What's My Line?

Season 6 Episode 40


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jun 05, 1955 on CBS

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  • Error made by moderator of this blog.

    The moderator's name is Mr. Lee McIntyre. He lives in Riverside, California.

    He listed the wrong name at the end of the long paragraph I submitted here in 2005.

    You can find the long paragraph in the "Notes" section that starts with the name "Alex Tansman." He is the final contestant on this episode.

    For whatever reason, Mr. McIntyre ignored my Facebook login and added the name "David Herschel" as the credit at the end of the long paragraph.

    I am Brian Kaufman. Alex Tansman was my father's cousin. My father got the backstory from Alex before Alex died in 1962.

    This should clear up any misinformation about who is giving you the backstory.

    The kinescope of this episode can entertain people more than five decades later. Everyone who appeared on "What's My Line?" acted much more dignified than the people who appear on the hostile television talk shows and news commentary shows we have today.
  • My grandfather appeared as a guest on this show and it remains in the minds of all our family. From the other reviews it appears that the show was quite well received.

    This was an exciting episode for me since my grandfather was on it and the other reviews obviously enjoyed his appearance. Alex Tansman was the guest and I would love to see a video copy of this if it is available. I can remember being very young when this was on, and the fact that it was live was thrilling to our family. But I was 6 years old and fell asleep before my grandfather was on. We were all quite upset that he was last and that he was cut short, but only when I read these reviews did I find that Arlene Francis was furious and would not wear the Davy Crockett hat. Of course, I wore it everywhere. Thank you for providing this information on the web because I\'ve only learned the details today. Does anyone know how one can obtain a videotape of this episode? Please leave a comment here if possible.