What's My Line?

Season 9 Episode 20


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jan 12, 1958 on CBS



  • Notes

    • HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD!!! Tonight marked the first, and only, time the show was broadcast from the West Coast. Unfortunately, Dorothy, Arlene and Bennett stayed home. However, the special "West Coast" panel was made up of several people who had previously appeared on the show. Mickey Rooney, Jack Lemmon and Esther Williams were all at one time or another mystery guests, and Laraine Day was the only person on the panel to have appeared as both a panelist and a mystery guest. At this time, Miss Day was a fixture on many of the more popular panel shows, including "I've Got a Secret" where she was a regular during the first season of that show's run. As far as their performance went, they did pretty well. In fact, they pretty much did as well as the "Big Three." In the first game, Laraine, who at the time was married to Giants' manager Leo Durocher, identified future Hall of Famer Duke Snider who played for the Giants hated rivals, the Dodgers. After the game, John brought up the recent moves of both the Dodgers and the Giants to Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively, and how New York was very much in mourning for their lost baseball teams. In the second game, the panel failed to guess that the grandmotherly contestant from Montana was, unbelievably, a sergeant first class in the WACS. In the mystery guest round, Esther Williams correctly identified Bob Cummings, who was using the voice of "Grandpa Collins" from his highly successful 1955-1959 series "The Bob Cummings Show." In the final game, the panel ran out of time, so the bartender school owner won the full prize by default. - Sargebri (2005)

      BASEBALL: As was mentioned in the post game chat with Duke Snider, the Dodgers and the Giants had recently left New York and moved to Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively, during the off season between the 1957 and 1958 baseball seasons. This was viewed as one of the darkest days in New York history. However, the move of the two teams to the West Coast set the stage for all sports to move to the western United States. Of course, the move probably wouldn't have been made possible without the advent of affordable passenger aircraft travel which cut the time of cross country travel considerably. - Sargebri (2005)

      BASEBALL: John Daly talks about having dinner with his good friend Toots Shor and how he was unhappy about the Dodgers's move to Los Angeles. Laraine jumps in to say that Mr. Shor was always a NY Giants Fan and was never a fan of Brooklyn! - ymike673 (2005)