Whatever Happened to Robot Jones - Season 1

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Jealousy / Scantron Love
    Robot Jones is mad at the new robot boy Finkman who is falling for Shannon. He experiences jealousy.

    Scantron Love:
    In order to get history test answers, Robot flirts with the Scantron, but he soon gets caught in a love triangle between the Scantron and Shannon.
  • Electric Boogaloo / The Lavender Fudge Experience
    Electric Boogaloo: Robot Jones is trying to learn everything about friendship, but the Yogman's trick him so they can steal his brain. The Lavender Fudge Experience: Robot Jones and Socks watch a TV show that shows a music video about a naked man and his worried dog.
  • Politics / Growth Spurts
    Politics: Robot Jones runs for student council, with his campaign manager Socks. Growth Spurts: Robot Jones wants to play for the basketball team, but he's too short. So he makes some "adjustments" to his system and appearance.
  • Parents / Embarrassment
    Parents: It's Parent-Teacher night at Polyneux middle school, and Robot Jones has to bring his parents to school. Embarrassment: The big Harvest Dance is coming, and Robot just can't work up the nerve to ask his crush, Shannon, to the dance. What's worse, every time he gets near her, his exhaust system shorts out, resulting in seriously embarassing stinkage!moreless
  • Cube Wars / Sickness
    Cube Wars: Cube-Mania hits the school. Everyone tries to figure out the rubic's cube, but Robot Jones figures it out in a matter of a few seconds. Then the Yogman Twins decided to cheat in the "Cube-off" and beat Robot Jones. Sickness: The Yogman twins load a virus on a floppy disk and insert it into Robot Jones' A:/ Drive. Then he gets infected and becomes greatly sick.moreless
  • P.U. to P.E. / Vacuum Friend
    P.U. to P.E.: It's Robot Jones first day of P.E, in which, he has to take a shower, and he doesn't want to because he will rust. Vacuum Friend: Robot Jones feels that robots and humans can't be friends, so he ditches his friend Socks, and get a new friend. Although his new companion is just a vacuum.moreless
  • Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?
    It's Robot Jones first day at school studying human behavior. He learns the basics, and falls in love with Shannon.