What's My Line?

Season 4 Episode 49


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 09, 1953 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Game 1: Samuel Moser - "Money Belt Manufacturer" (self-employed; from New York, NY)

Game 2: Mrs. Eve Enhelder - "Masseuse" (self-employed; from Minneapolis, MN)

Game 3: Deborah Kerr (9/30/1921 - 10/16/2007) (as Mystery Guest)

Game 4: Mrs. Elizabeth Cudahy - "Fish Hook Inspector" (salaried; from Auburn, NY) . .moreless

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    John Daly

    John Daly

    Moderator (1950-1967)

    Arlene Francis

    Arlene Francis

    Regular Panelist (1950-1967)

    Bennett Cerf

    Bennett Cerf

    Regular Panelist (1951-1967)

    Dorothy Kilgallen

    Dorothy Kilgallen

    Regular Panelist (1950-1965)

    Steve Allen

    Steve Allen

    Regular Panelist (1953-1954)

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      • Bennett: Mrs. Cudahy, there are a lot of big plants around Auburn. Do you work for a rather large company?
        John: What would you consider a large company, Mr. Cerf?
        Bennett: Oh, Eastman Kodak, Cannon Towels... Goodson-Todman.

      • Arlene: Were you born in Europe?
        Deborah Kerr: Yes.
        Arlene: Ah, good. Now we're getting nowhere.

      • (During Game 2)

        Bennett: Well, let's clear up this business about the uniform, Mrs. Enhelder.
        John: (interrupting) You're always trying to spoil the fun. You want to clear things up?
        Bennett: I'd like... I'm in the mood for clearing... I'd like the weather to clear up.
        John: All right, Beans, you go ahead.

        (Later, during the good nights.)

        Bennett: (as with the previous episode, Bennett again uses the slang term for President, alluding to John's new Vice-President title at ABC) Good night, Prexy Daly.
        John: (to Bennett) And good night, Beans.

        (As of 2008, we don't know why John refers to Bennett as Beans, but John also did this at the end of the previous two episodes.)

    • NOTES (5)

      • FLIP REPORT: John flipped the remaining cards for the final contestant at seven down because time was running short. Arlene had ascertained that something could be "caught with" the contestant's product. Bennett narrowed this down to something that "caught fish." John closed out the game before they were able to identify the exact product. - agent_0042 (2008)

      • (1) "WML?" NAMEPLATE AND FONT WATCH: As has been the case over the past few weeks, Dorothy's and Arlene's nameplates are the "older" ones from as early as 1952 with the Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed typeface, while the male panelists', Mr. Daly's, and even mystery guest Deborah Kerr's nameplates have the newer font of Title Gothic Condensed No. 11 for their respective plaques.
        (2) MYSTERY GUEST: Tonight's show was the first of two "WML?" appearances by actress Deborah Kerr. She will be a guest panelist (filling in for Bennett Cerf) on EPISODE #195 of February 21, 1954 which, though it exists on kinescope, is neither in GSN's nor FremantleMedia's collections. Besides being a "regular rotation" airing on April 28, 2008, in a sense, the screening of tonight's show on that 2008 day was also a possible belated tribute to the actress, who passed away on October 16, 2007 at age 86.
        (3) "FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" CO-STARS ON "WML?" Besides Miss Kerr, two other major co-stars of the film to appear on "WML?," albeit in later years, were Montgomery Clift (as a mystery guest on EPISODE #648 of January 20, 1963) and Dolly Mae's former friend turned enemy Frank Sinatra (as both a mystery guest and guest panelist, on EPISODE #838 of November 27, 1966). However, Burt Lancaster was not the only "From Here to Eternity" co-star never to have appeared on "WML?"; nor did Donna Reed, not even in the years when she starred in the 1958-1966 ABC sitcom "The Donna Reed Show" -- or as the "WML?" regulars would have put it, "airing on another network." Another actor who appeared in "From Here to Eternity," who would go on to star in the 1962-1966 series "McHale's Navy," likewise never made any appearances on "WML?" -- Ernest Borgnine.
        (4) "FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" - TAKE 2: In 1979, a TV miniseries based on James Jones' novel was aired on NBC. Among those co-starring in the newer version included two individuals who had been mystery guests on the CBS "WML?" within its 17.5 years on the air: Natalie Wood and Andy Griffith.
        (5) "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH: Once more, GSN made its viewing audience suffer through its unrelenting, unremitting and unconscionable "crunching" of the end credits when this episode aired on April 28, 2008.
        (6) Following the April 28, 2008 airing of tonight's show, GSN ran the February 8, 1965 episode of "I've Got a Secret," hosted by Steve Allen with the usual panel of Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen, Bess Myerson and Henry Morgan. Shirl Conway, one of the co-stars of the 1962-1965 CBS drama "The Nurses" on which she played "Liz Thorpe," was the celebrity guest. - W-B (2008)

      • REVIEW: The panel really put in a good performance this particular evening, especially the two Mount Kiscoites, Bennett and Arlene. Bennett really was the exceptional one, as he not only guessed the first contestant, but he also guessed mystery guest Deborah Kerr. The first contestant, a money belt manufacturer, provided a lot of laughs, especially when Steve used Jack Benny as a reference. At first, Steverino thought he made toupees. Bennett, though, being the good game player that he is, took Steve's references and correctly deduced that the guest dealt with money belts. As far as the other member of the Mt. Kisco Connection was concerned, Arlene correctly guessed that the second contestant was a masseuse. It was Bennett's turn once again as he correctly guessed that the mystery guest was Deborah Kerr. Miss Kerr, who was making her television debut, looked as if she really had a good time trying to fool the panel with a phony, but convincing, European accent. Unfortunately, the panel ran out of time before they could guess the occupation of the fish hook inspector, and she wound up snagging the full prize by default. - Sargebri (2004)

        Miss Kerr was on the show to promote one of her three films currently in release, the black and white classic "From Here to Eternity." That film went on to win an incredible eight Academy Awards. Unfortunately, neither Miss Kerr nor Burt Lancaster won for the top two acting prizes. Their romantic scene on the beach is still considered one of the most famous in Hollywood history. Instead, Best 1953 Actor went to William Holden for "Stalag 17," and Best 1953 Actress went to Audrey Hepburn for "Roman Holiday." The eight winning categories for "From Here to Eternity" were: Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Recording, Best Director (Fred Zinnemann), Best Supporting Actress (Donna Reed, in a far cry from the sweet girl-next-door roles she was famous for) and, Dolly Mae's favorite performer, Frank Sinatra, who took the Best Supporting Actor award. In fact, many saw this as Sinatra's comeback after his controversial marriage to Ava Gardner and a vocal chord hemorrhage that almost destroyed his career. - Sargebri (2004)

        In December 2004, GSN aired an August 1953 episode of "The Name's the Same" with Miss Kerr's co-star, Burt Lancaster, as the guest celebrity. He appeared on the "I'd Like to Be" portion of the show, pretending that he would like to be Mahatma Ghandi. He also took time to plug "From Here to Eternity." Unfortunately, Burt Lancaster never appeared as a guest on What's My Line? - Sargebri (2004)

      • John states that this is Deborah Kerr's television debut. She promoted three of her 1953 films that are currently showing in Broadway movie theatres: "Julius Caesar," "Dream Wife" and "From Here to Eternity" in which she co-stars with Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift. Bennett also made a reference to her 1947 film, "The Hucksters," which brought her to fame. - Suzanne (2004)

      • Tidbits: Tomorrow, Arlene's play "The Road to Rome" opens in Westport, CT. Bennett stated that John was "aptly characterized" in the Saturday Evening Post magazine article as "The Velvet Whip." - Suzanne (2004)

        Mrs. Cudahy was the contestant previewed at the end of EPISODE #166. - Garrison Skunk (2004)

        Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Steve Allen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

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