What's Happening!!

Season 2 Episode 15

Dee's First Date

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 1978 on ABC
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Dee's First Date
Dee's is going out on her first date with a boy who's sister Raj has made into the object of his affection. His plan is to buddy up to Dee's boyfriend to get close to his sister. However, he quickly finds he has another thing coming.

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    Haywood Nelson

    Haywood Nelson

    Dwayne Nelson

    Ernest Thomas

    Ernest Thomas

    Roger "Raj" Thomas

    Danielle Spencer

    Danielle Spencer

    Dee Thomas

    Shirley Hemphill

    Shirley Hemphill

    Shirley Wilson

    Fred Berry

    Fred Berry

    Freddie "Rerun" Stubbs

    Mabel King

    Mabel King

    Mrs. Mabel "Mama" Thomas

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      • Dee: What's the problem, Luther? The real big problem?
        Luther: All right I'll tell you, and this is serious too, it's her (Melanie)! You know what she does? She hogs the whole set, she won't even let me watch my favorite TV shows.
        Melanie: We only have one set and we can't all watch what he wants to, and he can't watch until his homework's done.
        Luther: Can you believe it? Did you ever hear anything so cruel?
        Dee: Luther, go home and do what your told and shape up and that's the way it is.

      • Melanie: What if he ran away?
        Dee: Can you blame him? Your parents are off on a weekend binge and when they come back they're gonna hit him.
        Melanie: Hit him? Weekend binge? What did Luther tell you? This weekend my parents are in Santa Barbara on a Baptist Retreat.
        Raj: Now nobody would make that up.
        Melanie: Oh Dee, he's been telling you his television stories again. You can't believe him.
        Dee: Television stories? Does this sound like a television story? Last summer Luther's parents got so mad at him they locked him under the kitchen sink for 3 days.
        Raj: But he survived on water from the pipe and old soda crackers.
        Dee: How did you know?
        Raj: I saw it last night on the movie of the week.

      • Dee: If you don't get out I'm going to report you to the authorities.
        Luther: The police?
        Dee: Worse, my mama.

      • Luther: Can we not talk about this?
        Dee: Yes, we can not.

      • Rerun: Shhhh, Raj is telling us about his first date.
        Shirley: All right! When is it?
        Raj: A long time ago, Shirley.
        Dwayne: Oh come on, Raj, just tell me what happened.
        Raj: Well to make a long story short, I tried a fancy move and got a concussion.
        Shirley: The same thing happened to my last date, cuz I put him in intensive care.
        Raj: No Shirley, not those kinds of moves, this was at a roller rink.
        Shirley: Well this happened behind one.

      • Raj: Where did you hear such terrible language?
        Dee: From Melanie's brother.
        Raj: It's catchy, I like it...I wonder where the little fellow picks it up.
        Dee: Television, that's all he does all day and night is watch television.

      • Dee: If he's nice to me, I'll be nice to him, if he's not, he'll be eating popcorn and spitting out teeth.

      • Raj: Dee you look beautiful.
        Dee: I know, this is one of my best outfits, this dude better be worth it.

      • Dee: (finds Luther gone) Luther? I'm eating your Twinkie. Luther, if you're playing the Invisible Man, that show was cancelled.

      • Dee: My mama doesn't allow for me to have visitors in when she's not here.
        Luther: I can dig it, they got the same moves like that on Little House on the Prairie. You want to just talk out here on the porch like they do on The Waltons?
        Dee: Why don't you ship out like on Love Boat?

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