What's Eating You

E! Premiered Oct 13, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 11/17/10
      Melissa has spent most of her life battling anorexia, weighing 57 pounds at her lowest point. Although she is at a healthier weight now, she is still struggling with her eating disorder, limiting her daily food intake and consuming as many as 200 packets of artificial sweetener a day to help curb her appetite. She craves approval from her estranged mom, but will she realize that their rocky relationship may be doing more damage than good? Meanwhile, Claudine works to overcome her debilitating addiction to eating chalk, which she has passed on to her ailing mother. Can she kick her bad habit in order to get her mom to stop as well?moreless
    • 11/10/10
      In Los Angeles, Amanda, 21, is a former model who struggles with accepting a heavier version of herself after she gains weight when she stops her purging habits. Fearful of becoming fat, will Amanda's obsessive desire to be thin drive her back to being bulimic? In Phoenix, 26-year-old Nickey is a mom of two who is struggling with anorexia, obsessive compulsive disorder and body dysmorphia. Her husband Jordan feels powerless to help her, and Nicky is afraid her disease will end up destroying her family. Will she be able to get the help she needs for her eating disorder before it's too late?moreless
    • Mona and Andrew
      Episode 4
      Mona, 41, was a No. 1 Billboard recording artist in the mid-'90s, but the stress of her career caused her to become an out-of-control overeater. After she ballooned to over 400 pounds, she underwent gastric banding surgery, but now binges and purges up to 20 times a day. Meanwhile, Andrew, 23, was a former track star who has battled an eating disorder since childhood. He's frantic to escape the devastating isolation his bulimia has caused, but is afraid to turn to anyone for support. Unless he changes his ways, he is at risk of ending up on the streets or worse--dying.moreless
    • 10/27/10
      In Los Angeles, 23-year-old Gaby, an identical twin, struggles to overcome a life-long addiction to binging and purging brought on by her mother's death and sibling rivalry with her sister Rachelle, who is now seven months pregnant with her second child. With Gaby's weight down to 76 pounds, Rachelle has threatened to kick Gaby out of her home unless she seeks help for her bulimia. Meanwhile, 32-year-old aspiring comedian Jennifer struggles with uncontrollable binging episodes which cause her to eat everything in sight--including digging up food from the trash. Her family fears the worst unless she can get her eating disorder under control.moreless
    • Marc and Kristy
      Episode 2
      Marc, 22, unearths the abusive childhood memories that gave rise to his bulimia and OCD, including feeling neglected by his drug-addicted mother who also suffered from an eating disorder that ultimately led to her death. He feels disconnected from his father and fears he will follow in his mom's footsteps unless he can get a handle on his disease. Meanwhile, 38-year-old Kristy is a former model and mother of two who battles bulimia, and binges and purges several times a day to keep her weight down. She blames her mother's criticism for her body image issues and wants to regain control of her life before her disorder destroys her family.moreless
    • 10/13/10
      Adrienne, a 21-year-old successful dancer, attempts to overcome years of body dysmorphia-induced anorexia after her career is put in jeopardy due to her startling appearance. If she doesn't put on some weight, her bosses threaten to pull her off stage. She agrees to go to therapy for her eating disorder, but has a hard time seeing her body for what it really is. Meanwhile, Danni, 21, struggles to suppress her bulimic tendencies which have already cost her family over $100,000 for treatment and could ultimately cost her life.moreless