What's My Line?

Season 9 Episode 42


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jun 15, 1958 on CBS
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Game 1: David H. Brown (David Howell Brown or David Hywel Brown) - "Whale Trainer at California Marineland" (salaried; he works at the large aquarium in Rancho Palos Verdes, California; his middle name is Welsh and he has a British accent; the pilot whale he trains is the only whale in captivity and it has learned to jump through hoops, sing, wave goodbye, let a man ride on its back and other tricks; currently from Redondo Beach, CA)

Game 2: Mrs. Jeanne Farrell - "Bill Collector" (self-employed; from Cincinnati, OH)

Game 3: Bob Crosby (8/23/1913 - 3/9/1993) (as Mystery Guest)

Game 4: Mr. Lee Keener - "One-Man Band" (salaried; after his game, Robert Q. Lewis stated that he'd like to book this guest for his own TV show; from Yuma, AZ)

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    John Daly

    John Daly

    Moderator (1950-1967)

    Arlene Francis

    Arlene Francis

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    Bennett Cerf

    Bennett Cerf

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    Dorothy Kilgallen

    Dorothy Kilgallen

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      • FLIP REPORT: Tonight was an excellent night for flipping! All of the regular contestants were awarded the full prize thanks to John's full-bore flipping of the cards for the regular contestants. In the first game, John flipped the remaining cards for the first contestant at six down. The panel essentially figured out this contestant's line, but Bennett triggered John's flipping reflex by using the phrasing, "You don't train whales!" In the second game, John flipped the remaining cards for the second contestant at eight down because time ran out. Perhaps the closest anyone came was when, during a conference held just before the cards were flipped over, Dorothy suggested that the contestant might be a private detective. Finally, in the last game of the evening, John flipped the remaining cards for the final contestant at six down. The panel never really got anywhere when it came to figuring out this admittedly unusual line of being a one-man band. - agent_0042 (2009)

      • (1) DELAYED (BUT NOT SKIPPED) FOR NEW YEAR'S: Following the December 31, 2008 regular rotation airing of EPISODE #418 of June 8, 1958, GSN delayed repeating tonight's show by one day to make room for the special January 1, 2009 airing of EPISODE #31 of December 31, 1950, in commemoration of New Year's Day. Tonight's 1958 episode was aired in regular rotation by the cable and satellite channel on January 2, 2009.
        (2) "WML?" SPONSOR WATCH: For tonight's edition, Kellogg's cereals takes its turn as the main sponsor.
        (3) BAD PUN ALERT: Bennett introduces "our panel moderator" during the opening by mentioning that he "knows every word in the lexicon, probably because he walks up from Grand Central Station on Lexington Avenue." While this was not as polished as some of Mr. Cerf's later introductions in this vein, there was another significance to this intro, as it was within Grand Central Station that CBS had their main TV studios and master control until their move to the CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th Street in late 1964. Even so, Arlene acknowledged his weak pun with an "ooh la la" after Bennett told his tale.
        (4) BOB CROSBY: This was the first of two appearances "Der Bingle's" brother made over the next month; he would be a guest panelist on EPISODE #423 of July 13, 1958. At the time of tonight's show, Bob followed his nephew, Gary Crosby, who appeared on EPISODE #292 of January 8, 1956 (and would appear again on EPISODE #557 of March 26, 1961), in appearing on "WML?" Among Crosby clan relatives, Bing's second wife, Kathryn Grant Crosby, was a mystery guest on EPISODE #444 of December 14, 1958; and three of Bing's other sons from his first marriage (Lindsay, Phillips and Dennis) appeared on EPISODE #564 of May 14, 1961. Of course, Bing Crosby himself made no appearances on "WML?," neither as a mystery guest nor as a guest panelist -- not even a cameo appearance.
        (5) "WML?" CREDITS CRUNCH WATCH: For the second straight week, the full production crew credits were shown; but yet again, GSN rained down on the proverbial parade with their very real "crunching" of the screen on their January 2, 2009 airing of this episode.
        (6) Following the January 2, 2009 airing of tonight's show, GSN ran the August 13, 1957 edition of "To Tell the Truth." Host Bud Collyer was back in harness, while Ralph Bellamy (who sub-hosted the previous two weeks) returned to his position on the panel alongside Polly Bergen, Kitty Carlisle and Hy Gardner. The first game featured William H. Brett (Director of the United States Mint under President Eisenhower; he was previously a contestant on "WML?" EPISODE #338 of November 25, 1956) and two impostors; the second game featured Tanya Villa (approximate spelling; a former member of the Yugoslavian Olympic team whose main athletic activity was swimming; she escaped from behind the Iron Curtain and hopes to become a U.S. citizen) and two impostors; and the third game featured Quignon Robert Wong (approximate spelling; a Wall Street stockbroker) and two impostors. - W-B (2009)

      • A LINGUISTIC TIDBIT: If David H. Brown's middle name is indeed Welsh, then it should be spelled Hywel. Howell is the English equivalent, so how it's spelled depends on how faithful his parents were to the original. He was a fine contestant. - Dan Albertson (2005)

        BUBBLES THE WHALE: Although not mentioned, the name of the famous short-finned pilot whale that David Brown trained was "Bubbles the Whale." Bubbles was captured in 1957 by Marineland's collecting boat called the "Geronimo." Bubbles was indeed the first whale to be captured for public display. It was also the first whale to be successfully trained. Many books have been written about Bubbles. After Marineland of the Pacific closed, Bubbles was moved to SeaWorld. - Suzanne (2005)

        REVIEW: The panel showed a marked improvement from the previous week's horrendous performance as they batted .500 for the evening. In the first game, Bennett, almost by accident, correctly figured out that the contestant was a whale trainer. In fact, he was a whale trainer from Redondo Beach by way of, ironically, the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the panel's good fortune didn't carry over into the second game as John called time while the panel was in the middle of a conference, so the very lovely looking bill collector won the full prize by default. In the mystery guest round, Bennett correctly identified Bob Crosby, who pretty much was on the show to promote his summer replacement show for Perry Como's variety show. In the final game, the panel once again lost as a result of time, so the one man-band won his prize by default. - Sargebri (2005)

        CROSBY FAMILY: Bob and Bing weren't the only famous members of the Crosby family to gain fame. Bing's sons went on to form a moderately successful singing group and his son Gary went on to become a successful actor. Gary's most famous role was that of "by the book" patrolman "Ed Wells" on the popular 1968-1975 police drama "Adam-12." Of course, the most famous of the Crosby offspring was Bing's daughter, Mary. Mary played "Sue Ellen's" conniving sister "Kristin" (#2 1979-1981) on the hit night time soap opera "Dallas." In fact, it was "Kristin" who got the honor of shooting the "Human Oil Slick" "J.R. Ewing." - Sargebri (2005)

        MARINELAND CALIFORNIA - formally known as Marineland of the Pacific - was a popular public aquarium/water park/oceanarium in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, just outside of Los Angeles. It featured many shows and attractions related to sea animals such as whales, dolphins, orca and seals. The park was in operation from 1954 through 1987. Unfortunately, the park was forced to close down as a result of a building boom, and eventually a housing development was built nearby. The actual facility is still vacant today, and television shows are often filmed there. Many of the performing animals were eventually moved to Sea World in San Diego, California. - Sargebri (2005)

      • This episode is dedicated to all of you who query, "Why doesn't Dorothy wear more feathers?"
        Random moments of elevated entertainment:
        1) RQL (after confusing himself): "I haven't been here in so long." JD agrees and adds, "You're not here NOW old boy!" (LOL)
        2) John Daly emulates Dr. Seuss: "People can come to see Mrs. Farrell, they can come singly, they can come together, they can be married, they can be single, they can be going with one another, they could hate each other's temperaments, you never can tell!" (all that was missing was green eggs and ham! Hmmm, or as Bennett might say, "Green X and Ham!" No, let's not get him started!) Once was enough! (To see that pun, see EPISODE #387 of November 3, 1957.)
        3) My personal thanks to Arlene for getting Dorothy to laugh out loud! During the questioning of Mr. Keener, DK has established that people of both sexes come to him. She further asks "Do they come two-by-two?" Arlene jumps in and tells Dorothy that she "has a Noah's Ark complex!" (AF must know how much I adore DK's giggle!)
        4) How to get Miss Kilgallen to light up with one simple question: Bennett asks the mystery guest, "Do you sometimes sing songs about crying and things like that? Did one of your big hit songs, uhh, did it have something to do with crying?" (The answer, of course, was "no," the mystery guest was not Johnnie Ray, the man who DID have hits with songs titled "Cry" and "Little White Cloud That Cried." What makes this question of historical significance is the fact that Dorothy had a well-documented affair with singer Johnnie Ray.) - fiveninegal (2003)

      • Panel: Dorothy Kilgallen, Robert Q. Lewis, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf.

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