What's My Line?

Season 5 Episode 25


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Feb 21, 1954 on CBS



  • Notes


      GSN does not have this show, but according to Gil Fates' logs, a sub-kinescope exists. I recently viewed this episode, so here is what we missed.

      Bennett Cerf is away and his place on the panel is taken by actress Deborah Kerr, so we have three woman on the panel along with Steve Allen.

      GAME 1: Frances Vaughn (from Bonner Springs, Kansas) Kansas State Board Movie Censor. Despite Dorothy guessing early on that Frances works for the state government, the panel is stumped and she wins the full prize.

      GAME 2: Cliff Olsen (from Hickory, North Carolina) Sells Maternity Clothes. Steve started the questioning and got a big laugh when he asked if Cliff's product would be useful to a member of the panel. He then asked if one of his colleagues would be more apt to use the product then he. (Big Laugh) He then got a huge laugh when he asked if one of the panel members was wearing this item right now! After a brief conference, John said that Cliff did not know, but he would answer "yes" to the question. (This, of course, was a reference to Dorothy's pregnancy! Her son will be born on March 19, 1954.) John was laughing hysterically during Steve's questioning. Steve then passed to Arlene who got a "no" answer to her question, "Does he make maternity clothes?" This left it to Deborah Kerr to guess that Cliff sold them. John was so happy, he flipped all the cards and gave Cliff the full prize.

      FIRST COMMERCIAL FOR REMINGTON: The studio announcer, Dick Stark, introduces a film of a barber shop quartet doing a singing commercial about the Remington Electric Shaver.

      GAME 3: Lucille Ball (Previously reviewed below.)

      GAME 4: Tom Wiswell (from Brooklyn, NY) World's Champion Checker Player. There was no panel walk-by due to time running out. In addition, there were only a few questions asked before John stopped the game and gave Tom the full prize by default.

      SECOND COMMERCIAL FOR REMINGTON: Dick Stark tells the viewers they can get $7.50 for their old electric razor if they trade it in for a new Remington.
      John Reminds the viewers that WML is on every Sunday at 10:30 PM.

      THIRD COMMERCIAL: Short filmed commercial for Stopette.

      John announces that Deborah Kerr appeared on the show through the courtesy of "The NY Lighthouse For The Blind."

      There was no information given by John about where to send mail to become a WML contestant, so I believe this was not done on every show.

      During the goodbyes, Steve said he hoped "his boys" had their PJ's on. This was a reference to his sons.

      This was a very funny show. - ymike (2005)