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  • Hey Hey Hey This show went off the air when I was 1 1/2, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

    OK I'm just kidding around, but I watched this show all the time in re-runs (no pun intended) I forgot about it, until I watched an old Scrubs episode last night that mentioned this show. This show was a classic show. It was a show that had something for everyone. Shows still use references from the this show, like Scrubs as I mentioned, and I saw a reference on an old episode of Friends too, even in music, the Bloodhound gang makes a reference to What's happening as well. That just goes to show how good the show was it was funny, but appealed to alll ages. What's Happening Now, wasn't that bad either.
  • This show has to be one of my all time favorite telivision shows ever.

    This show has to be one of my all time favorite telivision shows ever. i have all three seasons. i cant find whats happening now. i love that show so much. rest in peace fred berry, mable king, and shriley hemphill without you the show would have i would have never watched this show. raj had the brains. rerun had the love. dwain had the looks. dee had the laughs. and mable king my favorite. without mable king i probably wouldnt have watched the first episode. she was such a beautiful person. i love u all. u lit up my life. Justn
  • A show that had about as many laughs as gaffes, but remains notable for its place in TV comedy history.

    What's Happening is memorable, though not quite a classic. It was funny, but never hilarious. Its situation was never unique, but it did have heart. The fact that this show had an African American (Black in those days) cast, and lasted more than a few episodes is noteworthy. Compared to Sanford and Son, Good Times, and the Jeffersons, the "What's Happening" Gang always seemed to be the sad sack of the bunch. Still, one could tell in subsequent viewings that the cast became better and better paid, and the challenging social commentary quickly reverted to weak I Love Lucy plotlines hashed over and powdered brown.

    Dee, the little sister was the breakout character, eclipsing Mama, Raj, and even Rerun, who became the butt of her jokes. It's nice to have a breakout star, but this little girl was a cloying little witch who never got enough of her just desserts.

    Still, the show had it's engaging moments, and served as light hearted fun in the pre-TGIF days of 1970s TV.
  • "Hey, hey, What's happening?" This show was a really great portrayal of a group of really good friends, all with good hearts This is a great show show for anyone.

    I recently just rediscovered this show at my local DVD store. I was so excited, I bought all 3 seasons that are out. Although I only really remember the first season, i was so glad to re-kindle my love of this show. The thing that I really love about is that it's a group of black kids growing up in the hood. But the stereotype's are not there, that are visible in shows that came after it. These kids could be white, brown, chinese or latino. And I think that's what works for this show. You can really identify with any of the characters, Raj, the brain of the group, Dwayne, the dim-witted one, and of course Rerun, the fool's fool. Even the supporting characters were great. Who could forget Mama, she was a great character and sorely missed in the following seasons. Or Raj's troublesome sister, Dee, played to delicious perfection( I swear she was my sister), and of course, my favourite, Big Shirley. She was hoot. I think that this show still has a lot of heart, and I love that the characters were genuine. Give it a try. The first season is by far the best, but the second one is not too bad either. I'm still working my way through season 3, so I'll let you know once I'm done.
  • It was crap back when originally aired and still is today

    One of the dumbest shows I have ever watched. This show was worse then NBC's 'QUARK ' or ABC's 'Holmes and Yo-Yo' . I will admit that I watched this show every week but not because it was funny but because I was young and would watch shows that airred around shows I liked.
    ABout the only character that I enjoyed was ' Dee ' and how she would always put her brother and his loser friends, especially Rerun in their place. ' Shirley ' was another great character who also liked putting Rerun where he belonged.
    There were far better African-American shows out there and no means should this show ever be considered as a classic.
  • An odd show..

    This is a pretty funnyshow. I have watched one or two episodes on Tv land late at night and found my self strangly amused. It had many funny one liners, and I absolutly loved the waitress, she was very very funny. The show was way before my time, but still pretty funny in many cases.
  • The story of friends that grow up together in a urban neighborhood.

    I will never forget the friendship that "Raj", Dwayne, & "Rerun" shared. Close to the friendship of Richie, Potsy, & Ralph Malph on "Happy Days". These guys went through life as the best of friends first, all other things next. "Raj"'s nosy little sister Dee was a major part of the "Whats Happening!!" energy. "OOOH, I'm tellin MAMA", was heard at least once each episode, as she crept around, looking for dirt on "Raj" and his crew. Dollars were handed out immediately, to buy her silence. Dee knew how to run her hustle. "Mama" was a strong working woman. Often the voice of reason for the guys. Strict when needed, but open to all who needed her.
    "Raj" played the geek of the group. His famous"Robot" dance kept everyone in stitches. Not a ladies man, but he did have a few girlfriends. Those relationships were often cut short, due to the loyaty he felt towards his buddies.
    "Rerun", named that, because he kept having to repeat his classes in school, was also a ham. Constantly making a joke, or doing his famous dance, he had the group entertained without missing a beat.
    Dwayne, whos signature greeting "Hay hay haaay!!" was a friendly guy all round. Often caught in the middle of the friendship between Raj & Rerun.
    The friends hung out at "Robs Place", where they were waited on tirelessly by Shirley. "Big Shirle", as Rerun liked to call her, used to trade wisecracks with the ghuys daily.
    The daily life of this group of charcters answers the title question of "Whats Happening!!". Life, thats all, their lives together. The good, bad and the ugly all happened as this trio faced it all together. A great buddy show, that keeps ya laughing.
  • When I first watched the What's Happening!! marathon I thought it was way better than Good Times (the jokes on were as funny, and sometimes even funnier than Good Times' ). After watching another episode of Good Times, I realized that it's drama made

    When I first watched the marathon of What's Happening!! I thought it was way better than Good Times. The jokes on What's Happening!! were just as funny, and sometimes even funnier, than Good Times' jokes. What's Happening is great, but just after watching another episode of Good Times, I realized that the fact that What's Happening didn't have any drama in it made Good Times wayyyyyyyyy better than it. Good Times rules, but both shows are great, so I'll give What's Happening a 9 out of 10.
  • What's happening!! A great sitcom hopefully to be rediscovered with DVD sales and TVland reruns.

    It's the classic fun sitcom, with some twists. Each episode resolves itself by the end, but not the typical everyone wins style. The end result is usually a let down for one of the characters it spotlights, and they learn from it and get through it.
    The storylines don't continue each other from each episode, just a stand alone take a break and have fun show. Featuring Roger the smart leader type, Dwayne the goofy younger kid, Rerun the dancing dude with an insatiable hunger for any food, and Dee the love to hate little sister.
    Certain episodes have faired better than others but overall the show is pretty timeless. Though it was made in the 70's each episode can be taken in a context without time.
    If you're looking for some deep show with an engaging storyline you're in the wrong place. This is a sitcom the way sitcoms are supposed to be. Unrealistic, but that's why I watch TV in the first place, if I want reality I'll go outside.

    Hey HEY Hey!
  • This show was a sweet part of my childhood.

    I love What's Happening! What I like most about it is the boys' innocence - something you don't see a lot of today on T.V. Yes, they liked girls and wanted to date, but the whole show was so sweet and old fashioned. I love the soda shop with Shirley taking bites out of the guys' sandwiches and sips out of their drinks. Watching What's Happening is definitely a trip back to the seventies in full regalia, and the humor is ancient, but it's still a charming show.