What's My Line?

Season 5 Episode 49


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 08, 1954 on CBS



  • Notes

    • REVIEW: This has to be a night the panel was dreaming about, a night when they were perfect. What really made this night fun was that it appealed to people who were into occupations that involved twisting things. Dorothy got things rolling when she figured out that the first contestant was a professional wrestler. He did create some confusion when he said that his sport could be done in the snow and that it involved teams. Of course, he probably was referring to tag team wrestling. It was very fitting that Steve made the correct guess, with an assist from Bennett, due to the fact that Steve at one time was a pro wrestling announcer. Dorothy correctly guessed that the mystery guest was Eva Gabor, a person known for "twisting" the English language. The capper of the evening was when Arlene nearly got the final contestant's occupation on the wild guesses, but Dorothy managed to take John's inadvertent hint and correctly guessed that she was a pretzel twister. And that ended a very perfect night. - Sargebri (2005)

      WRESTLING: As previously mentioned, at one point in Steve Allen's broadcasting career, he was a commentator for professional wrestling. It has been written that Steve admitted that in order to juice up his commentary, he made up the names of wrestling holds! Tonight, however, he didn't recognize Mr. Zold or Miss Taylor. It might have been either because they were not very famous or it might have been due to the fact that Steve worked for one promoter and never had a chance to see either one of them in action. Of course, this was during the days when wrestlers were limited to certain territories and rarely, if ever, ventured to work for other promotions. Also, the promoters only operated within certain boundaries and rarely ventured out of them. This all changed in 1984 when Vince McMahon decided to take his northeastern-based World Wrestling Federation and expand it nationwide. After that, the smaller regional promotions began dying out and McMahon built his company into a multi-billion dollar empire. - Sargebri (2005)

      GREEN ACRES: Eleven years later in 1965, John would appear on the premiere of a 1965-1971 comedy television series that featured Miss Gabor and starred Eddie Albert, "Green Acres." A few months after the premiere, Eddie and Eva returned the favor and had a very humorous turn as mystery guests on WML EPISODE #804 of February 20, 1966. - Sargebri (2005)