy" had low ratings but, cartoon network renewed it and it started getting higher ratings and is now the longest running series on cartoon network. It's the only cartoon cartoon series that is still going strong. I haven's seen robot jones for about two years but just caught "P.U. to P.E." and now remember why I loved it. Everything about this show is perfect. I highly recommend this show for everyone. From kids to adults and everyone inbetween. I you liked "My Life As A Teenage Robot", Then you will love this. It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. As time went on the episodes got better. Now you can see it on cartoon network close to never. But, if you do catch it, then you will remember. Let's all hope for a DVD box set. I Just Found Out What Happened To Robot Jones. He's In Are Hearts And Will Be There Forever, No Matter What.
  • I love this show!

    I loved this show and wished it was brought back
    But the low ratings must caused it to not be
    Brought back at all after two short seasons. About a robot
    Who must go through puberty and crushes in the 1980's forced by his parents to get and gather information and collect it in a journal at the end of the show!
  • good show. The way it is looks likes a old show. But still good.

    I don't know what to say. Some of them are gross. Some are wired. Some are good. I don't really get it. I will just say the folwing over, and over aging, and again:Its a good show, its a good show, its a good show, its a good show, its a good show, it it is a bretey good show.(Wopes chang it kind of) Yah I say whact it whenever it is on. It is wried, will thougt out, 5% rocken. Its a alright show. But still this one is one of the varey best. Good show, good show. Good.
  • Not a bad show, I'm glad I gave it a chance.

    Robot Jones was'nt a bad show it had some decent qualities. The show was original and had some interesting plots, and was worth watching once a week. The show followed a teenage robot going to middle school, Robot Jones is super intellegent and had many social problems. His parents were also robots, they were also very smart. That's all I really remember about the characters. He had a couple friends and a girl he had a crush on. The show did have very bad animation, and horribly drawn characters, besides the animation the show had some good episodes, and was mildly interesting.
  • What is wrong with you people, it was NOWHERE near a classic!!!

    This show was decent, but not a classic. Season 1 was ok, but Season 2 was a waste of time. Production went nowhere, characters got stale and storylines were stupid. So come on people, it wasn't a classic, it is only being recognized as a classic just because it is gone. Overall, this show was decent, but not a classic. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone who liked this show.
  • I miss you, Robot Jones

    Robot Jones may not be very popular on TV, but he is the reason why I laugh so hard as well as learning. Sure he's an outcast, however he is not alone. I like the way he conquers math and other education. Too bad his series end with him trapped inside his locker all broken up. I just wish he was back in air. I might come up with some new ideas for brand-new episodes. Whatever it takes to bring Robot Jones back, I am willing to do it.

    Data Log Entry: Today I learn that some television series end up being off the air. The ratings and the viewers could be the reasons why they are removed. Final Analysis: There is always hope for cartoons and/or reality series to be seen again on DVDs.
  • good show...

    This was my fav show for close to 3 years. If the show was bad, it wouldn't have veiwers. pfft... It has veiwers. I'm one of them. Robot Jones is coolie. He makes me Laugh out loud when he's on. I do wish CN would give the show a decent time slot. I loved how he had a crush on Shannon. He did because of, you'll never guess, metal content. :P that was in the pilot episode. if u r smart, u will watch this show. I know I'm smart. I watch it and I have an IQ of 113.
  • What Happend to Robot Jones you asked?he got ran over by some car...

    Robot jones is alright for 7-10 year olds(Maybe 7-12?)It was good at start but it wasent the best.Later on they re dubed some epsodes because of Jones new voice I guess.Then after that few more epsodes it got canceld.They did well for start but like I said its not so good.
  • This show was great!

    I loved this show.I used to watch it on Cartoon Network's Friday's before it got canceled.If you look in the summary,you'll see it's basically about Robot Jones collecting data about his daily,like with friendship.He has some friends and enemies.Anyways,the animation may bother you,because it may look bad,but the other things are great,like the writing and plots.Why did Cartoon Network even cancel this show?It was actually decent,even they changed the robot change to a boy's voice.So,this show is worth at least one watch,once you get past some of the problems that the show might have.
  • Well worth a look...

    When I first watched this show, I wondered how it was that it was on to begin with, but after a good long while, I began to realize that it was insanely hilarious and that it should be brought back to Cartoon network at once. The wonderful form of eighties type backgrounds and characters is wonderful and does the show a staggering amount of justice.
  • It was an alright show although I sadly didn't get to see Season 2.

    Robot Jones was a show that was set in an 80's like style. The episodes were mildly interesting but I did feel very sorry for Robot Jones when he got bullied by the principal for his troubles, the teachers for his perfect scores and Shannon whom he didn't have a chance to say he loved her.

    I felt like Robot Jones and I also felt the show was a classic but the standards of the show couldn't maintain it and that's what led to its cancellation.

    I just wished Robot Jones would have been better and not wasted the 13 episodes to be cancelled as they tried to make it awful.
  • Simply Perfection

    C\'mon who wouldn\'t love this show. I wasn\'t Born in the 80\'s but I know a lot about the 80\'s and ever since the what a cartoon show it has been one of the best shows ever and I am a Robot Jones fan and it should have been on longer than it was.
  • Good show that got canceled quickly, unfortunatley.

    This show was very original and got canceled after a little over a year because it was so original. Robot Jones was outside the cartoon box. Instead of featuring people running around and getting chased by monsters, it featured a robot going to middle school. The animation was very unique and the show itself had many unique aspects. Robot Jones' voice was not what you would expect for the voice of a robot on Cartoon Network. I'm not sure if anyone caught this, but the name of the school was PMS. So, the initials of his school shared the initials with something....else. That's just how the writers were. What other letter could precede MS and be funny?
  • you will be in our hearts forever robot jones even if cn canceled u

    i miss robot jones soooo much i could cry *seriously* cn just keeps geting rid of great cartoons like this one and put in asian junk (i'm not raciest) like hi hi puffy amiyumi it is so sad and depresing to see all these old favorits go away it is just like your freind moving away and she/he isn't ever coming back that is the feeling i feel only it is directed towardes a show i love this show as well as many others let us take a second to remember robot jones and his show and lets pray for cn to come back to it's senses and bring back the classics
  • this show is definetly loved by me.

    Robot Jones is a wonderful masterpiece about a Robot named Robot Jones who goes to middle school in 6th grade and hangs out with nerdy kids and gets bullied by the yagman twins.This show must come back to CN immediately so i can enjoy tv once again.I wish this show was never canceled.ps sign the petition to bring it back at this url http://www.petitiononline.com/robotj/petition.html
  • A recent cartoon that tried to capture that 80s cartoon vibe.

    I really liked this show. I think it was a sincere attempt to get today's kids to appreciate a kind of cartoon that is rarely seen today. Cartoons today are all about action: Pokemon, Power Puff Girls, Samurai Jack. Can't they just be about the hijinks of some wiley kids and their robot pal?