What's My Line?

Season 7 Episode 19


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 08, 1956 on CBS
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Game 1: Miss Patty Berg (2/13/1918 - 9/10/2006) - "Professional Golf Champion Patty Berg" (to avoid name recognition, she does not sign in; self-employed; she was awarded the "Associated Press Woman Athlete of the Year" for 1955 as voted by sports writers and broadcasters; John mentions that she won this honor 3 times - 1938, 1943 & 1955; she also travels nationwide, putting on golfing clinics and exhibitions for Wilson Sporting Goods)

Game 2: Mrs. Marie D'Elia - "Master Sergeant U.S. Army Military Police" (salaried; she works at Fort Dix, New Jersey; from West Chester, Pennsylvania)

Game 3: Gary Crosby (6/27/1933 - 8/24/1995) (as Mystery Guest) He is the son of Bing Crosby and Dixie Lee.

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  • This episode rates as a fair to good episode and it was fun to watch some of the great stars of yesteryear

    This was a wonderful episode and it was fun to watch both mystery guests Patty Berg, and Gary Crosby...Patty was one of the greatest women golfers of all time and was quite active in the Women's Association from the beginning being one of the founders...it was interesting to hear about Babe Zaharias and also the mispronunciation of her name by various members of the panel including John Daley, who is so precise in his wording at all times...Patty appeared at our Local LPGA tourney here in Illinois various times as a spectator (a tournament that has gone on since 1976 and one of the oldest continuing Women's tournaments ever).moreless
John Daly

John Daly

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Bennett Cerf

Bennett Cerf

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Dorothy Kilgallen

Dorothy Kilgallen

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Fred Allen

Fred Allen

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Gary Crosby

Gary Crosby

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Patty Berg

Patty Berg


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Vivian Blaine

Vivian Blaine

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    • FLIP REPORT: John flipped all the cards for the first contestant, champion golfer Patty Berg, just as she was leaving his desk. The panel had guessed the line and identity of this contestant without a single "no" answer. In an attempt to disguise her identity, there had been no sign-in or panel walk-by segment for this game, but perhaps the panel should have been blindfolded, because they quickly picked up on her athletic looks. Then, once they identified her as a champion golfer, Bennett seemed to recognize her as Patty Berg, never mind that the rest of the panel had little knowledge of golf. In the second game, John flipped the remaining cards for the second contestant at seven down. Dorothy had guessed that this contestant was a sergeant in the U.S. Army, but John did not make the panel fish further for the exact line of "Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army Military Police." - agent_0042 (2008)

    • (1) "WML?" SPONSOR AND ANNOUNCER WATCH: Tonight's main sponsor, as displayed on the panel desk billboard, is Remington Rand business machines. And after two weeks off, original announcer Lee Vines' voice is heard introducing Dorothy.
      (2) OVERLAY SCREEN WATCH: For the first contestant, a thin horizontal line separates "Professional Golf Player" and "Patty Berg" and is as long as Miss Berg's name. All overlays this evening are mainly set in Kabel Heavy -- mainly, since the "G" in mystery guest Gary Crosby's lower-third overlay screen came from Futura Medium.
      (3) While this was Gary Crosby's only "WML?" appearance, he was not the only member of either the Crosby clan or their immediate relatives to appear. His brothers, Lindsay, Phil and Dennis, were mystery guests on EPISODE #564 of May 14, 1961; his stepmother, Kathryn Grant Crosby, appeared as a mystery guest on EPISODE #444 of December 14, 1958; and his uncle, bandleader Bob Crosby, made a mystery guest appearance on EPISODE #419 of June 15, 1958 and even had a spell as a guest panelist on EPISODE #423 of July 13, 1958. Alas, Bing Crosby -- "Der Bingle" himself -- never made any appearances on "WML?," either as a mystery guest or guest panelist.
      (4) "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH: Following the then-customary American Airlines plug, the end credits -- "crunched," as usual, by GSN on its August 26, 2008 airing of this episode -- cut off after the "A Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production" art card.
      (5) THE BEGINNINGS OF THE "BILL STERN ERA" ON "TNTS": GSN's August 26, 2008 airing of tonight's show was followed by the June 30, 1953 edition of "The Name's the Same," hosted by Robert Q. Lewis. This was the first appearance of famed radio sportscaster Bill Stern on "TNTS"; he appeared alongside Carl Reiner and Joan Alexander, though it would be a few more weeks before Mr. Stern joined full-time for a spell. The celebrity guest was British music-hall star Gracie Fields. - W-B (2008)

    • Near the beginning of tonight's show, Fred Allen wants to interject something, and John says, "Yes, Mr. Allen?" John almost always refers to Fred as "Mr. Allen." That is due not merely to the formality of What's My Line?, but also in deference to Fred's radio show. On Fred Allen's long-running but by-now-defunct radio show, he was always referred to as "Mr. Allen." Even the show's opening jingle referred to him as "Mr. Allen." It's an interesting marketing ploy. On "Burns and Allen," George Burns was always "George," and on "The Jack Benny Show," Jack Benny was always "Jack." On "You Bet Your Life," Groucho Marx was always "Groucho." In contrast, on "The Fred Allen Show," Fred was always "Mr. Allen." He positioned himself - and rightly so - as sort of the "intelligent man's comedian." - Lee McIntyre (2005)

      Gary Crosby's "Daddy Dearest" autobiography "Going My Own Way" was itself a pointed reference to Der Bingle, who had a 1944 box office smash hit with the movie, "Going My Way." He died of lung cancer in 1995 at age 62. - Lee McIntyre (2005)

    • REVIEW: After a spectacular opening, the panel had a somewhat decent night. Dorothy correctly identified the line of golfer Patty Berg, but it was Bennett who correctly identified who she was. After the game, John congratulated Miss Berg on winning the Sportswoman of the Year award from the AP sportswriters. In the second game, Dorothy pretty much figured out that the contestant was a sergeant in the army. However, she didn't say what she did, which was working as an MP, but she was given credit for a correct guess. Unfortunately, in the mystery guest round, the panel was totally stumped by Gary Crosby. John gave Gary a lot of credit for doing something that was a rarity for most mystery guests in those days - and that was to stump the panel. John then told Gary to go over and "rub it in" on the panel for the good job he did. There was no time for a fourth game. - Sargebri (2005)

      CROSBY: Several years after Gary Crosby's appearance on this episode, he would take on the recurring role of "by the book" Officer Ed Wells on the classic 1968-1975 police drama "Adam-12." - Sargebri (2005)

      CROSBY: Gary Crosby wrote "Going My Own Way" in 1983, a controversial tell-all biography about growing up as the child of an allegedly physically and emotionally abusive Bing Crosby. - maxgrand (2005)

      BABE ZAHARIAS: Bennett asks about the likelihood of Babe Zaharias returning to golf. Miss Berg says that she has recently been to see Babe, that she is doing well, and that they all wish her a speedy recovery. Babe Zaharias, champion golfer and the Associated Press' Outstanding Woman Athlete in 1950, would sadly die of cancer at the age of 42 in September 1956, within nine months of this broadcast. - maxgrand (2005)

      MORE ABOUT Mildred Ella "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias (1914-1956): As many people know, golf wasn't the only sport in which she excelled. Many people have said that Babe was one of the greatest female athletes of the 20th century. She was named Associated Press Female Athlete of Year six times from 1932 to 1954, and was chosen Female Athlete of the Half Century by AP in 1950. She competed not only in golf, but basketball, baseball, track & field, billiards, tennis, diving and swimming as well. In fact, she once toured with the famous House of David baseball team and was given an exemption on wearing a beard, a trademark for which the team was famous. However, the accomplishments that really made Babe Zaharias a household name was the fact that she won two gold medals and a silver medal at the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles. The two golds came in the javelin and the 80 meter hurdles, she also would have won gold in the high jump if her jumps had been declared legal. In those days, high jumpers were supposed to jump leading with their legs, but Babe led with her shoulder, and the jumps she did using that technique were declared fouls. Ironically, this technique would later become an accepted form of jumping for several years, until the "Fosbury Flop" came along. Also, Babe could have won more Olympic events, but she was prohibited from competing in them because women were only limited to three events in those days. Babe was truly one of a kind. - Sargebri (2005)

    • Tidbits: While in Japan, I wonder if Arlene had any contact with the people who are organizing the soon-to-be-aired Japanese What's My Line? It seems logical that she would have, but she may not have had time away from filming episodes of "Home." Plus, if NBC paid her airfare to Japan for "Home," that might have precluded any time spent for Goodson/Todman/CBS activities. - Suzanne (2005)

      Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Fred Allen, Vivian Blaine, Bennett Cerf. Arlene Francis has the night off. She is in Tokyo, Japan, in connection with her NBC TV series "Home."


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