What's Happening!!

ABC (ended 1979)


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  • "Hey, hey, What's happening?" This show was a really great portrayal of a group of really good friends, all with good hearts This is a great show show for anyone.

    I recently just rediscovered this show at my local DVD store. I was so excited, I bought all 3 seasons that are out. Although I only really remember the first season, i was so glad to re-kindle my love of this show. The thing that I really love about is that it's a group of black kids growing up in the hood. But the stereotype's are not there, that are visible in shows that came after it. These kids could be white, brown, chinese or latino. And I think that's what works for this show. You can really identify with any of the characters, Raj, the brain of the group, Dwayne, the dim-witted one, and of course Rerun, the fool's fool. Even the supporting characters were great. Who could forget Mama, she was a great character and sorely missed in the following seasons. Or Raj's troublesome sister, Dee, played to delicious perfection( I swear she was my sister), and of course, my favourite, Big Shirley. She was hoot. I think that this show still has a lot of heart, and I love that the characters were genuine. Give it a try. The first season is by far the best, but the second one is not too bad either. I'm still working my way through season 3, so I'll let you know once I'm done.