What's Happening!! - Season 2

ABC (ended 1979)


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Episode Guide

  • 8/5/78
    Mama begins taking courses at Raj's school and even gets his teacher, Miss Collins.
  • Mama, The School Girl
    Mama begins taking courses at Raj's school and even gets his teacher, Miss Collins.
  • The Apartment
    Episode 22
    On graduation day, Raj gives a speech riddled with hints to Mama about his plans on moving in to an apartment with Rerun but after some conversation, Mama finally agrees to let him move out. However, Rerun and Raj quickly find themselves with little privacy with Mama constantly coming over.
  • Shirley is a Mother
    Episode 21
    With Mama out of town, Raj gets Shirley to babysit Dee who gets Shirley thinking about her past. Meanwhile, Raj and Rerun's graduation is approaching but right at the last minute Rerun gets himself in trouble by cheating on a final exam which prompts Shirley to give him some guidance.
  • Diplomatic Immunity
    Episode 20
    Rerun borrows a car so the guys can get to a Lakers game but after the game Rerun becomes the victim of a hit and run driver. Dee surprises everyone by coming forward with news that she was a witness and saw the driver, which turns out to be the son of a foreign diplomat.moreless
  • 2/18/78
    When Raj goes down to a photographer to get his yearbook picture taken, he is instantly smitten with a beautiful model. Raj lies about his age and says he's 21 and that he's a movie star and the girl is instantly taken by him. That is until, she learns the truth.moreless
  • 2/11/78
    Rerun encounters a strange woman on the street who goes by the name of Love-is-Life and she lures him into attending one of her cult gatherings. Rerun enjoys his new found faith and how it makes him feel but Dwayne and Raj are a bit leery about a group that worships a head of lettuce.moreless
  • 2/4/78
    The bootleggers force the guys into tape recording the concert but while everyone is jumping around, the tape recorder falls out from under Rerun's coat and right in full view of the Doobie Brothers. After some explanations, the guys and the Doobie Brothers set up a trap to catch the bootleggers.moreless
  • 1/28/78
    The Doobie Brothers are set to put on a concert at the guys' high school and they leave Rerun to get the tickets. However, by the time Rerun gets to the ticket booth, they're sold out. Later, two shady characters offer Rerun free tickets if he just tape records the concert. It is only later that Rerun learns that they are bootleggers and they threaten Rerun, Raj and Dwayne if they don't comply.moreless
  • Dee's First Date
    Episode 15
    Dee's is going out on her first date with a boy who's sister Raj has made into the object of his affection. His plan is to buddy up to Dee's boyfriend to get close to his sister. However, he quickly finds he has another thing coming.
  • Going, Going, Gong
    Episode 14
    Raj has become the manager of a kid's song and dance group and believes that they're so good that they may have a chance to get on The Gong Show. However, once at tryouts, Raj discovers he has some competition, from Rerun.
  • 12/22/77
    While watching a football game at Raj's house, the black and white set goes berserk and Rerun suggests that they "borrow" the new color TV set that is being offered as a prize at a church raffle. However, once they get it to Raj's house, Rerun and Dwayne accidentally drop it.moreless
  • The Testimonial
    Episode 12
    Miss Collins is being honored for 25 years of teaching and this prompts Raj to play a trick on her after she gives him detention for being tardy. However, he soon finds his trick is totally inappropriate and sets out to right his wrong.
  • 12/8/77
    Rerun being fired from the supermarket is the last straw for Raj who rallies the rest of the workers to take some action against their boss Mr. Pronson. However, when the staff goes on strike, Raj finds himself in a jam, since Mama has lost her job and the family now has no source of income.moreless
  • Mama, the School Girl
    Mama begins taking courses at Raj's school and even gets his teacher, Miss Collins. A fellow classmate takes an instant liking to Mama and she falls head over heels for him, unknown to her he's only using her to write his term paper for him.
  • Bill Gets Married
    Episode 9
    Bill has become serious with his latest girlfriend and announces that they plan on getting married. Almost everyone is happy for the couple including Mama who even lets them have the ceremony in her house. However, it's Dee who refuses to accept their marriage and refuses to be the flowergirl in the wedding.moreless
  • Give Me Odds
    Episode 8
    Dwayne is in a lucky streak with the system he uses to make bets. This leads Rerun to pass along Dwayne's tips to his brother-in-law, Ike, who bets $500 on a football game. It's only after he's made the bet that everyone discovers just what kind of system Dwayne uses.
  • 11/3/77
    Raj has written a play and it's become a school production. However, he fears the play will be ruined after he gives the lead role to Rerun.
  • If I'm Elected
    Episode 6
    Dwayne's father is running for city councilman and has a great deal of support from the community including a man, Ted, who's been a friend of the family for years. However, Dwayne is infuriated when his dad unexpectedly fires Ted.
  • Nothing Personal
    Episode 5
    Shirley applies for a job as a secretary at a balloon company and quickly finds herself coming face to face with racial discrimination when the president hires both her, who has a lack of qualifications and another woman who just happens to be white and has plenty of secretarial skills.
  • Raj Goes to Press
    Episode 4
    When most of his articles are rejected from being in the school newspaper, an outraged, Raj decides to begin an underground newspaper with Rerun and Dwayne helping him. However, when school officials discover what he's doing, Raj is threatened with expulsion.
  • Trial and Error
    Episode 3
    Raj has just gotten a new delivery bike for his job at the supermarket but just as he's leaving Rob's Place he becomes involved in a car accident that totals his new bike and leads to a lawsuit.
  • 9/29/77
    A reluctant friend of Dee's is having problems at home and is too shy to talk to the school counselor, so Dee goes in her place but this leads the counselor to believe that Dee is the one with the problems.
  • Rerun Gets Married
    Episode 1
    A new girl in school, Maria has the three guys falling over each other trying to beat the other from taking her out. Raj gets a date with her and so does Rerun, but she asks Rerun a special request, that he marry her. It seems she is an illegal alien and in order to stay in the country she would like to get married but will Rerun go through it?moreless