What's My Line?

Season 6 Episode 45


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 10, 1955 on CBS
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Game 1: Dudley Woodman (Ernest Dudley Woodman)(6/3/1900 - 1963) - "Mayor of Stratford-on-Avon, England" (salaried; he is in America because The Theatre Guild is opening a Shakespearean center in the United States with the help of founder and Administrative Director Lawrence Langner; from Stratford-on-Avon, in the county of Warwickshire, England)

Game 2: Master Sergeant Steve Mozeleski - "Tests Army Shoes" (salaried; he tests new military shoes and boots by walking on a track for a month or two; from Scranton, PA)

Game 3: Sheree North (1/17/1932 - 11/4/2005) (as Mystery Guest) She signed in as Sheréé North, with two acute accents placed roughly over the final "e" of her first name.

Game 4: Jack B. Corn - "Professional Rain Maker" (self-employed; he seeds clouds with silver iodide; he is also a pilot, but does not pilot the plane while seeding the clouds; from Ft. Worth, TX)

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    John Daly

    John Daly

    Moderator (1950-1967)

    Arlene Francis

    Arlene Francis

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    Bennett Cerf

    Bennett Cerf

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    Dorothy Kilgallen

    Dorothy Kilgallen

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      • Arlene: (regarding the second contestant, who tested army shoes) I thought that Bennett already established that he handed out the issue.
        Bennett: No.
        John: No.
        Arlene: He just has something to do with the...
        John: You want to ask the question "Does he issue them?," that'd be fine.
        Arlene: Why would it be fine? So you can give me a "no"?
        John: Yeah.

      • John: (following the audience's loud applause of Jack B. Corn's hometown of Fort Worth, Texas) Nice to have you come to the United States.

    • NOTES (5)

      • FLIP REPORT: John flipped the cards for the first contestant after Bennett guessed his line at just one down. John felt this was only fair, given that the "WML?" producers didn't take any precautions to disguise the fact that this contestant was from Stratford-on-Avon, which made it much easier for the panel to guess his line. John flipped the sole remaining card for the second contestant at nine down. The panel had come close on this one, as Arlene figured out the product, but they didn't guess the exact line. Finally, John did the same for the final contestant -- flipping the remaining card at nine down -- as the panel never really came close to guessing his line. - agent_0042 (2008)

      • (1) "WML?" SPONSOR, PANEL AND SET WATCH: This was the second week in this particular stretch where Stopette was the main sponsor. After several weeks where Dorothy was introduced as "the popular Broadway columnist," announcer Lee Vines tonight introduced her as "the popular Broadway columnist whose 'Voice of Broadway' appears in the New York Journal-American and papers from coast to coast." As time goes on, the reference to the Journal-American will disappear, as will the dual reference to Broadway: "the popular Broadway columnist whose 'Voice of Broadway'..." Jack Paar introduced Arlene by saying, "And on my left, is the star of three different networks, and there are only three, but she's dickering with the fourth, I understand." Tonight's show was only a few months after the DuMont television network essentially ceased operations, although what was left of the network will run the occasional sports show through the summer of 1956. And as for the "checkerboard" background which is unveiled tonight, while it will only last for six more shows, it does appear to be a forerunner to the "woven" textured background in use from EPISODE #451 of February 8, 1959 to EPISODE #729 of September 6, 1964, which in turn was followed by a finer textured background that was used from EPISODE #730 of September 13, 1964 up until the final EPISODE #876 of September 3, 1967.
        (2) MYSTERY GUEST SHEREE NORTH: For what proved to be her only "WML?" appearance this evening, Miss North's nameplate on the panel moderator's desk was set in the customary Title Gothic Condensed No. 11. She was one of several young actresses of the time being groomed as a potential "new Marilyn Monroe." She did not go as far in that role as either Jayne Mansfield or Mamie Van Doren, but Sheree did make a niche, in later years, in supporting character roles. Among her credits as the years went on included John Wayne's final film, "The Shootist" (1976); the Andy Griffith made-for-TV movie "Winter Kill" (1974, which was also notable as one of Nick Nolte's early acting roles, albeit a small supporting part); the Richard Widmark cop flick "Madigan" (1968); the Walter Matthau caper film "Charley Varrick" (1973); and guest shots on numerous TV shows including "Burke's Law," "Medical Center," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "Archie Bunker's Place" and "Seinfeld" (as "Kramer's" mother). Given that, at the time of tonight's show, Sheree had been put under contract to 20th Century-Fox as a bargaining chip against Miss Monroe, it was a bit ironic that Miss North would later play Marilyn's mother in a 1980 TV-movie, "Marilyn: The Untold Story." Miss North continued to act up until a few years before her death on November 4, 2005 at age 73.
        (3) "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH: For the third straight week, after the high-flying promotional consideration for American Airlines, the end credits cut off after director Franklin Heller's art card; for what seemed like forever, GSN once again compressed all the action (and muted all the original vintage audio) in their infamous "crunching" motions on its August 2, 2008 airing of this episode.
        (4) GSN's August 2, 2008 airing of tonight's show was followed by the December 30, 1952 edition of "The Name's the Same," with host Robert Q. Lewis, the panel of Jerry Lester, Joan Alexander and Meredith Willson, and celebrity guest Jeanette MacDonald. Miss MacDonald's appearance on this 1952 "TNTS" edition came only nine days after her "WML?" mystery guest appearance on EPISODE #134 of December 21, 1952. Also, her "TNTS" appearance followed, by four weeks, that of her longtime singing partner Nelson Eddy, who was on the December 2, 1952 "TNTS." - W-B (2008)

      • REVIEW: This was a so-so night for the panel this hot summer evening. Bennett was too good when he figured out that the first contestant was the mayor of Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Mr. Woodman was on this side of the pond to attend the opening of the American Shakespearean Center. Of course, the beautiful and historic town of Stratford is where "The Bard" was born. Unfortunately, the panel was completely stumped by the master sergeant who tested shoes for the U.S. Army. The did get close when Arlene figured out that he had something to do with shoes, but after that it was all downhill for game two. The panel had better luck in the mystery guest round when Dorothy correctly identified Sheree North, who was on the show to promote the movie "How to Be Very, Very Popular." Unfortunately, the panel reverted back to form when they were stumped by the rain maker who creates precipitation by seeding the clouds. - Sargebri (2005)

        It is amazing to see how friendly Dorothy seems to be with guest panelist Jack Paar. Just a few short years later, the two of them would be at each other's throats. The main reason for this feud was the fact that Jack was one of a minority of supporters of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Of course, Dorothy, being the anti-Communist that she was, despised "El Presidente" and criticized Jack for his support of Castro. As a result, in many of his "Tonight Show" monologues, Jack would go out of his way to say very nasty things about Dolly Mae. - Sargebri (2005)

        THE LOOK OF THINGS: The new waffle-checkered curtain that debuted last week now covers yet more of the set. Last week, it only surrounded the sign-in board, but this week, it appears behind both the panel and John. This temporary backdrop will remain through EPISODE #272. - Suzanne (2005)

        MYSTERY GUEST Sheree North promoted her 1955 film, "How to Be Very, Very Popular" which she said was due to open about July 21, 1955 at the Roxy Theatre. Her co-stars are Betty Grable and Robert Cummings. - Suzanne (2005)

      • A WHALE OF A NIGHT! It's apparent tonight that none of our panelists or moderator became famous for attending Bible college. However, even though Arlene was lost, both Dorothy and Bennett knew that it was Jonah that was swallowed by the whale. Here is the fun exchange of words below:

        ARLENE (to rainmaker Jack B. Corn): "Do you work in an enclosure when you work?"
        MR. CORN: "No."
        JOHN: "Uh, small conference!"
        MR. CORN (after a brief conference, during which, on this steaming hot July evening, Arlene sang the first line of "Baby, It's Cold Outside"): "We'll revise that and say yes on that."
        JOHN: "Sometime."
        ARLENE: "Sometimes he's inside of something?"
        JOHN: "Yeah."
        ARLENE: "Uh..."
        JOHN (interrupting): "A whale." [Note: John is making a reference to a Bible story, Jonah and the Whale]
        ARLENE laughs.
        JOHN: "That's just a witticism. No it isn't. It's pretty dull, really."
        ARLENE (trying to remember the Bible character associated with a whale): "His name is Jack, not Daniel. Or, who was it?" [Note: Daniel was in the lion's den. Maybe Arlene was thinking of Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey!]
        JOHN: "Right!"
        DOROTHY: "It wasn't Daniel, that's another one."
        ARLENE: "Joshua!"
        ARLENE: (to Dorothy) "Who was that fellow?"
        BENNETT: "Jonah."
        DOROTHY: "Jonah."
        BENNETT: "Arlene isn't going to get that $64,000..." [Note: Perhaps when Bennett later referred to a "Bible lady who won all that money," he was thinking of "The $64,000 Question," a game show which apparently debuted a little less than a month before this "WML?" episode aired. Perhaps there was a particular contestant on that show who won a lot of money by answering Bible-related questions.]
        JOHN: "I wouldn't trumpet that sort of thing around, if I were you!" [Note: This is probably a pun drawn from the Biblical story of Joshua and his band of musicians who successfully brought down the walls of the city of Jericho through the spirited use of trumpets and other musical instruments.]
        ARLENE: (amidst guffaws from the panel): "I'm lost."
        JOHN: (making a pun on heat and humidity) "It's the heat, not the humility."

        The panel was still stuck on the whale idea during the evening's good nights.

        ARLENE (to Bennett): "Good night, Moby Dick."
        BENNETT (to Arlene): "I'm going to introduce you to that Bible lady who won all that money. Good night, John."
        JOHN: "Good night, Bennett. Good night, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for being with us, on 'Joshua in the Whale.' Good night."

        - Lee McIntyre (2005) with updates by Suzanne and agent_0042 (2008)

      • Tidbits: Tonight is "Men's Night," as all of the regular contestants are male. - Suzanne (2005)

        Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Jack Paar, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf. Fred Allen has the night off. He is still recuperating from his attack of appendicitis.

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