What's Happening!!

Season 3 Episode 3

Basketball Brain

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1978 on ABC



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    • Raj: There's more to life than a basketball.
      Snake: Not to me there isn't.
      Dee: All right Snake, what's this?
      Snake: My knee.
      Dee: All right, now pretend that I'm Kareem Abdul Jabbar...and we're in rebound. (raises her arms) Rebound, Snake.
      Snake: Oh yeah, (raises his arms too).
      Dee: Now say when I come down from that rebound, I fall on your knee. (stomps on his foot)
      Snake: Ouch!
      Dee: You can't play basketball anymore...what're you going to do?
      Snake: I don't know...
      Raj: That's the point, Snake, an injury can end your basketball career in a second...but with an education at least you wouldn't be like a lot of these ex-athletes who end up working as janitors or ticket takers at stadiums.

    • Raj: I had to start Snake over with the basics.
      Dee: Grammar and language?
      Raj: No, clay and finger paints.

    • Raj: What's this?
      Snake: My basketball.
      Raj: Good...and what do you do with it?
      Snake: Sleep with it.

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