What's My Line?

Season 7 Episode 31


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Apr 01, 1956 on CBS



  • Notes

    • (1) "WML?" SPONSOR, PANEL AND ANNOUNCER WATCH: Tonight, the main sponsor's panel desk billboard is displayed as Remington electric shavers. As appears to be customary in the immediate period following Fred Allen's death, the panel is once again pre-seated this evening. And the opening intro falls this week upon Hal Simms, who soon becomes the regular announcer for the next five years.
      (2) Last week, "I've Got a Secret" host Garry Moore was the guest panelist; this week, the then-current "IGAS" panel lineup appears as a mystery guest team. This was the second of three appearances on "WML?" by Bill Cullen; he had been a guest panelist on the now-lost EPISODE #25 of November 19, 1950, and would make a raucous mystery guest appearance on EPISODE #572 of July 9, 1961, on which future "IGAS" host (from 1964-1967) Steve Allen and his lovely wife, and tonight's fellow co-mystery guest, Jayne Meadows, were on the panel. The ever-irascible Henry Morgan and Dorothy Kilgallen would cross paths one more time after tonight, when she and fellow "WML?" panelists Arlene Francis and Bennett Cerf appeared as guests on the September 25, 1961 edition of "IGAS" which, sadly, has become lost to history. As for future "IGAS" panelists, Betsy Palmer (who succeeded Faye Emerson in 1957) would be a guest panelist on "WML?" twice during the CBS run, and a mystery guest three times within the 1968-1975 syndicated version; however, Bess Myerson (who replaced Miss Meadows on the "IGAS" panel in 1959) made no appearances whatsoever on "WML?" in the CBS years, but did appear once, as a mystery guest, on the syndicated incarnation in 1973, around the time her stint as New York City Consumer Affairs Commissioner was coming to an end.
      (3) IMOGENE COCA: The veteran funny lady makes the first of three "WML?" appearances tonight. Her next appearance, on EPISODE #438 of October 26, 1958, came exactly at the halfway point of total episodes within the show's 17.5-year CBS run; unfortunately, her last appearance, on EPISODE #855 of March 26, 1967, on which she and her old "Your Show of Shows" partner Sid Caesar were co-mystery guests, has since become among the 16 post-1952 episodes that -- along with over 100 episodes of the 1950-1952 period -- no longer exist. At the time of Miss Coca's mystery guest spot this evening, she had just appeared on the same night -- April 1, 1956 -- in an edition of "The United States Steel Hour" on CBS called "The Funny Heart"; her co-stars included Wally Cox, Robert Culp and Jack Klugman.
      (4) "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH: Following the American Airlines plug, the end credits only go up to the art card for director Franklin Heller (all too briefly) and no farther. And of course, all this could not have been complete without GSN's "fingernails-on-a-blackboard"-style "crunching" of the screen, on its September 7, 2008 airing of this episode.
      (5) Following GSN's September 7, 2008 airing of tonight's show, the cable and satellite channel repeated the September 22, 1953 edition of "The Name's the Same," hosted by Robert Q. Lewis, with the panel this week consisting of Peter Donald, Joan Alexander and Bill Stern. The celebrity guest was George Jessel, who at this point had commenced a short-lived variety series, "The George Jessel Show," which ran on ABC from September 13, 1953 to April 11, 1954. - W-B (2008)

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