What's My Line?

Season 5 Episode 37


Aired Daily 12:00 AM May 16, 1954 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • GOOF: When Bennett identified Art Carney during the mystery guest round, he called him "Al Carney." - Suzanne (2005)

  • Quotes

    • John: (at the start of the second contestant's game) Hope to do a lot of flipping here -- hope the panel flips its lids too.

  • Notes

    • FLIP REPORT: The panel managed to guess the line of the second contestant at just one down. John, however, flipped five more cards for a total of six down in honor of the wordplay in the name of the contestant's product, "Hayr for Hair." John flipped the remaining cards for the final contestant at just four down because time was running short. - agent_0042 (2008)

      (1) "WML?" SPONSOR WATCH: For the second week in a row, Stopette is the main sponsor tonight. This is the longest stretch for Jules Montenier, Inc.'s main brand since before Remington became an alternating sponsor effective with EPISODE #175 of October 4, 1953.
      (2) MYSTERY GUEST ART CARNEY: Tonight's show was the first appearance on "WML?" of Art Carney. Between now and EPISODE #809 of March 27, 1966, he will be on the show three more times, in all cases as a mystery guest. Mr. Carney is one of only two stars of "The Honeymooners" to appear in costume as the character he played on the show, as was the case this evening when he wore the T-shirt, vest and hat associated with his "Ed Norton" character; Jackie Gleason, on the now-lost EPISODE #277 of September 25, 1955, appeared as a mystery guest wearing his "Ralph Kramden" bus driver's uniform. For Mr. Carney's mystery guest spot tonight, the usual Title Gothic Condensed No. 11 font is used for his nameplate on the panel moderator's desk.
      (3) "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH: Once again, on June 5, 2008, the viewing audience was an eye-rolling, head-shaking eyewitness to GSN's continued relentless clinging to its infantile, irascible and illogical "crunching" of the end credits.
      (4) GSN's June 5, 2008 airing of tonight's show was followed by an edition of "I've Got a Secret," hosted by Steve Allen and with the regular panel of Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen, Bess Myerson and Henry Morgan, which was first broadcast "live from New York" on January 31, 1966. The celebrity guest was Carol Burnett. - W-B (2008)

    • Tonight's further references to the ongoing Army-McCarthy hearings: Dorothy Kilgallen calls for a "Point of Order," perhaps the most famous quote (certainly the most overused) to come out of the hearings; Steve Allen asks, "Can we have that read back, please?"; Bennett Cerf says, "I hate to tell you what senator he reminds me of," referring to the striking resemblance of the final guest to Joe McCarthy. Art Carney is also obviously mimicking someone from the hearings, as everyone gets a bit of a laugh out of it, although it isn't clear to me whether it's McCarthy or someone else. - Scott V. (2005)

      REVIEW: This was a pretty good performance by the panel. Steve guessed that the first contestant was a policewoman, but it was Arlene who nailed it when she said that she was a traffic officer. Arlene had great luck with the second contestant when she guessed that he made a hair restoration product. Bennett did a good job in figuring out that the mystery guest was Al, er, Art Carney. Art was very funny using a very officious voice. As was mentioned earlier, he probably was inspired by the events that were occurring in Washington that week. Unfortunately, the panel's bid for a perfect night ground to a halt when they ran out of time questioning the pizza factory manager, who definitely was a dead ringer for Joe McCarthy, and he wound up winning the full prize by default. - Sargebri (2005)

    • For one of his disguised voices, Art Carney does an impersonation of Senator Karl Mundt. Mundt will be the mystery guest on EPISODE #213. - stopette (2005)

      Art Carney appeared tonight dressed as his "sewer worker" character "Ed Norton," wearing a tee-shirt, suit vest and rumpled hat. Carney appeared on "The Jackie Gleason Show" from 1952-1959. He began his hit series "The Honeymooners" in 1955. His famous co-stars were Jackie Gleason, Audrey Meadows and Joyce Randolph. - Suzanne (2005)

      ART CARNEY TRIBUTE OF TWO "WML?" EPISODES BACK-TO-BACK: On November 17, 2003, as a tribute to Art Carney, who had passed away on November 9, 2003, GSN aired both this episode and also EPISODE #809 of March 27, 1966. - Suzanne (2003)

    • Tidbits: John appears to have dark circles and bags under his eyes. Either he was very tired, or the lighting levels were not adjusted properly. - Suzanne (2003)

      Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Steve Allen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

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