What's My Line?

Season 5 Episode 49


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 08, 1954 on CBS



  • Notes

    • CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR: Amazingly, Arlene was very close on the free guess on game four, but John didn't allow her to win. Arlene had guessed, "I think she makes those wonderful Pennsylvania pretzels." John hesitated, but said that while the panel came close, they were not close enough. Dorothy then zeroed in on Arlene's wild guess and identified the product. Also coincidental is that Steve Allen's wild guess in game two was "Pretzel Bender," the exact occupation of the guest in game four. - Suzanne (2005)

      ODD WILD GUESS: I felt that something fishy was going on with Mr. Allen. For his wild guess for the second occupation, he guessed "pretzel bender" and was wrong. The fourth occupation WAS "pretzel bender." No one said, "HEY! Steve said that for the second game!" I found it very odd. I mean, what are the chances? - Cindy Trellis (2005)

      FOUR MINUTE MILE: Bennett introduces John as being unfortunately unable to run a four-minute mile, and John agrees. They are referring to Roger Bannister's breaking the four-minute time barrier, which was probably the biggest sports news of 1954. Bannister was named "1954 Sportsman of the Year" by Sports Illustrated magazine on January 3, 1955, but his feat took place on May 6, 1954. Bannister, a Briton, soon toured the United States, but what made it so topical as to mention it on August 1, 1954 was probably the numerous attempts by American runners to equal or surpass the new world's record. It is funny how May 1954 was such a momentous month - the four-minute mile, the Army-McCarthy hearings and the French collapse in Indo-China were all hot topics - but all that's recalled today is Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education, which caused few headlines then. - stopette (2005)