What's Happening!! - Season 1

ABC (ended 1979)


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  • 3/31/77
    Shirley is all excited when she gets a call from her sister, Norma who's coming to town for a visit. However, Shirley is in for a big surprise when she discovers Norma is six months pregnant and Norma is in for an even bigger surprise when she gets a phone call from her fiancee telling her it's over.moreless
  • 3/24/77
    Dee gets a surprise when she gets a phone call from her prison pen pal, Judy Crane, who is getting out of jail and needs a place to stay. Dee talks Mama into allowing Judy to stay with them unknown to all of them that Judy is really on the run after escaping.moreless
  • 3/10/77
    After a school lecture about hypertension, Raj begins spending more and more time down at the free clinic. This leads Dee to sneak a peek at his diary to see if she can find a clue to "what's wrong with Raj."
  • The Tickets
    Episode 18
    Mama has two tickets to a Stevie Wonder concert and she gives them to Raj. However, Raj now has one tough decision to make, to take Dwayne or Rerun to the concert. Meanwhile, Mama makes a decision on a boarder, who introduces his girlfriend to the family.
  • Dwayne's Dilemma
    Episode 17
    Raj has been dying for a date with a girl but soon finds that there is a hitch, in order to go out with her, he needs to find a date for her cousin, Brenda. Dwayne agrees but soon finds himself to be a corner in a love triangle, when Brenda's pushy ex-boyfriend threatens his well-being if he continues to see her.moreless
  • The Boarder
    Episode 16
    Needing extra money, Mama agrees to take on a boarder who will stay in Dee's room while she reluctantly agrees to share a room with Mama. However, everyone is in for a surprise when Bill asks to take the room and even more surprising, Mama agrees to let him move in.moreless
  • The Firing Squad
    Episode 15
    When the bank manager arrives at Rob's Place to discuss his application for a loan, Shirley insults him which ends with Rob firing her. This leads Raj, Dwayne and Rerun to help Shirley find a new job even though she has very few skills.
  • The Sunday Father
    Episode 14
    Raj has become a practical joker and delights in playing tricks on his teacher, Miss Collins. However, when he goes overboard, he finds himself suspended from school and to avoid getting Mama involved in the situation, he turns to his father, who quickly discovers the joys of parenting.
  • The Hospital Stay
    Episode 13
    Raj lands in the hospital and is afraid to face impending surgery. Meanwhile, his roommate is a grouchy ex-baseball player whom Dee befriends and learns that he has kept up a bitter fued between himself and his daughter all because she married a white man.
  • The Incomplete Shakespeare
    Raj writes a story for a new TV show, Central Avenue and can't wait to find out if the producers will buy it. However, Raj is in for a shock on the night the show premieres. It seems the producers have stolen his story and he goes straight down to their offices prepared to sue.moreless
  • The Maid Did It
    Episode 11
    Mama is fired from her job as a maid for the Turner household after she's accused of stealing Mrs. Turner's diamond ring. However, Raj sets out to clear Mama and quickly discovers Mr. Turner may be a more likely suspect in the theft.
  • Puppy Love
    Episode 10
    Raj is tutoring Patrice Williams in exchange for one of the puppies that her dog, Susie is soon to have. However, confusion erupts in the Thomas household, when Dee overhears a conversation between Raj, Dwayne and Rerun which leads her to believe Raj has gotten a girl pregnant.
  • Christmas
    Episode 9
    With Mama planning to work on Christmas, Raj and Dee agree to have Christmas dinner at Bill's apartment. However, Mama is able to get out of working at the last minute and soon discovers that the kids have plans and she finds herself facing a lonesome Christmas.
  • Shirley's Date
    Episode 8
    Raj has sold a kid's story to a children's magazine and to celebrate, throws a party. However, Shirley is reluctant to come because she doesn't want to show up without a date. This leads Raj and Rerun to take steps to get her a date. Raj goes so far as to get her one through an escort service and Rerun cons his brother into asking her.moreless
  • 11/27/76
    Dwayne has his eye on a new girl, Nancy but he's too shy to talk to her, so he gets Raj too. However, that turns into a mistake for Dwayne because this leads to Raj falling for Nancy. Raj is left with guilt and one angry friend.
  • The Burger Queen
    Episode 6
    Rerun has his heart set on getting the role in a hamburger commercial. However, once down at the audition the producers find Dee to be better suited despite the fact that she can't stand the taste of them. An even bigger problem arises when Mama's permission is needed for her to do the commercial, but she's in Phoenix.moreless
  • Saturday's Hero
    Episode 5
    Rerun is given the chance to join the floundering football team and becomes and instant hero. This leads to a swelled head and he begins to give Raj and Dwayne the cold shoulder, going so far as to give his two extra Gladys Knight tickets to two of his "new" friends instead of Raj and Dwayne, like he promised.moreless
  • My Three Tons
    Episode 4
    After seeing a TV show, Rerun becomes obsessed with wanting to join a dance group, The Rockets. Miraculously, at the audition, he's accepted but Dwayne soon discovers, Rerun wasn't accepted because he could dance, but because he's overweight.
  • 8/19/76
    Mama's shady ex-husband, Bill re-enters her life and she's sure he's come around to squeeze some money out of her. Mama's suspicions are right but Raj is on to his father's game and finds his $200 dollars for writing school to be in danger of being snatched.
  • 8/12/76
    Trying to get enough money to buy Mama a birthday present is not as easy as it sounds for Raj. This leads him to some dice playing but Mama breaks it up and confiscates the money he won. In a last attempt, Raj, Rerun and Dwayne try to walk out of the store with a blouse after writing an IOU.moreless
  • The Runaway
    Episode 1
    Raj is all set to go to a party with Dwayne and Rerun but at the last minute Mama breaks the news that he has to babysit Dee while she goes out to work. This leads Raj to hire a babysitter but by the time he returns from the party, the babysitter has fallen asleep and Dee is no where to be found.moreless
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