What's Happening!!

ABC (ended 1979)


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  • A show that had about as many laughs as gaffes, but remains notable for its place in TV comedy history.

    What's Happening is memorable, though not quite a classic. It was funny, but never hilarious. Its situation was never unique, but it did have heart. The fact that this show had an African American (Black in those days) cast, and lasted more than a few episodes is noteworthy. Compared to Sanford and Son, Good Times, and the Jeffersons, the "What's Happening" Gang always seemed to be the sad sack of the bunch. Still, one could tell in subsequent viewings that the cast became better and better paid, and the challenging social commentary quickly reverted to weak I Love Lucy plotlines hashed over and powdered brown.

    Dee, the little sister was the breakout character, eclipsing Mama, Raj, and even Rerun, who became the butt of her jokes. It's nice to have a breakout star, but this little girl was a cloying little witch who never got enough of her just desserts.

    Still, the show had it's engaging moments, and served as light hearted fun in the pre-TGIF days of 1970s TV.