What's My Line?

Season 9 Episode 20


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 12, 1958 on CBS



  • Notes

    • MYSTERY RIBBON: John Daly wears a somewhat large ribbon pinned on his left lapel. If he announced what it was for, or what it signified, GSN cut out his explanation. - Suzanne (2005) BASEBALL: The Los Angeles Dodgers have just moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn and have yet to play there! - Suzanne (2005) LIVE FROM HOLLYWOOD! This episode was filmed live from Hollywood, instead of the usual New York City. John Daly was the host, as usual, but the regular panelists (Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bennett Cerf) had the evening off because they had remained in New York. The guest panelists were Laraine Day, Mickey Rooney, Esther Williams and Jack Lemmon. This is the only episode to have ever been broadcast from California. There might be a "laugh track" present on this episode. The volume of the "laughs" is much higher and more intrusive than in the New York shows. This is a very interesting historic episode! - Suzanne (2003) WML ON THE ROAD: Over its 17.5 year run, only two episodes of WML were produced away from New York. The first was EPISODE #323 of August 12, 1956 from Chicago, Illinois. The second was tonight's EPISODE #397 of January 12, 1958 from Hollywood, California. - Suzanne (2003) DUKE SNIDER was a center-fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers. When Laraine Day was correct in guessing who he was, she accidently said "Brooklyn Dodgers." Mr. Daly corrected her! Duke talked about his bad knee, his avocado ranch and playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers. John Daly laments the fact that the Dodgers are no longer based in Brooklyn. As Duke walks off stage, his limp is clearly visible. - Suzanne (2003) This was a highly entertaining show! Everyone on the panel did a great job and seemed to enjoy themselves very much. They were so enthusiastic about their 30 second conference that it got a good laugh from the audience! Two observations: 1) Bob Cummings had beautiful handwriting! 2) Oops, John mispronounces Dorothy's last name at the end! - fiveninegal (2003)

      Mickey Rooney (9/23/1920 - 4/6/2014) Esther Williams (8/8/1921 - 6/6/2013) Jack Lemmon (2/8/1925 - 6/27/2001) Panel: Laraine Day, Mickey Rooney, Esther Williams, Jack Lemmon. The usual panel regulars (Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis and Bennett Cerf) all stayed in New York and had the night off.