Whatever, Martha!

Tuesday 9:00 PM on Fine Living Premiered Sep 16, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • any attempts at humiliating MS were successful. Very suggestive comments like Martha was trying to get in her drivers pants. Vulgar references to a bulge in his pants. Suggesting he lies in bed and dreams of him. You couldn't get more tasteless/raunchy

    This show was in the poorest taste of any sewing show ever. I wanted to see the hemming demo., but d/t the comments, had to shut it off because my children were picking up on all the sex comments. This show should have been rated for late night. Not much value for sewing ed. or a Martha fan. Very disappointing. Comments like "bulge in his pants", "he was in bed thinking about me all night", and "Martha is trying to get in his pants", were completely tasteless, out of place for this forum. If the point of this show is to humiliate Martha and/or her driver while making yourselves look shallow/amoral, then it was a success.
  • Martha Stewart's daughter and the daughter's best friend watch old episodes of Martha Stewart and comment or should I say "make fun of" Martha.

    I think Whatever Martha is a really funny and entertaining show. Yes, it does appear to be a little mean spirited at times, but overall the content is quite hilarious. Alexis, Martha's daughter, and her friend, Jennifer, both watch episodes of the Martha Stewart show and comment on the what they believe to be the absurdity of it. At times, Alexis and Jennifer will watch the show while trying to imitate Martha's craftiness. The two girls are hilarious in that they not only comment on the shows, they offer insights into their own personal lives and create great comedic relief. They compliment each other well.
  • Hilarious!

    Maybe it's my jaded personality, but this show cracks me up! Alexis and Jennifer capture the jaded, cynical New York attitude, and turn all their focus on Martha. I've never been a huge fan of Martha Stewart, and I was a bit skeptical of the concept, but it's hilarious. Alexis and Jennifer's ascerbic comments keep me in stitches the whole time. I love the random, sometimes stream of consciousness comments that come out of each segment. Some of the best are the ancient Martha segments, where the girls comment not only on the clip itself, but Martha's change in appearance over the years. Bottom line... watching this show cracks me up!
  • Wow, one of the worst shows I've ever seen.

    This show is awful, I watched this one day and was so disgusted I turned it off after suffering through just 10 minutes. I was actually looking forward to the show, but wow was it a disappointment. It was nothing but over the top negativity and over the top ridicule of other people. We chastise our kids for being bullies, these women are bullies in older bodies. Why anyone would ever want to watch it is beyond me. This world doesn't need any more negativity, especially made up for tv negativity. FLN should cast this show in the bin quickly before they lose viewers.
  • not quite what I expected

    while mocking martha stewart may sound like a good show, I would not reccomend watching Whatever martha. I think the whole show was poorly executed. What's worse is the whole last segment seems to be entirely devoted to Alexis and... Jeniffer? talking about some stuff I would rather not hear. If you want more of that sit in the back of a school bus. As for the first parts of the show there were, I admit mildly amusing parts in between the swearing and commenting about legs... ew. I definetly think this show needs fine- tuning. Better hosts perhaps? Just my humble opinion.