What's My Line?

Season 5 Episode 46


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 18, 1954 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Game 1: Miss Carol Rubin - "Lifeguard (At Army Camp)" (salaried; she works at the officer's club; Arlene won this game on the free guess and apologized multiple times; from Fort Monmouth, NJ)

Game 2: Miss Charlene Schaefer - "Makes Mouse Traps" (salaried; from Marengo, IL; this game is notable because Steve Allen's bow tie falls off during this game and he hams it up a bit)

Game 3: Judy Canova (11/20/1913 - 8/5/1983) (as Mystery Guest)

Game 4: John Conrad - "Operates Lie Detector" (self-employed; he takes his portable unit to the public and goes into their homes; from New York) . .moreless

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    John Daly

    John Daly

    Moderator (1950-1967)

    Arlene Francis

    Arlene Francis

    Regular Panelist (1950-1967)

    Bennett Cerf

    Bennett Cerf

    Regular Panelist (1951-1967)

    Dorothy Kilgallen

    Dorothy Kilgallen

    Regular Panelist (1950-1965)

    Steve Allen

    Steve Allen

    Regular Panelist (1953-1954)

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      • John: (following an amusing sequence in which Steve Allen bobbles with his clip-on bow tie, which has fallen off his shirt) Now you have to tell us what Miss Schaefer has to do with mousetraps.
        Dorothy: She sticks pearls and rhinestones on them and sells them at Christmastime!

      • (Miss Francis won her wild guess on the first contestant, who was a lifeguard at the Army pool.)

        John: We begin the wild guesses with Miss Kilgallen.
        Dorothy: She gave Steve a dirty look, so I think she's a mind reader.
        John: Mr. Allen?
        Steve: I don't think she was looking at me, but at my costume. I think she's a color coordinator.
        John: Miss Francis?
        Arlene: I think she's a lifeguard at some fortunate pool.
        John: Mr. Cerf?
        Bennett: With the way she used a circle for the "i" in her name, I think she's a schoolteacher.
        John: You will not believe it. She's a lifeguard... at some fortunate pool.

        (John flipped over all the cards, to be nice.)

    • NOTES (5)

      • FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards at Bennett's prompting after Arlene ascertained the first contestant's line during the free, wild guess segment. John commented that they were hoping to hang the panel for the better part of ten minutes once somebody on the panel asked if the contestant worked for a profit-making organization and they were able to say "no." - agent_0042 (2008)

        A BETTER MOUSETRAP?: This was not the last time the panel was faced with a woman from Marengo, Illinois, who made mousetraps. The exact same line from the exact same city and state would also be seen in EPISODE #803 of February 13, 1966. In that episode, which was originally broadcast after Dorothy Kilgallen had passed away, the panel came close to the line, but didn't get it exactly before John flipped the cards over. - agent_0042 (2007)

      • (1) "WML?" SPONSOR AND PANEL ATTIRE WATCH: With tonight's show, a new sponsor billboard layout for this evening's main sponsor, Stopette, is unveiled on the panel desk. The Stopette "name logo" is now at top center, with the words "Spray Deodorant" on the left side and the words "Cream Deodorant" on the right side. Underneath the Stopette "name logo" is the word "presents" and underneath that is "What's My Line?" In addition, on the far left side of the desk is a graphic of the Stopette spray bottle. On the far right side of the desk is a graphic of the Stopette Cream stick. As for the panel on this summer evening, Steve Allen is wearing a lighter-colored and lighter weight jacket than is usual for him.
        (2) MYSTERY GUEST JUDY CANOVA: The famed comic actress is making her only "WML?" appearance tonight, for which her nameplate on the panel moderator's desk is set in the usual Title Gothic Condensed No. 11. More than three years from tonight's show, on October 27, 1957, Miss Canova appeared as a guest on "The Steve Allen Show"; also on the bill that night were singers Jerry Vale and Janice Harper, and two people who, at the time, either had appeared or would in the future appear on "WML?": William Bendix and Shelley Berman.
        (3) "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH: GSN carried on with its justly controversial "crunching" of the end credits on its June 14, 2008 airing of this episode -- much to its eternal discredit.
        (4) The June 14, 2008 airing of tonight's show by GSN was followed by an edition of "I've Got a Secret," which first originated "live from New York" on April 11, 1966. Host Steve Allen once more welcomed back the regular panel of Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen, Bess Myerson and Henry Morgan; and George Segal was the celebrity guest. This is one of the very few "IGAS" episodes of this period where GSN showed the complete opening, including Mr. Segal's appearance at the start and the opening sponsor billboard, which on this show was Crest toothpaste. - W-B (2008)

      • WOW IS RIGHT!!! Arlene's correct free guess of the lifeguard set the tone for what was a pretty good evening for the panel. After Arlene made her correct guess, it was Dorothy's turn to score and she correctly guessed that the second contestant made mousetraps. However, the most eventful thing that happened during that game was when Steve had a clothing malfunction when his bow tie fell off! Dorothy was also successful when she correctly guessed that the mystery guest was Judy Canova, who had the audience in stitches with the horse-like whinny she used as the panel was questioning her. The only bump in the road the panel experienced this particular evening was in the final game, when they were totally stumped by the final contestant who operated a polygraph machine. Of course, there was a little confusion when he said "yes" after asked if the product was in the home. However, as John explained, there are times when the machines are brought into a home when someone is being questioned. Other than this little hiccup, the panel had a very memorable night. - Sargebri (2005)

        Judy Canova wasn't the only member of her family to go into the acting profession. Her daughter, Diana Canova, would have a long career as an actress herself. Her most famous role was that of "Corinne Tate-Flotsky" (played from 1977 to 1980) on the controversial 1977-1981 sitcom/soap opera parody "Soap." - Sargebri (2005)

      • WOW! Arlene Francis guesses a contestant's line during the panel's "Free Guess" feature! After Arlene's win, John said that he thought this was the 3rd time ever that the panel had won a free guess. The panel immediately corrected him to say that it was the 6th win. In fact, it might even be the panel's 7th win. The panel then began counting off the wins by saying they had guessed an "atomic scientist, two umpires, a baseball man, and Santa Claus." However, Arlene's "sports" comment was probably in error, because she had guessed a football player once, not a baseball player. In addition, regarding Steve's "umpires" comment, we only have a record of one umpire being guessed. In a 1952 magazine article, Arlene did mention two wins - for a motorcycle cop and for an atomic scientist. The Santa Claus win is unknown. They were all guessed on early lost episodes. There is also a win the panel didn't state, and it was Arlene's win for the trapeze performer. In piecing this history together, I believe that this is the 7th win, and that three of the wins are on the early lost episodes. There are still two more correct wild guess hits that will be made before this feature is discontinued in April 1955. - Suzanne (2005)

        For a list of the episode numbers and dates that the 1950 to 1955 "Wild Guesses" or "Free Guesses" were won, see EPISODE #253. - Suzanne (2005)

      • Tidbits: Arlene Francis is on the current cover of Newsweek magazine. John Daly played five sets of tennis today. - Suzanne (2005)

        Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Steve Allen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

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