What's My Line?

Season 5 Episode 48


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 01, 1954 on CBS



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      Off-screen Announcer: And now, let's meet our award winning "What's My Line?" panel. First, the popular columnist whose "Voice of Broadway" appears in the "New York Journal American" and papers coast to coast, Miss Dorothy Kilgallen.

      Dorothy: And tonight, never mind about our favorite humorist on this panel, but tonight we want to congratulate our favorite bridegroom, Jayne Meadows' husband, Mr. Steve Allen.

      Steve: (laughing) Thank you. Thanks Dorothy. Thank you. (to audience, then pauses until the end of applause) Thank you, very much. And on my left, one of TV's loveliest cover girls, Miss Arlene Francis.

      Arlene: Thank you, Steve. We don't feel we've lost a son, we've gained a daughter. And on my left, uh, one of the town's most terrific publishers on the one hand, and the man who makes the most terrible puns on the other hand, Mr. Bennett Cerf... and we love him.

      Bennett: Arlene, I must tell you... you don't make puns with the hand... upon my word.

      Arlene: (laughing) On the hand!

      Bennett: On my left is that paragon, that apotheosis of perfect panel moderators, Mr. John Charles Daly.

      John Daly: Thank you Bennett, thank you. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to "What's My Line?" It's a very hot Sunday night, but we anticipate we'll cool the panel off very shortly, because we've got some very interesting contestants with some very interesting occupations. We trust the contestants will have some fun and, well, a small prize to take home in memory of a pleasant evening spent on "What's My Line?" We'll also have a special guest challenger a bit later, but I think it's time for the experts to meet our first challenger whose job has to be spotted. Would you sign in, please, sir?

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